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Government Housing

Whether it be through our Public Private Venture (PPV) leased homes, community housing, or the Rental Partnership Program (RPP), the housing team of professionals stand ready to assist you in making a move to this area as smooth as possible.  

Our website provides a wealth of useful information about our programs.  All military personnel, married or single, reporting to sea or shore commands in the Hampton Roads area are required to report to the Navy Housing Service Center prior to executing any agreement for non-government quarters. The Welcome Center is authorized to maintain a signed acknowledgement of notification to military members of any housing areas restricted by sanction.

Priority of assignment to Government housing is determined by the date of detachment (control date) from your last permanent duty station, provided you check in and apply for government housing within the first thirty days after your arrival. If you complete the application after the thirty day window the control date becomes the date you turn in your application.


Two pets are allowed per family. Check with the housing manager for permission and insurance requirements. Smoking is prohibited in some housing units. For a complete policy statement on privatized housing refer to the Community Handbook available through the Navy Housing Service Center.

Family Housing

Service members with eligible family members must check in with the Regional Housing Referral Office located in Norfolk on 7924 14th Street Norfolk, Virginia 23505-1211 (building SDA 337) within 30 days of arrival. This does NOT obligate you to move into base housing. You may request a specific area based on your needs, requirements and eligibility entitlements. You will be placed in the appropriate housing area or wait list.

For more information, housing locations, and pictures visit the Naval Station Norfolk website and click on the housing links.

Single Service Member Housing

The Hampton Roads area Unaccompanied Personnel Housing inventory includes both private and government-managed barracks.  Shipboard and shore-based bachelor personnel E1 through E4<4 years are eligible for this housing.

Military personnel reporting to the Hampton Roads area who are interested in living in PPV units should report to Enterprise Hall, Bldg IB, on Gilbert Street, Naval Station Norfolk with a completed application which includes the following:

  • Signed Application
  • Copy of Orders with detaching endorsement
  • Copy of current leave and Earning Statement
  • Special request chit with command approval to live in PPV

All PPV applicants are screened by Personnel Support Detacnhment (PSD) to ensure eligibility.  Wait list position is determined by date of detachment from previous command.  If reporting from boot camp, date of arrival at local command is the control date.

During the wait for PPV referral, shipboard personnel will remain aboard ship and shore-based personnel will be berthed in government-managed barracks.

Both shore-based and shipboard personnel may live permanently in government-managed barracks whether or not they’re eligible for PPV.

Currently all PPV units are located on or adjacent to Naval Station Norfolk and Newport News, VA.  Floor plans and further information are available on the web.

Government Managed Barracks Locations:

  • Naval Station Norfolk -- 757-322-9500
  • NAS Oceana -- 757-433-3791
  • Dam Neck Annex --  757-492-6824
  • Little Creek Amphibious Base -- 757-462-4860
  • Northwest Annex -- 757-421-8793
  • Norfolk Naval Shipyard -- 757-391-1388

Application Procedures

PPV barracks require signing a lease and filling out an application. The period of the lease is 6 months for the initial period and then a month to month lease will apply.

Service members will need to bring a valid ID card, orders, emergency contact name, an address and phone number where the member can be reached. In addition, the member must bring an automobile license plate number, a contact number and work number and a copy of the most current LES.

There is no application fee for PPV barracks; however, the service member will be required to pay a security deposit and the first months rent if an allotment is not set up.


Availability at enlisted barracks is on a space available basis. Currently the Enlisted barracks are at 95% capacity. 

Newly reporting officers may be afforded Unaccompanied Personnel Housing for thirty (30) days at any of the 7 Navy Gateway Inns and Suites serving the Hampton Roads region. Unaccompanied Personnel Housing is at market rates of ($25/day) and is on a space available basis, pets are prohibited. For reservations call 1-877-ZUMWALT.

Off Base Housing

Single service members and geographic bachelors are strongly encouraged to check in with housing before starting an independent housing search. The housing office assists service members to find housing in the local community and offers information of the Rental Partnership Program (RPP). HRO has up-to-date listings of affordable apartments, condos and mobile homes as well as a data base of available houses for rent. Most rental properties require a 6-12 month lease; be sure your lease includes a military clause. There are very few furnished apartments for rent. The housing office can help with lease screening, and tenant rights and relations. Service members should call 1-800 628-7510 or 757-445-2832 to speak to a housing counselor for more information.

Renters And Liability Insurance 

Tenants living in privatized family housing and in the community should consider the issue of insurance. There are two types of insurance of which you should be aware: renter’s insurance and liability insurance.  Renter’s insurance covers your personal property and will normally replace items if they are damaged or stolen. If you live in privatized family housing, your rent includes a $20,000 personal property policy. You should review this amount of coverage to determine if it is sufficient to replace your belongings. If not, consider additional coverage.

Liability insurance covers damage to the structure (a stove fire, a fire caused by a candle), or flooding due to a leaky waterbed. Liability insurance also covers you in the case of a lawsuit if someone should be injured in the structure you are renting due to your negligence. Some insurance policies provide both personal property and liability coverage at a slightly increased premium.

All personnel are encouraged to take the need for both renter’s and liability insurance seriously. A general liability policy is inexpensive and well worth the cost. 

Exceptional Family Member Program

Exceptional family members (EFM) in categories 4 and 5 are eligible for priority housing with control dates below the freeze zone (top 10% of any waitlist) Other EFM categories and situations are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Some units are handicap accessible and available upon request. Adjustments may be made as necessary within houses in other areas. All housing is air conditioned. Generators are not part of the standard equipment offered privatized housing.

Non-Government Housing

Hampton Roads has a relatively high cost of living with the price of rentals ranging from $700 - $1800 per month. Most rental properties require a first and sometimes last months rent for deposit. Many landlords require an additional pet deposit.

It is standard practice for landlords and property managers to run credit history checks on potential tenants. Negative findings may limit your rental options and make the rental process very difficult. If you are having credit issues, the Fleet and Family Support Center staff can help you start the lengthy credit repair process.

Rental Options

OPNAVINST 11101.21D requires you to contact the Housing Office before negotiating a lease or mortgage contract, you are required to check-in the Norfolk Housing Welcome Center to have your orders endorsed as part of your check-in process. The office has a variety of services designed to help military families locate housing, whether they are renting or buying. The Norfolk Housing Welcome Center maintains a database of both rental and sale listings. Most rental properties require a security deposit equal to one month rent.

The Navy Housing Service Center is your contact for any problems you may encounter such as discrimination complaints, tenant/landlord disputes, or any questions or problems about living in the community. The Welcome Center will provide you a list of rentals and give you information regarding the communities in which the rentals are located. All renters should carry renters insurance against fire, theft and other damages. Take advantage of the resources available to you before you decide to sign a lease.

In addition, Norfolk Housing Welcome Center offers the Rental Partnership Program (RPP).

Rental Partnership Program (RPP) -- is a unique program which provides military personnel with affordable off base housing that is 5% below market rates. The Landlord may charge a fee, up to $50.00, for review of the rental application. A security deposit may be required, reduced or waived depending on the applicant's credit worthiness.

To apply you will need to provide current orders and your Leave and Earnings Statement (LES). The service member pays rent by allotment and agrees to a 12-month lease. Also, a representative authorized by a specific Power of Attorney (POA) to apply for RPP on a service member’s behalf may be utilized. In order to complete the allotment, the service member or POA must be present to sign the allotment form. Single military personnel, E5 and below, need command approval to live off station.

Public Private Venture (PPV) -- The Navy is in a partnership with Lincoln Military Housing for the management of government owned housing in the Hampton Roads area.  Service members seeking PPV housing must have:

  • Navy, current orders and Page 2 (Record of Emergency Data)
  • Marines, current orders and NAVMC 10922 (Dependency Application)
  • Army/Air Force, current orders and DD Form 93 (Record of Emergency Data)
  • Coast Guard, current orders and CG-4170 (Dependents Information Records)

There may be a waiting list for some of the PPV homes in the Hampton Roads area. To receive your detachment date from your last permanent duty station as your control date, you must contact the Housing office within 30 days of your report date to your new command. You can also submit an advance application via our housing website. A service member may also appoint a representative with a specific POA to apply for housing.

The Hampton Roads has several housing areas. There are 22 enlisted housing areas with approximately over 4000 units and 11 officer housing areas with a total of 202 units. The housing assignment is predicated upon your needs and availability.

The waiting list for PPV housing varies depending on geographical area and number of bedrooms. To get a a current list of wait times and more information on PPV housing go to the Lincoln Military Housing website. In most cases, you may need to live in civilian housing before being referred to PPV homes. Because the waiting list can fluctuate, it is recommended that you check with the housing office for housing availability prior to entering into a lease agreement.

Should apply for PPV housing upon arrival, or in advance, you can exercise your option to accept or decline at the time you are notified that PPV housing becomes available.

Purchase Options

The HRO offers Home Buying workshops and in conjunction with the Fleet and Family Support Center, facilitates Virginia Housing and Development Authority (VHDA) Homeownership workshop. The workshops educate the buyer on the process of purchasing a home, help with understanding financing, working with real estate agents and lenders as well as learning about home inspections. Be it a first time home buyer or a seasoned buyer - everyone can benefit from the combined local knowledge of the workshop leaders. These workshops are routinely presented. For a current schedule of workshops, contact the Housing Office or your Fleet and Family Support Center.

Houses in Hampton Roads are relatively expensive with the average home sale hovering around $215,000. The housing market in Hampton Roads experiences the same trends as that of other areas. Because this is an area populated by military members there are always new members arriving who will want to purchase instead of rent. Counseling is provided to Homeowners on various foreclosure assistance programs.

Command Briefings 

Housing provides briefings and training for fleet and shore commands, ombudsmen and civilian community. For more information, contact our office at 757-445-4288.

Showing Service 

Transportation to view the properties you select is available for personnel without transportation by appointment only.

Realty Workshops 

Customers interested in home buying/selling or property management may attend one of these workshops offered, such as: Home Buying, Selling, Property Management and Virginia Housing Development Authority (VHDA). The workshops educate the buyer on the process of purchasing a home, help with understanding financing, working with real estate agents and lenders as well as learning about home inspections. Be it a first time home buyer or a seasoned buyer - everyone can benefit from the combined local knowledge of the workshop leaders. These informative workshops are scheduled routinely.

VA Workshops are conducted monthly to provide information to the Military Homebuyer on the steps necessary to apply for a VA guaranteed no money down home mortgage.

Virginia Housing Development Authority (VHDA) Home Purchase 

The VHDA offers a Home Ownership Program specifically for military personnel purchasing homes within Virginia. To qualify for reduced mortgage rates, service members must attend a six-hour workshop provided by VHDA. Completion of the course will provide eligible service members the opportunity to purchase a home from a Realtor of their choice, and obtain creative mortgage financing options. For more information, contact a Realty Specialist at Norfolk Navy Housing Welcome Center, 757-445-4569, 757-445-5039 or 1-800-628-7510.

Mobile Homes

There are no military owned mobile home parks on base.

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