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Installation Overview


Defense Supply Center Richmond (DSCR) is located just south of the city of Richmond and is accessible from any direction. The center occupies over 600 acres in southern Chesterfield County, Virginia. Chesterfield County is a First Choice community in which to live, work, raise a family and play. The base operator's phone number is 804-279-3861.


In 1887, the entire property was sold to James Bellwood, a Canadian agriculturist seeking a more temperate climate for reasons concerning his health. Over the years, Bellwood and his three sons transformed their 2,400 acre farm into a model of agriculture for Virginia and the South. He also added a pair of mated elk to the then famous farm. The Army purchased the property in 1941, and construction began in August of that year. The Richmond General Depot was activated in January, 1942, under the command of Lt. Col. Turner R. Sharp, Quartermaster Corps. Throughout these decades of construction and activity, the family dwelling has remained and has served as the installation's club since 1942. The Bellwood Club is on the Department of the Interior's National Register of Historic Places and is an officially-registered historic landmark in both Virginia and Chesterfield County. It is a popular choice of employees, area residents, and civic and business organizations for meetings, receptions and other social gatherings. The elk herd has also remained, and today has become synonymous with the name Defense Supply Center Richmond. For more information visit DSCR’s homepage.


To provide the best value logistics support to America's Armed Forces in peace and war, around the clock, and around the world. On an average day it processes over 7,000 supply requests from around the globe. The value of the material it provides to its customers is anticipated to exceed the $3 billion mark this year. The installation ranks among the top ten employers in the Richmond metro area and, with a payroll and operating expenses over $200 million, is a significant contributor to the strength of local and commonwealth economies.  Please view this video overview of DLA.

Population Served

The center and its tenant organizations employ 2,400 civilian employees, 400 contract workers, and 45 military service members whose mission is to support the needs of the military services worldwide.

Base Transportation

Taxi service is available Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.


Experience has taught us that first impressions are indeed lasting ones. The tone for an entire tour of duty may be established during the pre-arrival communication, arrival support and assistance. It is the goal of the DSCR Command Sponsors Program to facilitate smooth transition and assimilation into our command, to set the stage for a positive attitude at the beginning of the tour and create an atmosphere for continued success. Therefore, the selection of individuals to be sponsors at DSCR is taken very seriously. Only individuals with a positive attitude and a commitment to quality of life are chosen to be sponsors for incoming personnel.

Temporary Quarters

With six lodging units in our Guest House, lodging is limited at the installation. Reservations for the Guest House can be made through the community recreation office, Building 33, E-Bay, at DSN 312-279-1092 during normal duty hours. For late arrivals, guests with reservations may collect their room keys from the officer on duty at building 201.

Relocation Assistance

The Defense Supply Center Richmond Relocation Program goal is to educate and empower service members, civilian employees and families, to prepare and manage their move while minimizing negative impacts, and provide information and assistance at a critical time in the relocation cycle. Relocation can be a positive experience, an opportunity to see and learn about new places and make new friends and grow professionally. The RAP is designed to make you feel at home before you arrive. The program can help you tackle the challenges of moving, home and job hunting, interpreting and completing the requirements of travel orders and entitlements, and more. Whether you are joining the Bellwood community or saying goodbye, the program stands ready to assist.  Call 804-279-4337 or DSN 312-695-4337 for appointment.

Critical Installation Information

Check-in procedures Military Personnel - Should report directly to the Military Personnel Officer, H Road, Building 34, Parking Lot #1. Civilian Personnel - Should report to the Human Resources Office, 5th Street, Building #32 A Bay, Room #6. The military and civilian personnel staff will direct you in the procedures necessary to accomplish your in-processing.

Car registration and seat belts - You will be issued vehicle registration decals as part of your in processing process. These items are issued by the Corporate Protection Office in Emergency Services Facility on G Road, Building 70. Drivers and passengers must wear seat belts at all times while in a moving vehicle.

Under Virginia law, the driver and all front seat passengers must wear a safety blt. A driver transporting anyone through age 15 must ensure that the child is properly secured in a safety belt, booster seat no matter where the child is seated in the vehicle. Virginia law requires that children under 6 years of age be restrained in a child safety seat that meets federal standards.

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