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Deployment Support

Family Deployment Support

ACS Deployment & Mobilization Program

Deployment and Mobilization Program helps Soldiers and their Families manage separations before, during and after they occur. The Mobilization/Deployment Program is devoted to supporting Soldier and their Families through the Soldier Readiness Processing and Family Assistance Center during deployment.

The Mobilization/Deployment Program provides many Pre-Deployment Briefings/Fairs and Reintegration Fairs to assist Soldiers and Families in preparing for both. The Family Resource Center is devoted to support Family Readiness Groups also called the FRG. Classes are offered monthly to provide commanders, leaders and Family Members with information on how to set up and maintain a strong FRG, along with training for the unit's Point of Contacts, Treasurers and Newsletter Training Courses.

Mobilization/Deployment Program also provides the following:

  • Care Team Training
  • Operation Ready Training – Point of Contact
  • Operation Ready Training – Treasurer
  • Operation Ready Training – Newsletter
  • Operation Ready Training – FRG Leader

Family Assistance Call Line

The Family Assistance Call line 1-866-252-9319 (toll free) provides Family related information and assistance to ensure Family Members are informed during major deployments. The Family Assistance Call Line focuses on getting Family Members information pertaining to entitlements and benefits available to them and providing referrals for assistance.

ACS Outreach Program

The Outreach Program links military and civilian support services with first-term enlisted soldiers and their families. This service is to provide information and support to young military Families during major deployments. The Outreach Program promotes and creates awareness of ACS programs. Outreach Program also provides information to Family Members who are relocating "home" due to deployment.

Chaplain Family Life Center

The Chaplain Family Life Center operates from a theological base and focuses on ministry to Army families with particular emphasis on wellness during and after deployments.   

Marriage 101 -- A six hour class for engaged couples to help build a foundation for communication and problem solving in marriage. Topics include nurturing fondness and admiration, love - maps, and the speaker listener technique. Meets on the first Wednesday of each month. Register through your unit chaplain or the Family Life Chaplain.

Strong Bonds -- A Chaplain led program for married couples totaling 12 hours of instruction during a week-end retreat. Contact your Unit Chaplain or the Family Life Chaplain at 270-798-3316.

DoD Family Life Consultants

Short term problem-solving for individuals, couples and families on a walk-in basis at the Family Resource Center or call for confidential location and flexible scheduling. No records are kept, and the program is informal and confidential. Available for presentations to Family Readiness Groups (FRG's) Command and other groups. Contact Military & Family Life Counseling Program Team lead at 270-205-1917.

Military OneSource

Military OneSource is an excellent source for information and free counseling dealing with deployments. The program provides six short term problem resolution counseling sessions for couples, individuals and families. The sessions are offered in the local community by civilian counselors. There is no cost to the military family. They are open 24/7 with services available in many languages. Call 1-800-342-9647. 

Resources for Children during Deployment

Children are especially vulnerable when separated from parents due to deployments. Their unique developmental perspective and limited life experience put them at a heightened risk for emotional distress during the separation period. Several information and resources are available to help military children deal with deployments; Military Family Life Consultants are dedicated to working  with Child & Youth Services Program, Sesame Workshop – “Elmo and Friends, Talk, Listen, Connect: Deployments, Homecoming, Changes help Military Families and young children cope with challenges of multiple deployments and combat related injuries; Playgroups with Armed Services YMCA Family Center and New Parent Support Program provide an opportunities for children to participate in weekly hands on activities, and to offer a safe space for children to connect and for moms to network and support each other. For more information contact the Family Resource Center at 270-956-2935.

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