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Fast Facts

Location:  Benvenuti (Welcome) to Aviano Air Base and the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region of northern Italy! Aviano is a vital link in the NATO defense chain and the premier air base south of the Alps. In fact, Aviano is nestled at the foot of the Pre-Alps or the Dolomities, and is located approximately 50 miles north of Venice, Italy and 9 miles from Pordenone, the largest nearby town. 

Aviano is unique because we are spread throughout the community in several areas, rather than centralized onto one installation.  Aviano's homepage.

Cost of Living:  Living in Italy is very expensive. Moving-in costs and car insurance are particularly high.

Base Operator:  011-39-0434-307111 or DSN 314-632-7111.

Area Population: In the northern region of Italy, 83,306 or 6.7% of Italy's population. 

Child Care:  Programs available at the Aviano Child Development Center (CDC) include; full time, hourly, part-day enrichment, Childcare for PCS (for Air Force families), Give Parents a Break (for Air Force families), Kids Night Out/Parents Night Out, and before/after school for kindergartners. There is a CDC at Area 1 and at Area F; both serve children 6 weeks through 5 years of age. Part day enrichment is offered at Area F. Sure Start is available through the DoD Elementary School.  Care for school-age children is available through the Youth Center (AYP). FCC/in-home daycare providers are not available at Aviano AB. The Parent Co-op allows parents to volunteer their time to provide on-site child care and, in turn, earn credit towards child care for their family. Check with the Family Advocacy office to learn about Child Supervision Guidelines for Aviano AB. CDC; Parent Co-op

Schools:  The Aviano School Complex combines pre-K-12; however, the elementary and middle/high schools are strategically separated into different sections to provide for age/grade discrepancies and each provides an educational environment based on the grade levels in the sections.

Aviano Elementary School

Aviano High School

The Sure Start Program is available for three and four year old children whose sponsors are E4 and below. "Pre-kindergarten children" are eligible to attend. The program teaches self-help skills and assists with socialization. Contact the school registrar for more information.

Standardized test scores for the Aviano Schools are available through the DoDEA Data Center via the following links:

Youth Services: The Youth Center (AYP) offers instructional classes, open recreation, fit factor, school age program and access to many other indoor and outdoor facilities.

Airman and Family Readiness Center:   Website. 011-39-0434-30-5407. On Facebook: Aviano Airman & Family Readiness Center.

Housing: There is no Military Family Housing at Aviano: rank-eligible unaccompanied personnel live in dormitories; all others live "on the economy."

There are no built-in closets. The Furnishings Management Office (FMO) authorizes a limited number of wardrobes; however, they do take up room, thus limiting space. There are no local storage companies. Each house has 3.3 Kw of power per unit; this limits the use of several appliances at one time. Power can be increased up to 6.6Kw max. We recommend you use dual voltage appliances, if possible; FMO provides two step-down transformers for 110 volt appliances. U.S. Standard (110 volt) lamps can be used, but MUST have a 220 volt bulb, sold at AAFES and off-base.

Unaccompanied Housing:  Dormitory rooms will be assigned to unaccompanied E-1 to E-4 members with less than 30 months of total military service.  If you are arriving to Aviano as an E-3 or E-4 with 30 months TIS, you will be required to move off base.  Currently, there are 3 different dorm room configurations and the type you are assigned to will depend on your squadron and occupancy rates upon arrival. 

Base  Services: 

  • Force Support Squadron offers numerous indoor and outdoor recreational facilities and clubs
  • Commissaries - one, in Area F.
  • Exchange System - Main Exchange and Shoppette on Area F; Furniture/Four Seasons/Shoppette in Area 1
  • Aviano has one bank and one credit union available - Community Bank and Global Credit Union. Aviano has Automatic Teller Machines located in both Area F (Flightline) and Area One where you can withdraw either U.S. Dollars or Euro.

Medical Services: 

Provides outpatient family medicine services to all active duty, active duty family members and TRICARE enrollees assigned to a Primary Care Manager (PCM). DoD civilian personnel and DoDEA personnel can be seen by the PCM of their choice on a space available basis. For appointments, call central appointments at 0434-30-5000 (off-base) or 632-5000 (on-base).

Aviano AB does NOT have an emergency room.  For emergencies, dial 911 (on-base) or 118 (off-base) or go the nearest Italian hospital emergency room.  The Pordenone Hospital has the closest emergency room and is located 15 minutes away from Aviano and has translators available 24/7. The Italian healthcare system has been providing Aviano with excellent outpatient and inpatient services to include emergency care.  

TRICARE Overseas Program (TOP)

Special Installation Messages: 

  • It is absolutely ESSENTIAL that each family member obtains a no-fee passport (this is different from a tourist passport!) and Italian Mission Visa prior to leaving your current assignment. Please contact your losing Military Personnel Section, Customer Service or Installation Passport Agent immediately upon notification of assignment to begin the processing and receipt of the necessary travel documents for family members prior to arrival in Italy. Military dependents and civilian employees and their dependents who arrive without the required visa documents will be forced to return to the U.S. to obtain the Italian Mission visa. Costs for extra travel must be paid by the member.
  • Once in-country, everyone except active-duty military members are required to obtain a soggiourno, which authorizes the holder to stay in-country beyond the 90-day visa. THIS IS ESSENTIAL. Begin the process at Right Start; follow-up at the Passport Office - Area F, Bldg 1413
  • Finding a home quickly should be one of your biggest priorities, to avoid out-of-pocket costs. Once you've found a home, the move-in process (lease, utilities) takes longer in Italy.
  • You MUST have a current stateside license to obtain an Armed Forces Italy (AFI) license, required to drive in Italy.
  • Study for your AFI tests online prior to arrival
  • Ship your personally owned vehicle (POV) 6-8 weeks before your departure. Since Aviano Air Base facilities are located in several different areas, you will be required to do business in different locations and a POV will be very important to you.
  • Italian law for motorcycle riders is much different than U.S. state laws. Motorcycle riders should read the Motorcycle Rider information in the Motor Vehicles section BEFORE SHIPPING a motorcycle.
  • It is advisable to maintain your U.S. bank accounts until you become familiar with options available at Aviano.


An anti-rabies vaccination may only be considered valid if it meets the following conditions: 

  • (a) the vaccine was administered on a date indicated in either Section IV of the pet passport; or the appropriate section of the accompanying animal health certificate; and
  • (b) the date referred to in point (a) must not precede the date of microchipping indicated in Section III(2) of the pet passport; or the appropriate section of the accompanying animal health certificate; and
  • (c) at least 21 days must have elapsed since the completion of the vaccination protocol required by the manufacturer for the primary vaccination in accordance with the technical specification of the marketing authorization referred to in point 1(b) for the anti-rabies vaccine in the Member State or third country in which the vaccination is administered; and
  • (d) the period of validity of the vaccination, as prescribed in the technical specification of the marketing authorization for the anti-rabies vaccine in the Member State or third country where the vaccine is administered, must have been entered by the authorized veterinarian in either Section IV of the passport; or the appropriate section of the accompanying animal health certificate; and
  • (e) a revaccination (booster) must be considered a primary vaccination if it was not carried out within the period of validity referred to in point (d) of a previous vaccination.

An examination fee of 55 Euro per pet may be charged at the Ramstein terminal for all non-EU citizens who import a pet to (or through) Germany. Upon arrival into the country, pets will be examined by the veterinarian near the passenger terminal baggage claim area. A credit card reader is available at the terminal. Cash and debit cards will not be accepted. The fee will be the member's responsibility and will not be reimbursed on a travel voucher. The cost is an additional 50 percent if the pet arrives on a weekend or holiday.

Defense Service Network (DSN) Dialing Instructions

The DSN is the provider of long-distance communications service for the Department of Defense (DoD). Every installation has a special DSN number and the numbers vary by world-wide location. In order to place a call using DSN, the caller must be using a military phone on an installation. Cell phones cannot dial DSN numbers. When dialing a DSN number from a United States installation to another United States installation, it is unnecessary to dial the DSN 312 area code. When dialing a DSN number to/from overseas locations, the DSN area code must be included. The operator can be reached at commercial (719) 567-1110. Please note that long distance charges may be incurred.

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