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Government Housing

Military Housing


There are 4,457 Family quarters on post.

Wait List -- Currently, there are waiting lists for all categories of military Family housing. Waiting times and position status do fluctuate depending on the time of year; plus, service members continuously in process with various eligibility dates and lease commitments. Once you are placed on a waiting list, please visit the Fort Campbell Family Housing. Waiting lists are established based on Family size (one bedroom per child) and rank. Applicants are entered on the list based on date departed last permanent duty station.

You may call the Campbell Crossing Housing team to determine what paperwork you need to determine your eligibility and average waiting time for housing. The office number is 931-431-9003 or go online at

Soldiers Eligible To Apply For On-Post Housing Are:

  • Soldiers with bona fide dependents
  • Soldiers married to Soldiers and both are assigned to Fort Campbell
  • Single Soldiers with bona fide dependents
  • Single pregnant Soldiers

Documents Required To Apply For Government Housing Are:

  • PCS orders to Fort Campbell (current ERB/ORB if currently assigned to Fort Campbell)
  • Current DD form 1172 (verified by a DEERS ID Verification Officer within 90 days)
  • DA Form 31 (if within thirty 30 days of signing in to Fort Campbell)
  • Current end of month LES (to verify BAH at with dependent rate)

Listed below are additional documents that may be needed to complete the application process as well.

  • Dual military - provide the above for both Service Members
  • AKO email address
  • Restricted tour applicants - provide PCS orders for restricted tour and extension orders to receive credit
  • Divorce decree/court ordered primary/residential custody of children residing with sponsor
  • Pregnancy statement/profile
  • EFMP Summary Report specifying architectural/environmental recommendations
  • Spouse will need a DFAS power of attorney if sponsor is unavailable at move in
  • Prior to signing the Military Personnel Occupancy Agreement sponsor must be signed in to Fort Campbell

On Post Government Housing at Fort Campbell has now been privatized. Campbell Crossing Limited Liability Company (CCLLC) is the privatized housing community located at Fort Campbell, KY. Campbell Crossing is a Lend lease community formed through a partnership with the U.S. Army. There are 4,457 homes on post.


Contact Campbell Crossing at 931-431-9003. For more information on Campbell Crossing access their website at or visit us at Soldier Support Center 2702 Michigan Avenue.

Single Service Member Housing

First Sergeant’s Barracks Program (FSBP) 2020

Army Barracks Management Program (ABMP)

Assignment to the barracks is mandatory for all E1-E5 soldiers assigned to Ft. Campbell that are single and have no dependents and unaccompanied soldiers that are married to another service member that are not stationed on Ft. Campbell. Single Soldiers E1-E5 must be authorized via a Certificate of Non-availability (CNA) signed by the Garrison Commander to reside off post. Single soldiers and soldiers that are geographically separated from their family in pay grade E6 and above are not authorized to live in the barracks and are required to live off post.

All barracks on Fort Campbell, KY meet the 1+1 standard or equivalent. Each room houses two soldiers who share a common bath and kitchen area. Soldiers are assigned to barracks based on the requirements of their unit. The sizes of the rooms vary but meet the minimum square footage as required by the Army Facilities Management AR 420-1. All rooms are furnished with beds, night stands, dresser, chest and entertainment center. Soldiers must provide their own linens or can request them through their chain of command.

Restrictions on use of personal cooking items, burning of candles and incense, overnight guest and pets are outlined in the Commanding General's Policy. For more information please call (270) 798-0673.

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