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Motor Vehicles

Registration and licensing requirements

State laws vary when it comes to motor vehicle insurance requirements, licensing and registration. The term vehicle generally includes automobiles, motorcycles, vans, trailers and boats regularly parked or garaged overnight. Service members and their families will want to understand their state’s laws on registration and licensing before moving to a new state. Visit the Motor Vehicle Services page for links to state-specific websites.

Motor vehicle laws

State and local laws regulate the operation of motor vehicles, and these laws can vary by location. Many states regulate the following:

  • Seatbelt use
  • Child safety seats
  • Motorcycle operation
  • The use of cellphones and other digital devices while driving

Learn more about motor vehicle laws in your state at the State Laws page.

Installation Specific Information

Registration & Licensing Requirements

Tennessee State law requires you to have sufficient liability insurance and a valid driver’s license in order to operate a vehicle. The term “vehicle” generally includes automobiles, motorcycles, vans, trailers and boats regularly parked or garaged overnight. Further, your vehicle must be properly registered. Even though you are in the Military, you may be required to register your vehicle in-state and obtain an in-state license within a few months of moving. Access complete information on insurance, driver’s licensing, and where and how to register your vehicle by visiting the State Department of Motor Vehicles website.

State Laws

You and your passengers must always wear seat belts while driving, you will be ticketed and issued heavy fines if seat belts are not secured. State law requires that all children under 8 years of age be properly restrained in child seats. Some states also require younger, smaller children to sit in the back seat.

Motorcycles and their operators are subject to special laws. If you own and operate a motorcycle, you must comply with those laws. Visit the State Department of Motor Vehicles website for more information.Many States and local jurisdictions have strict laws about the use of cell phones and other digital devices while driving. Research these laws on the State Department of Motor Vehicles website. Tickets will be issued and fines assessed for violating these laws. Play it safe and always use a “hands free” device if you must use a cell phone or other PDA while driving. Hands-free devices must be used while operating a motor vehicle on ALL military installations worldwide.

Base Regulations

Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit on Fort Campbell is 25 mph. Fort Campbell is a restricted access post. Fort Campbell recently changed its policy for vehicle registrations for on post. For those having a military ID card or a Common Access Card (CAC) you don’t need to register your vehicle at vehicle registration building. For visitors, and non military ID card/CAC card, you must have a DD Form 2220 (Post Decal) or a temporary visitors pass before gaining access to Fort Campbell. For more information contact 270-798-5047/5049.

Obtaining Base ID Sticker or Visitors Pass

Visitors to Fort Campbell please take note of the new procedures of obtaining a visitor's pass. For any questions on visitor passes, please contact 270-798-5049

All unescorted, non-Department of Defense ID card holding visitors, contractors, sub-contractors, vendors, suppliers and service providers must successfully pass a criminal background check before they are issued a visitor's pass.

Escorted visitors with valid photo ID (state driver license, passport) traveling in the same vehicle as a DOD ID card holder (CAC, dependent ID card,... retiree ID card) are not required to obtain a pass. Escorted visitors without a valid ID will need to go through the Visitor Control Center at Gate 4 or Gate 7.

Unescorted visitors who are not traveling in the same vehicle as a DOD ID card holder (CAC, Dependent ID card, Retiree ID card) must obtain a visitor's pass from a Visitor Control Center for the duration of their visit.

Contractors, sub-contractors, vendors, suppliers and service providers must obtain a one-day pass or may voluntarily choose to participate in the RAPIDGate program.

Visitor Control Center Hours of Operation:

Gate 4: Seven days per week, 5 a.m. until 9 p.m.

Gate 7: Seven days per week, 24 hours per day

For more information contact the Visitor Control Center at 270-798-5049.

Individuals who do not have a military ID card/CAC card would need to register their automobiles or need visitor passes may pick one up at gate 4 visitor’s  center (1st building on the right when you enter gate 4) or gate 7 or building 94 (next to clothing & sales). In order to obtain an ID sticker, you need to show your vehicle registration, proof of insurance, and valid driver's license. If you are going to register a motorcycle on Fort Campbell ensure you have the previous documents plus you need a motorcycle endorsement on your state drivers license and motorcycle safety foundation card. If you need the MSF card, you can register online for the motorcycle safety course.


All personnel assigned to living on or employed at Fort Campbell must register their motorcycles within 10 days of signing into Fort Campbell. Required documentation includes:

  1. A valid state driver's license with a motorcycle endorsement.
  2. Proof of current and valid insurance for the motorcycle being operated.  Minimum coverage is $25,000 personal injury coverage per person, $50,000 personal injury coverage per accident, and $10,000 property damage. This insurance must be maintained at all times while the motorcycle is being operated on Fort Campbell.
  3. Provide a current certificate of state registration or lease agreement, a power of attorney or a notarized statement from the owner that the motorcycle operator is authorized to operate the vehicle and the inclusive dates of such operation.  Motorcycles owned by individuals that have had their installation driving privileges suspended or revoked cannot be re-registered during the period of suspension/revocation.
  4. Individuals applying to register motorcycles must provide a certification of completion of an approved Motorcycle Riders Safety Course.
  5. Any changes in the registrant's name, address/unit, insurance coverage or motorcycle description will be reported to the Vehicle Registration Office.

The hours of operation for gate 4 and gate 7 visitor's center/vehicle registration is Monday thru Sunday 5:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. 

Gate 4 and Gate 7 operates 24/7.

DOD/DA identification card holders operating a rental vehicle with their current/valid rental agreement may use the agreement in lieu of a visitor's pass for access, (the rental agreement needs to be in the DoD ID card holders name – or listed as an authorized driver). DOD/DA identification card holders operating a vehicle with their valid temporary State registration plates may use their temporary registration in lieu of a visitor's pass. CAM Regulation 190-5 will cover any questions that may pertain to Fort Campbell Motor Vehicle traffic Regulations.

Privately Owned Weapons

All privately owned weapons must be registered at the Gate 4 Visitor Center.

Traffic Enforcement on post is based off the Motor Vehicle Laws for Kentucky and Tennessee.

Helmets -- Bicycle helmets are mandatory.

Traffic -- The SPEED LIMIT on-post is 25 MPH unless otherwise posted.

Vehicle Registration -- All personnel assigned or employed at Fort Campbell are no longer required to register their Privately Owned Vehicles as long as they have a military ID card or Common Access Card (CAC). If you don’t have either a military ID card or CAC card you would need to register your privately owned vehicle with the vehicle registration office located at building 5004 and building 94 (see above for location and hours). If you have any questions on vehicle or weapons registration, please call 270-798-5049 or 270-412-6997.

IAW AR 190-11 all Soldiers and family members residing on the installation are required to register their privately owned firearm(s).  Soldiers, Family Members, Retirees and Civilians who bring a firearm(s) onto the installation for the purpose of engaging in authorized activities such as hunting, dog training and/or marksmanship events must register the firearm(s) prior to brining it on the installation and adhere to the requirements outlined in CAM REG 190-1 for transporting the firearm(s).

Accidents -- If an accident occurs on the installation, notify the Military Police or Provost Marshall.

Tennessee and Fort Campbell Child Restraint Law

(Note: this is the law you must comply with anywhere on post or in Tennessee.)

Children under one year of age or weighing less than 20 pounds must be put in a backward-facing child-passenger restraint system in the rear seat if available. Children 1-3 years old and weighing 20 pounds or more have to be in a child safety seat in a forward facing position in the rear seat, if available.

Children 4-8 years old and less than five feet tall must be in a belt positioning booster seat in the back seat, if available. Provisions are made for the transportation of children in medically prescribed modified child restraints.

Children 9-12 years or any child through 12 years of age measuring 5 feet or more in height must use a seat belt system and be placed in the rear seat, if available.

Children 13-15 must use a passenger restraint system.

Also, remember that the driver of the car is responsible to ensure that children under the age of 16 are properly restrained and may be charged for violation of the law. If the child's parent or legal guardian is presenting the car, but not driving, the parent or legal guardian is also responsible for making sure that the child is properly transported and may also be charged for violation of the law.

Ensure that all children are appropriately buckled in a vehicle at all times.

Obtaining a Driver's License

Anyone who moves to Tennessee and has a valid driver's license from another state or country must apply for a Tennessee driver's license (or CFD) if they: live in the state longer than 30 days OR are working in Tennessee or would otherwise qualify as a registered Tennessee voter. The EXCEPTION to this policy are active duty service members. Spouses who reside in Tennessee and work in Tennessee MUST have a Tennessee driver's license. For more information contact the Tennessee Driver's License Department at 931-648-5596.

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