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Major Units

Afloat Training Group Western Pacific (ATGWP)
Contact Information:
Command Duty Office and Quarterdeck
COM: 011-81-46-816-6111
DSN: 315-243-6111
COM FAX: 011-81-46-816-6100
DSN FAX: 315-243-6100

Carrier Strike Group Five CTF 70 (CSG 5)
Contact Information:
Admin Office – Bldg CC-39
COM: 011-81-46-816-9094
DSN: 315-243-9094
COM FAX: 011-81-46-816-7552
DSN FAX: 315-243-7552

Center for Surface Combat Systems Detachment Yokosuka (CSCS)
Contact Information:
Admin Office:
COM: 011-81-46-816-8931
DSN: 315-243-8931

Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka (CFAY)
Contact Information:
Admin Office - Bldg C-2
COM: 011-81-46-816-5451/9526
DSN: 315-243-5451/9526
COM FAX: 011-81-46-816-7261
DSN FAX: 315-243-7261

Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Yokosuka Japan (DLA)
Contact Information:
Administrative Officer:
COM: 011-81-46-816-3993
DSN: 315-243-3993
COM FAX: 011-81-46-816-7034
DSN FAX: 315-243-7034

Destroyer Squadron Fifteen (COMDESRON 15)
Contact Information:
Admin Office:
COM: 011-81-46-816-9091
DSN: 315-243-9091
COM FAX: 011-81-46-816-7552
DSN FAX: 315-243-7552

Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit Five Detachment Yokosuka(EODMU Five Det Yokosuka)
Contact Information:
Admin Office:
COM: 011-81-46-816-7191/7190
DSN: 315-243-7191/7190

Fleet Coordinating Group
Contact Information:
Duty Office:
COM: 011-81-46-816-7879
DSN: 315-243-7879
COM FAX: 011-81-46-816-6371
DSN FAX: 315-243-6371

Naval Computer & Telecommunication Station Far East (NCTS FE)
Contact Information:
Communications Watch Officer (24/7):
COM: 011-81-46-816-7510
DSN: 315-243-7510
COM FAX: 011-81-46-816-6666
DSN FAX: 315-243-6666

Naval Criminal Investigative Service Far East Office Yokosuka (NCIS)
Contact Information:
Special Agent In Charge - Bldg 1997
COM: 011-81-46-816-7535
DSN: 315-243-7535
COM FAX: 011-81-46-816-7103
DSN FAX: 315-243-7103

Naval Munitions Command East Asia Division Detachment Yokosuka Japan (NMC EAD DET)
Contact Information:
Admin Office:
COM: 011-81-46-816-0304
DSN: 315-243-0304
COM FAX: 011-816-46-816-0306
DSN FAX: 315-243-0306

Naval Oceanography Antisubmarine Warfare Center Yokosuka (NOAC)
Contact Information:
Command Duty Officer:
COM: 011-81-46-816-5595
DSN: 315-243-5595

Navy Information Operations Command (NIOC)
Contact Information:
COM: 011-81-46-816-6034
DSN: 315-243-6034
COM FAX: 011-81-46-816-7685
DSN FAX: 315-243-7685

Personnel Support Detachment Yokosuka (PSD)
Contact Information:
Admin Office:
COM: 011-81-46-816-7188
DSN: 315-243-7188
COM FAX: 011-81-46-816-9014
DSN FAX: 315-243-9014

Submarine Group Seven CTF 74/54 (COMSUBGRU 7)
Contact Information:
COM: 011-81-46-816-5006 (Quarterdeck)
DSN: 315-243-5006 (Quarterdeck)
COM: 011-81-46-816-9354 (Admin Office)
DSN: 315-243-9354 (Admin Office)
COM FAX: 011-81-46-816-7844
DSN FAX: 315-243-7844

U.S. Army Veterinary Services Yokosuka Clinic
Contact Information:
COM: 011-81-46-816-6820
DSN: 315-243-6820
COM FAX: 011-81-616-043-3988
DSN FAX: 315-243-3988

U.S. Naval Facilities Engineering Command Far East (NAVFACFE)
Contact Information:
Admin Support Division:
COM: 011-81-46-816-8023
DSN: 315-243-8023
COM FAX: 011-81-46-816-7098
DSN FAX: 315-243-7098

US Fleet Logistics Center Yokosuka (FLCY)
Contact Information:
Customer Service Desk - Bldg F-157
COM: 011-81-46-816-7030
DSN: 315-243-7030
Senior Enlisted Advisor - Bldg F-157
COM: 011-81-46-816-7310
DSN: 315-243-7310
COM FAX: 011-81-46-816-7617
DSN FAX: 315-243-7617

US Naval Forces Japan (CNFJ)
Contact Information:
Public Affairs Office:
COM: 011-81-46-816-7615
DSN: 315-243-7615
COM FAX: 011-81-46-816-3052/3340
DSN FAX: 315-243-3052/3340

US Naval Hospital Yokosuka (USNH)
Contact Information:
USNH Quarterdeck (24/7)
COM: 011-81-46-816-7144
DSN: 315-243-7144
COM FAX: 011-81-46-816-8654
DSN FAX: 315-243-8654

US Naval Hospital Yokosuka Dental Clinic (USNH Dental Clinic)
Contact Information:
USNH Quarterdeck (24/7)
COM: 011-81-46-816-7144/8808
DSN: 315-243-7144/8808
COM FAX: 011-81-46-816-7721
DSN FAX: 315-243-7721

US Naval Legal Service Office Pacific (NLSO PAC)
Contact Information:
Admin Office:
COM: 011-81-46-816-9379/5141
DSN: 315-243-9379/5141
COM FAX: 011-81-46-816-5829
DSN FAX: 315-243-5829

US Naval Ship Repair Facility & Japan Regional Maintenance Center Yokosuka Japan (SRF & JRMC)
Contact Information:
Quarterdeck (24/7)
COM: 011-81-46-816-5488
DSN: 315-243-5488
COM FAX: 011-81-46-816-7642
DSN FAX: 315-243-7642

Contact Information:
Fleet Command Center Watch Officer (on USS Blue Ridge)
COM: 011-81-46-816-7441
DSN: 315-243-7441

USS Antietam (CG-54)
Contact Information:
COM: 011-81-46-816-2837
DSN: 315-243-2837

USS Barry (DDG-52)
Contact Information:
COM: 011-81-46-816-3165
DSN: 315-243-3165

USS Benfold (DDG-65)
Contact Information:
COM: 011-81-46-816-0754
DSN: 315-243-0754

USS Blue Ridge (LCC-19)
Contact Information:
Admin Office:
COM: 011-81-46-816-6600 (Quarterdeck)
DSN: 315-243-6600 (Quarterdeck)
COM: 011-81-46-816-7473 (Admin Office)
DSN: 315-243-7473
COM FAX: 011-81-46-816-7477
DSN FAX: 315-243-7477

USS Chancellorsville (CG-62)
Contact Information:
COM: 011-81-46-816-2147 (Ship Quarterdeck)
DSN: 315-243-2147 (Ship Quarterdeck)
COM: 011-81-46-816-0756 (Barge Quarterdeck)
DSN: 315-243-0756 (Barge Quarterdeck)

USS Curtis Wilbur (DDG-54)
Contact Information:
Admin Officer
COM: 011-81-46-816-7470 (Quarterdeck)
DSN: 315-243-7470 (Quarterdeck)
COM: 011-81-46-816-2727 (Admin)
DSN: 315-243-2727 (Admin)

USS John S. McCain (DDG-56)
Contact Information:
Admin Office:
COM: 011-81-46-896-9967 (Admin Office)
DSN: 315-241-9967 (Admin Office)
COM: 011-81-46-9973 (Quarterdeck)
DSN: 315-241-9973 (Quarterdeck)

USS McCampbell (DDG-85)
Contact Information:
Admin Office
COM: 011-81-46-816-2257 (Admin Office)
DSN: 315-243-2257 (Admin Office)
COM: 011-81-46-816-2260 (Quarterdeck)
DSN: 315-243-2260 (Quarterdeck)

USS Milius (DDG-69)
Contact Information:
COM: 011-81-46-9400 (Quarterdeck)
DSN: 315-241-9400 (Quarterdeck)

USS Mustin (DDG-89)
Contact Information:
Admin Office
COM: 011-81-46-816-2163 (Quarterdeck)
DSN: 315-243-2163 (Quarterdeck)

USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76)
Contact Information:
COM: 808-653-7333 (Quarterdeck)
DSN: 315-243-7333 (Quarterdeck)

USS Shiloh (CG-67)
Contact Information:
Admin Office:
COM: 011-81-46-816-2080 (Quarterdeck)
DSN: 315-243-2080 (Quarterdeck)
COM: 011-81-46-816-2090 (Admin Office)
DSN: 315-243-2090 (Admin Office)

USS Stethem (DDG-63)
Contact Information:
Admin Office:
COM: 011-81-46-816-3026 (Quarterdeck)
DSN: 315-243-3026 (Quarterdeck)
COM: 011-81-46-816-3027 (Admin Office)
DSN: 315-243-3027 (Admin Office)

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