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Motor Vehicles

Registration and licensing requirements

State laws vary when it comes to motor vehicle insurance requirements, licensing and registration. The term vehicle generally includes automobiles, motorcycles, vans, trailers and boats regularly parked or garaged overnight. Service members and their families will want to understand their state’s laws on registration and licensing before moving to a new state. Visit the Motor Vehicle Services page for links to state-specific websites.

Motor vehicle laws

State and local laws regulate the operation of motor vehicles, and these laws can vary by location. Many states regulate the following:

  • Seatbelt use
  • Child safety seats
  • Motorcycle operation
  • The use of cellphones and other digital devices while driving

Learn more about motor vehicle laws in your state at the State Laws page.

Installation Specific Information

Registration & Licensing Requirements

Colorado State law requires you to have sufficient liability insurance and a valid driver’s license in order to operate a vehicle. The term “vehicle” generally includes automobiles, motorcycles, vans, trailers and boats regularly parked or garaged overnight. Further, your vehicle must be properly registered. Even though you are in the Military, you may be required to register your vehicle in-state and obtain an in-state license within a few months of moving. Access complete information on insurance, driver’s licensing, and where and how to register your vehicle by visiting the State Department of Motor Vehicles website.

State Laws

You and your passengers must always wear seatbelts while driving, you will be ticketed and issued heavy fines if seatbelts are not secured. State law requires that all children under 6 years of age be properly restrained in child seats. Some states also require younger, smaller children to sit in the back seat.

Motorcycles and their operators are subject to special laws. If you own and operate a motorcycle, you must comply with those laws. Visit the State Department of Motor Vehicles website for more information.

Many States and local jurisdictions have strict laws about the use of cell phones and other digital devices while driving. Research these laws on the State Department of Motor Vehicles website. Tickets will be issued and fines assessed for violating these laws. Play it safe and always use a “hands free” device if you must use a cell phone or other PDA while driving. Hands-free devices must be used while operating a motor vehicle on ALL military installations worldwide.

Obtaining a Colorado Driver's License

Active duty members and their families need not obtain a Colorado driver's license if they are 16 years of age or older and possess a valid license from their home state or state of last assignment. However if family members secure employment in Colorado, then they are required to obtain a Colorado driver's license.

A basic license is $21, for a five year period. Instruction permits are issued for $14, and commercial licenses are $35. There is a $16 (one time) charge for transferring a motorcycle and additional $1 charge for any license that needs a motorcycle endorsement. A USAREUR license is valid for 45 days.

If you do not possess a valid stateside license, you will have to take the written test. Currently, there is only one location available for taking care of driver's license matters. Written exams are available in English, German, Spanish, and Korean. You may obtain your vehicle registration at this location.

Registering Vehicles in Colorado

When obtaining your vehicle registration, you may file a non-resident form available from the Staff Judge Advocate. This form certifies that you are not a Colorado resident and will exempt you from paying state tax on your vehicle. Also, before registering your vehicle, you must have the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN #) verified.

Because of Fort Carson's high altitude, your personal vehicle may require a tune-up to operate efficiently and to meet Colorado clean air emissions standards. This tune-up can cost as much as $200 for vehicles 1982 and newer, and up to $50 for vehicles 1981 or older. There is no cost limit for smoking vehicle repairs -smoking vehicles cannot be operated in Colorado. Emissions tests are available from the Auto Craft Shop, local area service stations and auto dealerships. To verify your VIN #, go to the Military Police Station, Bldg 2700, located at the southern end of post at Barkeley and Christie. The Military Police will check your VIN# and provide you with the required document free of charge. When you have completed the prerequisites, visit the State Vehicle Registration Office.

Registering Vehicles on Base

All personnel entering Fort Carson will be required to register their vehicle(s)at Building 6012 located adjacent to Gate 1. Bring the following items: drivers license, current vehicle registration, Military or DoD Civilian ID, and proof of vehicle insurance.

Vehicle Checks -- All vehicles entering Fort Carson are subject to search. Military Police conduct random vehicle searches/inspections. Each unit conducts pre-holiday vehicle safety checks. Questions may be directed to the Military Police Desk Sergeant at 719-526-2333.

Base Regulations

Child Restraints 

Colorado State traffic laws apply and are strictly enforced. Seatbelts are mandatory on and off post. The following restrictions apply to operation of motor vehicles both on and off the installation: (a) IAW AR 190-5 and FC Reg 190-5, all personnel operating or riding in any motor vehicle on or off the installation are required to wear seatbelts (both shoulder and lap if provided) in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations; (b) Children 4 years of age and younger, weighing 40 pounds or less are required to sit in an approved child restraint seat. The child restraint seats will be secured in the rear seat of vehicles so equipped.

Post Speed Limits 

Post speed limits are 10 MPH when passing troops, 20 MPH in housing areas, and 30 MPH in all other areas unless otherwise posted. Our goal is to prevent accidents prior to their occurring. Questions should be directed to the Military Police Desk Sergeant at 719-526-2333 or DSN 312-691-2333.

Auto Insurance 

All persons operating a vehicle on Fort Carson are responsible for carrying and producing proof of current motor vehicle insurance. Questions should be directed to the Military Police Desk Sergeant, 719-526-2333 or DSN 312-691-2333.

Motorcycle Safety

All personnel entering the installation must attend a safety briefing before driving a motorcycle and must wear a helmet and a reflector vest. Any person operating a Motorcycle or self-propelled two, three or four wheel vehicle that is powered by a motorcycle type engine will adhere to the following guidelines: Approved Department of Transportation type helmet, full-fingered gloves, eye protection, long pants, long-sleeved shirt or jacket, high-visibility garments for daylight operations and reflector material for night or reduced-visibility. Leather boots or over the ankle shoes (not tennis or athletic shoes) must be worn by all operators on the installation and by military personnel both on and off the installation, whether on-duty or off-duty.

Colorado does not have a helmet law, but all active duty personnel are required to wear a helmet regardless of being on- or off-post.

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