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Government Housing

Family Housing

The CNRSW Family Housing Welcome Center at Naval Base San Diego is responsible for assignment of military housing and provision of community housing referrals to all military families in San Diego, including Marine Corps Air Station Miramar and Marine Corps Recruit Depot. It is highly recommended that each service member and family check-in to the CNRSW Family Housing Welcome Center upon arrival to San Diego. For more information, please contact the CNRSW Housing Welcome Center at 619-556-8443 or visit the housing website.

There are over 33,000 military families in the San Diego area. Approximately 25% of these families are housed in government quarters. There are 9,130 government homes located in 37 housing sites throughout San Diego. Of these homes, 8,580 are enlisted units and 550 are officer units. Depending on the housing site selected, waiting times can be as little as 0-3 months, or as long as 18-24 months or more. Please visit the website for more information on housing availability, size of quarters, waiting time, pet restrictions, etc.

San Diego has entered into a Public Private Venture (PPV) with Lincoln BP Management, Inc., a private property management company. Members who reside in a PPV unit are required to sign a six-month lease and pay - via allotment - the equivalent of the member's monthly Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) rate. Some neighborhoods may offer discounted rates. The Navy has joined both Lincoln and Clarke Construction to improve and expand housing for service members and their families. Remember to consider rental insurance for when occupying government housing to cover your personal property. For more information and details on the housing neighborhoods in the San Diego area, including photos and floor plans, visit the Lincoln Military Housing San Diego website.

All officers and enlisted personnel with accompanying dependents are eligible to apply for Military Family Housing (MFH). MFH is limited and must be applied for at the CNRSW Family Housing Welcome Center located at Naval Base San Diego (NBSD). In order to apply, you are required to have the following:


  • DD Form 1746 (Application for Assignment to Housing). Contact the local housing office to obtain a DD Form 1746, or find the form online by an internet search for the form number.
  • A copy of orders showing your detachment date
  • Certification of bona fide family members. Examples of acceptable forms of documentation are the Emergency Data application (Page 2) or a Record of Emergency Data (RED)
  • A copy of your LES


All personnel are required to renew their applications every six months. Renewal may be made in person or by telephone at 619-556-8443, DSN 312-526-8443. The CNRSW Family Housing Center recommends the service member or spouse periodically check with the Center regarding the status of your application. Failure to provide current information may result in a delay in your assignment to housing.

Single Service Member Housing

Naval Base San Diego offers barracks and privatized housing to qualified single service members. It is the responsibility of the service member to check into the Billeting Office for room assignment. See the below contact information section for the Billeting Enlisted Quarters (BEQ) and Billeting Officer Quarters (BOQ).

Your Command Sponsor is your link to specific needs, however CNRSW Fleet & Family Support Center is also standing by to provide information and resources.

Navy Gateway Inns and Suites manages and operates all bachelor housing complexes within the San Diego metropolitan area. This includes facilities at Naval Base San Diego, Naval Base Coronado, and Naval Base Point Loma. For more information or to make reservations, contact 619-556-8672.

San Diego offers the nation's first large-scale privatized effort for single service members. Three 18 story residential towers located on Naval Base San Diego offer resort style amenities and world class services such as a sky terrace with heated resort style pool and Jacuzzi, rooftop lounges with barbeques and spectacular bay and city views, 24 hr concierge service, a Wi-Fi café, game rooms, basketball and sand volleyball courts, horseshoe pits and running track on site, and three fitness centers.

Private bedroom suites include full bath, balcony or private garden, a fully equipped kitchen with breakfast bar, as well as individual washer and dryers in all units.

Pacific Beacon is open to some military service members in the metro San Diego area. For more information, contact the Pacific Beacon office 888-427-1485. You can view photos and access specific information on the Pacific Beacon website.

The cost of renting a home in San Diego is above average compared to other locations in the United States. There are many housing options available in the San Diego area for single service members who want to live in the local community, including furnished and unfurnished apartments, homes, and condos, all with various lease options, including short and long-term. The CNRSW Family Housing Welcome Center can offer you referrals to local options.

Exceptional Family Member (EFM) Housing

The Exceptional Family Member Program is a mandatory program to support families with special needs. Various physical, emotional, developmental, and educational special needs may require enrollment. For more information, contact CNRSW Fleet & Family Support Center. There are six categories of EFM identifying the level of special care required. Family members designated as Categories 4 and 5 are severely disabled and permanency in living arrangements is desirable. Personnel being assigned under EFM Category 4 or 5 priority status are not permitted to choose a neighborhood. EFM assignments are made at the discretion of the CNRSW Family Housing Welcome Center. Once an EFM family has been assigned to MFH, they are not automatically eligible for priority relocation when they have a change in status, such as family composition or pay grade. Requests for priority relocation should be submitted in writing via the service member's command to the appropriate housing office. More details include:


  • Single level and American Disability Act (ADA) units available at various housing locations. For specific housing areas contact the EFM Housing Coordinator at 619-556-8037.
  • Exceptional Family Members (EFM) category 4 and 5, injured active duty warriors, and active duty medical entitled to family housing allowance (BAH) with special needs are placed directly below the freeze zone (top 10%). Personnel being assigned under EFM category 4 or 5, or special medical priority status, are not permitted to choose a neighborhood.
  • Housing is located on base as well as in community areas throughout San Diego County. Air conditioning is provided in over half of the housing sites. For specific housing areas contact the EFM Housing Coordinator at 619-556-8037.
  • Generator information can be obtained from the EFM Housing Coordinator at 619-556-8037


Non-Government Housing

The Department of Defense relies on the local community to provide the majority of housing occupied by military personnel and their families. Since military family housing is only built when there is a shortage of suitable, affordable housing in the private sector, most military families live in off-base rental or privately-owned properties. In San Diego, 80 % of military families live in housing in the private sector.

Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is tax-free housing allowance that is provided to military members (with and without dependents) who are authorized to reside off base at government expense. BAH amounts are determined by location, rank, and whether or not the member has dependents.

The cost of purchasing a home in San Diego varies widely and the average cost of housing in San Diego is high compared to other locations around the country. Opportunities to purchase or rent are available throughout the County. The types of housing available are as varied as the communities within the County. Single-family homes, condos, townhouses and apartments are available throughout the private sector.

Military housing tenants are protected by the same state and federal fair housing and consumer protection laws as civilian tenants. Due to the DoD's authority to relocate military members to new assignments without their consent, Congress enacted legislation that permits military tenants to lawfully terminate rental contracts early without penalty when they receive military orders to relocate. In time of war, members may be deployed for extended periods without the worry of owing rent on units they could not occupy. Contact the Region Legal Services Office for information on protections afforded by the Service Members’ Civil Relief Act (SCRA).

Rental/Purchase Options

CNRSW Family Housing Welcome Center is your contact for any problems you may encounter such as discrimination complaints, tenant/landlord disputes, or any questions or problems about off-base housing Staff can provide you a list of rentals and information regarding the communities in which the rentals are located. All renters should carry renters insurance against fire, theft and other damages. The property owner's insurance will cover the property but not the renter's personal property. Be sure to transfer coverage from your previous home after you arrive.


While the average cost of housing in San Diego is high, opportunities to purchase or rent are available throughout the County. The types of housing available are as varied as the communities within the County. Single-family homes, condos, townhouses and apartments are available throughout the private sector.

Deposits and Fees

Many realtors/landlords require fee to process your application. This fee offsets their expense for verifying your credit references, employment history, etc. If the fee is $20.00 or less, it does not have to be refunded if you do not take the rental. If the application fee exceeds $20.00 and you do not rent the unit, you may be entitled to a refund.

In California, a security deposit for unfurnished residential property may be twice the cost of rent. For furnished apartments, the landlord may charge up to three times the rent.

In California, there are no “non-refundable” security deposits. No matter what it’s called, all money you pay in addition to your first month’s rent is refundable. Nonrefundable deposits are illegal according to Section 1950.5 of the California Civil Code.

Pet Deposits

Many San Diego landlords prohibit pets; others will allow them with an additional deposit or non-refundable fee. The amount may vary according to the type, size, and number of pets. There may also be an additional monthly charge for allowing your pets.

Mobile Homes

There are many and varied mobile home communities in the San Diego local community. To find out more information, speak with the CNRSW Family Housing Welcome Center. There are no government mobile home parks in the San Diego area.

Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) offers recreational vehicle parks for vacations.

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