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Emergency Assistance

Planning for Emergencies

No matter how well you plan, emergencies happen.

Emergencies En Route

If an emergency occurs while you are in transit, the American Red Cross and the Air Force Aid Society are available for emergency aid. Red Cross telephone numbers are usually listed in the white pages of the local telephone directory.

United Service Organization (USO)

Most major airports have an United Service Organization (USO) lounge. The USO lounge provides an area where military members and their family can rest, shower, have coffee, sandwiches, doughnuts, or use the telephone.

(Unsolicited Plug: The USO at SeaTac Airport is probably one of the best that you'll encounter anywhere in the world - so drop in on them if you're laying over at SeaTac prior to coming on the Patriot Express to Japan).

Important Documents/Hand Carry

Carry your important papers (orders, passport, travelers checks, last leave and earning statement, etc.) with you--not packed in your luggage or your household goods. Write down the telephone numbers for your relatives, your sponsor (both DSN and commercial), your gaining unit orderly room, and the command post here at Yokota (DSN 315-225-2536/2537 or when calling from off-base in Japan, 042-552-2511 then 5-2536 or 5-2537 or Comm. 011-81-3117-5X-XXXX). These numbers will be invaluable in case of an emergency.

Air Force Aid Society & American Red Cross

The Air Force Aid Society can be reached by contacting a representative on any Air Force installation or any military installation if there are no Air Force bases nearby. All the military services and the American Red Cross have reciprocal agreements with the Air Force Aid Society to help military members and their dependents in emergency situations.The American Red Cross, The Air Force Aid Office, and Civilian Personnel are available to offer emergency assistance.

Victim Assistance

For immediate emergency assistance, please call the Military Police at 011-81-3117-55-7200 or 7227 or DSN 315-225-7200 or 7227. You may also contact the emergency Sexual Assault Prevention and Response number at 011-81-3117-55-7272.

Associated Links

American Red Cross
Provides assistance in times of emergency.

Provides support to troops and families in times of emergency.

Air Force Compensation Center
Find Air Force compensation fact sheet and other information.

Air Force Aid Society
Provides emergency relief.

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