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Youth Services

Youth Services

Teen Center

The Teen Center offers programming for youth 11-17 years of age. Some of the events set up just for teens include:

  • Teen and Pre-Teen Dance - DJ, free munchies, games and contests.
  • Teen Trips - Previous destinations have been ASIJ-Battle of the Bands, Toshimaen Amusement Park, Tokyo Disneyland, Club Z Annual Dance and Zama High School dances.
  • Teen Lock Out - From 11 pm until 8 am. Trips are taken outside of the Youth Center (i.e., movie theaters, bowling center, skateland). Live DJ, games and contests, free food and beverages.
  • Teen Parties and Dances - Sponsored by the Youth Center but held at various locations from 8-11 pm. Examples are Splash Bash(at Green Beach Pool), Rock-n-Bowl (at the bowling center), and Skateland parties. Admission varies, depending on the location.

The Teen Center staff members are always coming up with new ideas for things to do.

Youth Sports

Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Swim Team, Volleyball, and Dodgeball are some of the programs offered in the Youth Sports Program.

High School 7th and 8th grade intramural sports include:

  • Boys/Girls Basketball
  • Boys/Girls Volleyball
  • Boys/Girls Cross Country
  • Boys/Girls Track
  • Boys Wrestling
  • Girls Softball

High School Varsity and Junior Varsity Sports include:

  • Boys/Girls V/JV Tennis
  • Boys/Girls V/JV Cross Country
  • Boys/Girls V/JV Track
  • Boys/Girls V/JV Cheerleading
  • Boys/Girls V/JV Soccer
  • Boys/Girls V/JV Basketball
  • Boys V/JV Football
  • Boys V/JV Wrestling
  • Boys V/JV Baseball
  • Girls V/JV Volleyball
  • Girls V Softball

Youth Religious Programs

Yokosuka Student Ministries is the youth ministry for the Chapel of Hope. Yokosuka Student Ministries is made up of QUEST the middle school group (grades 6-8) and One-Way the high school group (grades 9-12).

Both QUEST and One-Way meet mid-week on Wednesdays, which is the primary connection point for the group. In addition, there is Q2 in the Ikego Housing Area. In addition to our mid-week meetings, we have Bible studies to help our students learn and apply Biblical principles to everyday life and to grow and wrestle with life's questions in a safe community of their peers.

QUEST and One-Way also have a number of special events throughout the year. Special events include trips to amusement parks, service projects, 5th quarter events, worship nights, the Amazing Race- Yokosuka, and events with other youth groups within the Kanto Plain. The events provide opportunities for students to have a great time, make friends, and grow in their relationship with God.

We have a number of retreats for both the middle school and high school groups. Retreats are a great opportunity for our students to get out of Yokosuka and to focus on their relationship with God without the distractions of life. 

The bottom line- Yokosuka Student Ministries is a great place to get involved.

Vacation Bible School (VBS) is a big event in the Summertime for the Chapel of Hope. VBS is for children starting kindergarten through 5th grade.

Please contact the chapel for more information at DSN 315-243-6175, internationally at 011-81-816-6175 or online.

Boys and Girls Scouts

No need to worry about how to get your Girl Scout Cookies...Girl Scout/Brownies are available here on Yokosuka. Please visit their website for more information.

Troop 35, Boy Scouts of America, is chartered to the Naval Hospital, Naval Station Yokosuka, Japan please visit the Troop 35 website for more information.

Youth Sponsorship Program

You can make your child's relocation easier by requesting appropriate services and information from your own sponsor along with FFSC Yokosuka. You can also request for a child in the Yokosuka base community to write to your child, as a way of making them feel welcome in their new "hometown." Please contact the School Liaison Officer at for more information on youth sponsorship.

Youth Employment

CNFJ Human Resources Office (HRO) offers a Summer Hire program for SOFA sponsored family members ages 14 -23 years old at the time of appointment. For more information contact HRO at DSN 315-243-5725, internationally at 011-81-816-5725 or online.

For Non-Appropriated Funds positions the minimum age is 16 years old. Please see the MWR and NEX website for available positions.

Modeling -- Many Japanese modeling agencies look for diversity and are interested in people of ANY size, shape, age, race, or appearance. The FFSC has a list of the most popular modeling agencies. Modeling fairs are offered by FFSC twice a year.

Teaching English -- Native speakers of English are very often in demand private citizens. Monthly workshops to help you get started teaching English are provided by FFSC. Please contact FFSC at DSN 315-243-3372 or internationally at 011-81-816-3372.

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