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Shipping Pets

Pet Documentation, Quarantine, Vaccinations

Italy does not have a quarantine or pet restrictions; however, there are major requirements when shipping pets.

1. All cats, dogs and ferrets arriving in Italy must be microchipped prior to arrival in country.

2. An International Health Certificate (available on line from the Italian Embassy) is required to bring a pet into Italy. Strict time-lines regarding examinations and immunizations are involved. You will need a veterinary health certificate as well as a rabies vaccine certificate that states the animal is in good health and rabies free. This rabies vaccine must be older than 30 days but less than 11 months.

3. The health certificate must be issued no earlier than ten days before arrival to Italy. This certificate is strictly valid for only ten days after issuance. If flying commercially, both of these documents must be certified by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (stamp, seal and signature).


Upon arrival, please make plans to register any pets with the Base Veterinary Clinic within 30 working days. Registration is free, but must be done by the sponsor. If this is not done, you jeopardize your ability to receive veterinary care for your animal while in Italy. Please bring your pet's health record to the clinic when registering. Keep in mind that the three-year rabies vaccine is not recognized; shots must be given annually.


Bringing a bird to Italy or any European Country has particular challenges: The bird could be identified as an endangered species under the 1992 Endangered Species Act. While bringing the animal to Italy may not be a problem, shipping it back to the U.S. can pose immense difficulty. Please check with your local Fish and Wildlife Service for more information on this regulation.

Shipping Pets

You must have an approved shipping container for each animal. An examination fee of 55 Euro per pet will be charged at the terminal for all non-EU citizens who import a pet to (or through) Germany. Upon arrival into the country, pets will be examined by the veterinarian near the passenger terminal baggage claim area. A credit card reader is available at the terminal. Cash and debit cards will not be accepted. The fee will be the member's responsibility and will not be reimbursed on a travel voucher. The cost is an additional 50 percent if the pet arrives on a weekend or holiday.Contact your airline for current kennel requirements. Each animal must be in his or her own kennel.

Be certain to ask your commercial airline about pet embargoes in the summer. Many airlines will not ship pets due to the extreme heat and potential health risk to animals. Pet travel on your AMC flight will not be impacted.

If shipping your pet to Italy after your arrival is in your plans, keep in mind that our closest airport is the Marco Polo Airport in Venice. Ensure that the carrier you have chosen will ship your pet unaccompanied to this airport. Some will only ship unaccompanied pets to Milano Malpensa Airport, which is a six hour drive by car.

Lodging and Kennels

Pets are accepted at Mountain View Lodge (on-base TLF facilities) but you must request a pet room when you make your reservation. If space is available you must stay on base, you will not be issued a statement of non-availability because you have a pet and chose to stay off-base.

There are a number of boarding facilities for your pet in the local area. Communicate your boarding needs with your sponsor. A listing of kennels and pets is available on the Veterinary Treatment Facility (VTF) web page. When talking with your sponsor please tell them the breed, type and size of your pet.

Veterinary Services

Please refer to the on-base Veterinary Treatment Facility (VTF) web page for complete information. A list of local boarding facilities also is available online.

The Aviano VTF is not an emergency clinic, nor does it provide after hours care. In order to receive timely after-hours emergency Care, establishing a relationship with an off-base veterinarian is strongly recommended.

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