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Health Care

Moving with TRICARE

When you move, TRICARE moves with you. It's there before, during and when you get to your next duty station. It's available worldwide. There are steps you need to take to make sure changes to your TRICARE coverage go smoothly. With your move, you may have to use a different TRICARE option.

Visit Moving to learn more.

Getting care along the way

Before you move, you should take care of any routine medical needs, including immunizations, and fill your prescriptions so you have enough while traveling. If you need to get care during your move, visit Getting Care When Traveling to learn what to do.

Filling prescriptions while traveling

You should get all prescriptions refilled before traveling. But if you run out of a prescription drug while traveling, visit Filling Prescriptions When Traveling.

Getting dental care while traveling

Getting dental care while traveling depends on your location and whether you are a service member or family member.

  • If you are an active-duty service member within the United States or in U.S. territories, and near a military installation, you may be able to get emergency dental care at the dental treatment facility, or DTF, if available. If not, contact the active duty dental care program before you see a dentist and tell the contractor about your move. You will need to get an authorization before you see a dentist. The Active Duty Dental Care Program will work with you, so you can get care from a local network dentist.
  • If you are an active-duty service member at an overseas location, you can call the overseas regional call center to get authorization before you see a civilian dentist.
  • If you are an active-duty family member within the United States, in U.S. territories or at an overseas location, you can find out if any nearby military dental treatment facility treats active-duty family members. If you're enrolled in the TRICARE dental program, call the TRICARE dental program contractor or visit their website to find a provider. You will need to get an authorization before you see the dentist.

Permanent change of station for active-duty service members

With permanent change of station orders, ask for a copy of your medical and dental records from your military treatment facility, or MTF, records section and the dental treatment facility, or DTF. Do this at least one month before your permanent change of station date. The MTF should also transfer a copy of your record and any family records to your new duty station or you may be able to hand carry them to your new duty station.

If you want someone else to be able to get medical or dental information on you or your family while you are moving, you need to complete a DD Form 2870, "Authorization for Disclosure of Medical or Dental Information."

For more information on getting copies of medical records, visit Request Copies of Medical Records.

Installation Specific Information

Charette Health Center

The Charette Health Center, Portsmouth (informally known as Portsmouth Naval Medical Center- NMCP) provides a comprehensive range of emergency, outpatient and inpatient health care services to active duty Navy and Marine Corps personnel, their families and the many retired military members in the Hampton Roads area.

Hampton Roads Health Clinics

There are 7 Branch Health clinics and 3 TRICARE Prime clinics, within the Hampton Roads region to meet the medical needs of service members and family members. Personnel should contact the health care facility nearest them to obtain information on the availability of services.  

  • Branch Health Clinic, NAS Oceana: 757-953-3933
  • Branch Health Clinic, Dam Neck Annex: 757-953-9914 
  • Admiral Joel T. Boone Branch Health Clinic, NAB Little Creek: 757-953-8351 
  • Sewells Point Branch Health Clinic, Norfolk Naval Base: 757-953-9000 
  • Branch Health Clinic, Norfolk Naval Shipyard: 757-953-6500
  • Branch Health Clinic, Yorktown Naval Weapons Station: 757-953-8454 
  • TRICARE Prime Clinic, Chesapeake: 757-953-6366
  • TRICARE Prime Clinic, Virginia Beach: 757-953-6708

Medical Records -- Newly reporting Active Duty members must check into Medical Records for a medical record screening and (CHCS) Composite Health Care System computer entry.

Appointments -- All appointments are made through the TRICARE central phone number at 866-645-4584.

Eligibility -- Medical care services are offered on a priority basis. First priority of care is to active duty military. Second priority is to family members of active duty, with retired military and family members of retired military following in the eligibility chain.

Emergency Care

Charette Medical Center, Portsmouth has the only military emergency room on the Southside Hampton Roads. The branch health clinics are not equipped to handle life-threatening emergencies. All life-threatening emergencies should be taken to the Charette Health Care Center, Portsmouth, or the nearest civilian facility. On the peninsula side of Hampton Roads, for emergencies go to the nearest civilian hospital.

Active duty personnel need to remember that they must use military care facilities. If an emergency does arise and an active duty person must use a civilian hospital, TRICARE must be notified at once, or insurance coverage is not assured.

Dental Care

Active Duty -- Active Duty Personnel receive dental care at one of the branch dental clinics in the area:

  • Naval Dental Clinic, Norfolk: 757-953-8526
  • Branch Dental Clinic, Boone Health Clinic Little Creek: 757-953-8334
  • Branch Dental Clinic, Health Clinic Naval Shipyard Norfolk:757-953-6509
  • Branch Dental Clinic, Health Clinic NAS Oceana: 757-953-3910
  • Branch Dental Clinic, Health Clinic Yorktown: 757-953-8454

Family Members --The TRICARE Dental Program (TDP) is a comprehensive dental plan available to family members of active duty uniformed services personnel. There are many dentists in the Hampton Roads area who accept TDP. For information regarding participating dentists or other questions you may have call United Concordia, 800-866-8499 or visit their website.

Civilian Health Care

If you use TRICARE Standard/Extra, Hampton Roads area has many excellent facilities to meet your health care needs. You will find several private hospitals, outpatient treatment facilities, medical practices and many specialty clinics. For more information regarding your choices, call Health Net, 877-874-2273, or visit their website.

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