Housing Assignments Office (Government Quarters)
NSA Support Site, Building 2074 (Inside base)
Gricignano di Aversa, Italy 81030

Phone 011-39-081-811-4468/4496
Phone (DSN) 314-629-4468/4496
Fax 011-39-081-811-4281
Fax (DSN) 314-629-4281

Mon - Fri 7:30a.m – 3:45p.m
Sat – closed
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The Housing Service Center (HSC) assists DoD military, Allied Forces, civilian, and contractor personnel in locating housing in the Naples area. The HSC is located at the Support Site in Gricignano.

You are required to check in to the HSC immediately upon arrival in order to arrange your Housing Area Orientation brief.

All Sponsors are strongly encouraged to contact the HSC as soon as you know when your sponsoring service member will be arriving. The HSC will provide information on availability of government quarters and economy housing (if applicable). If government quarters are available, your sponsor may arrange for a direct move-in. You will be able to avoid TLA and move directly into your quarters with loaner furniture.

Economy Housing

Economy housing consists of a wide variety of apartments and villas (single-family dwellings), duplexes, as well as a growing number of "villettas" (townhouse-type units). There are a limited number of furnished apartments available. Unfurnished apartments are more common. Most properties are not equipped with appliances, wardrobes, transformers, etc. These items are provided by the HSC as part of our Partial Full Tour Furnishings (PFTF) program. Additional items may be purchased from departing personnel, local area stores or the NEX. Military members will receive a one-time Move In Housing Allowance (MIHA) to help off-set some of these costs. All rental properties available and registered at the HSC are available to view online at www.HOMES.mil. HOMES.mil is an official Department of Defense website, dedicated to helping Service members, DOD civilians, and their families find housing.NAVSUPPACT INSTRUCTION 11101.9 (series) requires that all lease agreements be negotiated through the Housing Service Center. Disregarding this regulation will affect your Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) as well as other entitlements.

All rental properties must be registered and meet specific safety and security standards before a lease agreement may be signed through the HSC. Moving into economy housing is a multi-step process. If you are eligible to move into an economy housing rental, you are required to immediately begin your search upon arrival.

Showing Service

The HSC provides a showing service to enable newcomers an opportunity to view available rentals. After reviewing available listings with a Showing Counselor via HOMES.mil, theShowing Counselor will schedule appointments with landlords and bring you and/or your family to view the selected rentals. The counselor will also orient you to the many areas of Naples, and explain your options in selecting your new home.

Lease Negotiations

Once you have selected your prospective rental, the HSC's trained Referral Counselors will prepare your bi-lingual lease agreement. During the lease signing appointment, the counselor will assist you to negotiate a fair rental price, verify the presence of the Military Clause, and ensure compliance of Italian law and NSA Naples safety / security requirements. The counselor will also help you negotiate any improvements you want made, and identify the responsibilities of you and your landlord. If authorized, the referral counselor will also enter you into the system at the NEX to enable you to purchase heating fuel coupons and to order fuel delivery. Arrangement for loaner furniture and Partial Full Tour Furnishings (PFTF) will also be completed during the lease signing appointment. Translation/Mediation Services The HSC also provides assistance with all aspects of the rental you occupy, to include landlord mediation, maintenance service scheduling, utility billing discrepancies, clerical assistance, lease amendments, legal advice and termination services.


Note that all utility bills are sent every two months. The majority of utility services may be put in your name, however some must remain in the landlord's name. The landlord may include the utilities in your rent or require you reimburse them for the bills once received. The HSC will provide assistance to help you understand the billing and payment process. The Naples NEX Residential Services Office also has a program that allows you to obtain utility services via their office.

As a result of the Naples Public Healt Evaluation, your landlord is required to provide you with bottled water for drinking, cooking, etc. This requirement is clearly outlined in your lease agreement and is not negotiable.

Electricity service in Italy is 220-volt, 50-cycle. This is different from the U.S. standards of 110-volt, 60-cycle. This means that you will need a transformer or converter to convert the electricity to use your U.S. appliances. Do not bring large household appliances, such as refrigerators, stoves, freezers, washers, dryers, microwaves, etc. Appliances will be provided to you as part of PFTF. Heating your house in winter in the Naples area is a must. The stories of sunny Naples are true during the summer, however the climate in the winter is like the Northwest coast of the U.S. - wet, rainy and sometimes very cold. Although it very rarely snows in Naples, the surrounding mountains get snowfall, and the air can get very cold.

Telephone / Internet

The telephone company will charge an installation fee, a hook-up fee and a deposit (returned at departure). These charges will appear on your first bill. In most cases, internet is only available via ADSL service. To utilize the internet via ADSL, you must have an active phone line. The HSC will help you set up basic and ISDN phone services, but we are not able to assist with other special phone services and/or ADSL internet services.

Installation of phone and internet services can be a very lengthy process and it may take several weeks to get services connected. Installation during summer months are particularly slow and can also be delayed if your house needs installation of wires.

The NEX Residential Services Office also has a program that allows you to arrange for telephone and internet services via their office.

Septic Tanks

Many of the available homes are located in the suburbs and have septic tanks instead of connection to city sewers. Emptying the septic tank can be either the responsibility of the tenant or the landlord. This can be discussed at the HSC during your negotiation session.


The Armed Forces Radio and Television Service broadcasts radio and television in the Naples area, as part of the American Forces Network (AFN). Multi-system TVs are not required to receive AFN-TV. A TV purchased in the States will work but must be cable ready and switched to CATV/CABLE. If you live out on the economy, a satellite is required to pick up AFN-TV. You will be provided with one AFN receiver box as part of your PFTF. AFN service for Government quarters is coordinated through NEX Residential Services.


TLA, OHA, MIHA, COLA - All these acronyms can be confusing. These allowances are all provided to help ease your way into your Italy assignment and reduce your out-of-pocket expenses both while arriving and throughout your tour. It is important to know what they are and how they work. If you are a Navy member, PSD will explain your individual allowances during PSD Area Orientation check-in. For current OHA rates, visit the Per Diem, Travel and Transportation Allowance Committee Web site.

Government Housing

In order to efficiently utilize vacant government-controlled housing, NSA Naples has the option to put into effect direct assignment to housing for all military personnel (E1 - O6) with accompanying family members.



All enlisted and officer service members accompanied by dependents are eligible for government housing. DoD Civilians with accompany dependents are eligible for assignment to government quarters, however only when there are excess quarters available. The direct assignment to government quarters does not affect DoD civilian personnel.


The Support Site offers safety and security as well as a strong community environment that we hope you will enjoy. All quarters are "apartment" style, six-plex or twelve-plex, three story buildings. Each building is designated as either officer or enlisted. Note: buildings do not have elevators. Apartments are configured as 2, 3, or 4-bedroom units with 2 bathrooms. All are equipped with central heat and air conditioning, a laundry room with American-style washer and dryer, a microwave oven, a dishwasher, a gas oven/range, a refrigerator, and both 110-V and 220-V electrical receptacles. The AFN satellite system, DSN telephone and ADSL Internet access are available in each home.

Pets in Government Housing

Registration for your dog and/or cat at the Installation Veterinary Clinic during check-in is mandatory. This includes demonstrating proof of vaccinations, microchip and weight. Pets must be microchipped within 30 days of their arrival date in Italy. Per NSA INST. 10570.2(series), members living in government housing may have a maximum of two pets (i.e., dog, cat, bird, hamster/gerbil or guinea pig). Exotic animals such as snakes, lizards, barnyard fouls, rabbits, ferrats, and spiders are prohibited from any government housing. Members may not board in government housing any pet over 70 lbs. Owners shall carry pet liability insurance for their animals.

In order to maintain the safety of housing residents and their guests the following pets are not allowed in government housing; any dog of a breed (including mixed breed) that have the potential for harm or are hazardous to others as potentially aggressive. Specific breeds are defined as Pit Bulls (American Stafford Bull Terrier or English Stafford Bull Terrier), Rottweiler, Doberman Pinschers and wolf hybrids.

Single Service Member Housing

E4 and below service members will reside in the Unaccompanied Housing (UH) immediately upon arrival. If space is not available, you will reside in the Navy Lodge until UH space is available. If you wish to move into economy housing, you must process a request chit through your local command for approval. Single or unaccompanied E-5 and above service members and single or unaccompanied officers should immediately start looking for a place to live on the local economy through the HSC. E-5 and above enlisted personnel may request to become a Resident Advisor and reside in the UH.

DoD Civilian Personnel

The Human Resources Office (HRO) will explain your process for drawing Temporary Quarters Subsistence Allowance (TQSA) as well as your structure and dollar amounts for your housing Living Quarters Allowance while you are living in Italy. You are eligible to draw TQSA for a period of up to 90 days while looking for your home. You may reach HRO through the main NSA Naples web site. Please make sure your sponsor or Command make reservations for you at the Navy Lodge or a local hotel in the Naples area. Should you or your sponsor require any advance information or have questions, please contact us.

Civilian personnel with accompanying dependents are eligible to reside in government quarters when excess quarters are available. You must report to the Housing Service Center upon arrival to schedule your mandatory Housing Area Orientation. The HSC will assist you in locating a home in the local community or assignment to government quarters.

As part of your check in process, you will be required to provide us with a copy of your orders and transportation agreement.

Economy and Government Quarters General Information

Renter's Insurance

Renter's insurance is strongly encouraged for residents residing in either government housing or economy housing. In the event you cause damage to your rental property/government housing and/or your personal property, you will need coverage to reimburse for repairs and/or replacement of items. Renters insurance is also needed for reimbursement of personal property in the event a theft occurs.


Damp weather and local home designs contribute to mold and mildew problems. To help prevent against mold and mildew, you should ventilate your home during nice weather days. You are also encouraged to open your bathroom window during and after showers/baths. Small amounts of mold caused by excess humidity can be cleaned with a bleach and water solution. Excessive mold, or mold caused by water infiltration should be reported immediately to the HSC.

Security Tips

Never leave your keys in the locks of your doors or shutters. Even though there is no outside keyhole, thieves are able to turn the key from the outside and open the lock. Always set your entire alarm system when leaving the house and your perimeter alarm when at home. Use your intercom to verify the identity of anyone at your door/gate prior to allowing them access to your home. Turn off your gas when leaving your home for any extended period of time.

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