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Government Housing

Family Housing

All military personnel, married or single, reporting to sea or shore commands in the Hampton Roads area are required to report to the Regional Housing Referral Office in Norfolk, before negotiating a lease or rental agreement for housing. The Regional Housing Referral Office is authorized to maintain a signed acknowledgment of notification to military members of any housing areas restricted by sanction.


There are over 4,000 family housing units in the Hampton Roads area. Wait times for military housing vary and are dependent on rank, date of application and bedroom entitlement. Contact the housing office for updated information.


Upon receipt of your PCS orders, you may send a copy of your orders and a copy of your page 2 with a housing application (form DD 1746) to the Regional Housing Referral Office. This information and application will be put into a holding file until the active duty member checks into his/her command and comes into the Housing Office to activate their application. Your application will be back dated to the time of your detachment from your last duty station provided you apply within 30 days after your report not later than date. If the date you check into the Housing Referral Office is more than 30 days of your report date, you will go on the wait list on the date you check into the Housing Office. For more detailed information regarding military housing in Hampton Roads, be sure to view Navy Housing OneStop web site.

If the spouse submits the housing application, he/she will also need to bring a specific power of attorney from the service member.


Two pets are allowed per family. No waterbeds are allowed in government housing though the policies may be different in military leased housing. For example Midway Manor has some units that are no pets/no smoking units.

Single Service Member Housing


Single service members who are E4 over 4 on both shore and sea duty are authorized to reside in the local community and be paid BAH. E4 under 4 stationed ashore will stay in the barracks and be put on a waiting list until the BH manning reaches 95%. E4 under 4 may be eligible to reside out in town and receive BAH entitlements.    

Single enlisted service members with at least 6 months left in service can move into the Hampton Roads Public/Private Venture (PPV) barracks. Service members having less than 6 months can move into navy operated barracks. Single sailors E4 under 4 who elect to reside in PPV housing will collect the higher rate of the partial BAH.

Newly reporting officers may be afforded transient berthing for thirty (30) days at Navy Gateway Inns and Suites Naval Station Norfolk. Transient berthing is at market rates and is on a space available basis.

The phone number for Combined Bachelors Quarters is 1-877-986-9258.

Application Procedures

PPV barracks require signing a lease and filling out an application. The period of the lease is 6 months for the initial period and then a month to month lease will apply. 

Service members will need to bring a valid ID card, orders, emergency contact name, an address and phone number where the member can be reached. In addition, the member must bring an automobile license plate number, a contact number and work number and a copy of the most current LES.

There is no application fee for PPV barracks; however, the service member will be required to pay a security deposit and the first months rent if an allotment is not set up.


Enlisted -- Availability at enlisted barracks is on a space available basis. Currently the Enlisted barracks are at 95% capacity. 

Officer -- Transient berthing is on a space available basis. The maximum stay is 30 days after which off base housing must be secured. 

Off Base Housing

Single service members and geographic bachelors are strongly encouraged to check in with housing before starting an independent housing search. The Norfolk Housing Welcome Center assists service members looking for housing in the local community and offers information of the Rental Partnership Program (RPP).  The Welcome Center has up-to-date listings of affordable apartments, condos and mobile homes as well as a data base of available houses for rent. Most rental properties require a 6-12 month lease; be sure your lease includes a military clause. There are very few furnished apartments for rent. The Welcome Center can help with lease screening, and tenant rights and landlord responsibilities. Service members should call 1-800 628-7510 or 757-445-2832 to speak to a housing counselor for more information.

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