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Motor Vehicles

Motor Vehicles

All privately owned vehicles must be inspected and registered on base. Please refer to the Household Goods Section for information on how to track the shipment of your car, and to find contact information for the Aviano Vehicle Processing Center.

Three Vehicle Limitation

Based on the NATO Status of Forces Agreement for Italy, the maximum amount of vehicles allowed are three vehicles during your entire tour at Aviano. Please note that trailers and motorcycles are also counted as vehicles.

Large Vehicles

Many streets and parking spaces are a tight fit for large vehicles. Also, gas is expensive. Command-sponsored individuals will receive authorization to purchase gas vouchers at a reduced price, but the number of liters authorized is based on the size of the engine and is only for one vehicle. Some members do fine; some regret shipping a large vehicle.

Car Dealers

There are numerous car dealers in the local area which sell new and used motor vehicles to Aviano members. Ask your sponsor to indicate the location of dealerships once you arrive, but remember to be judicious when entering into any transaction!

Used Cars

Used cars are readily available in Italy. However, you may find their cost somewhat higher than similar models sold stateside. Many people have a "work only" automobile or motorcycle. Cars with automatic transmissions are more difficult to find.

The "Lemon Lot" is located near the Commissary parking lot.

International Driver's License

You will need an International Driver's License to drive in any country other than Italy. According to the state department, there are ONLY 2 authorized websites in which to obtain your IDP. They are the AAA and the National Auto Club.

Italian Traffic Fines

  • Running a red light: 646 euro.
  • Parking in an unauthorized location: 168 euro
  • Speeding 10-40 km over speed limit: 674 euro
  • Speeding more than 40 km over speed limit: 1,682 euro
  • No seat belt: 323 euro

Motorcycle Riders

Italy Age limits for motorcycle riders:

- Individuals under age 18 may not obtain an AFI license in Italy.

- At age 18, may obtain a motorcycle endorsement to ride bikes which power does not exceed 35 kw.

- At age 24, may operate any size motorcycle.

Note: If motorcycle rider has had a motorcycle endorsement for at least two years, the age limit to ride any size motorcycle is reduced from age 24 to age 20. (Must show proof by providing current license greater than two years old with endorsement or Department of Motor Vehicle paperwork showing the issuance of a motorcycle endorsement at least two years ago.)

Due to these Italian requirements, some personnel choose not to ship their motorcycle, as they may not be able to ride it.

All members who arrive in Aviano must attend a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course at Aviano prior to obtaining the motorcycle endorsement on the AFI license.

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