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Emergency Assistance

Planning for Emergencies

Emergencies are always unexpected! But, with a bit of pre-planning, and a small amount of common sense, the effects of an emergency situation can be greatly lessened.

Emergencies En Route or On Leave

Should you encounter some type of emergency during your relocation process, whether on leave or in transit, the single most significant action you can take will be to notify someone in authority (like the Command Duty Officer) at your new duty station. You can also seek assistance and guidance from Command, Security, or Relocation Assistance personnel at any military installation that may be nearby.

Contact phone numbers for the major commands, as well as many of the auxiliary commands and detachments, at Yokosuka Navy Base are listed in the Installations: Major Unit Listing found in the Location tab. If your command or detachment is not listed there, or anywhere else in this database, please call the Yokosuka FFSC at DSN 315-243-3372 or internationally at 011-81-46-816-3372.

Important Documents/Hand Carry

Carry your important papers (orders, ID cards, passports, travelers checks, etc.) with you--not packed in your luggage or your household goods. Write down telephone numbers for your relatives, your sponsor, your new duty station's Command Duty Officer, and the Command Duty Officer here at Yokosuka Navy Base. They will be invaluable in case of an emergency while traveling.

American Red Cross/Navy Marine Corps Relief Society

The American Red Cross and the Navy/Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) are available for emergency aid. Red Cross phone numbers are usually listed in the white pages of the local phone directory, or stateside 1-800-733-2767, Yokosuka’s branch is DSN 315-243-7490 or internationally 011-81-46-816-7490 or via the website.  They can help with emergency communication, contacting people who will need to know where you are and what is happening, and provide you with referrals to other agencies.

The Navy/Marine Corps Relief Society can be reached by contacting a representative on any Navy or Marine Corps installation, or any other military installation if there are no USN/USMC bases nearby.  NMCRS has limited offices stateside please check the website for locations. Yokosuka’s branch can be contacted at DSN 315-243-7905 or internationally 011-81-816-7905.

All the military services and the American Red Cross have reciprocal agreements with the Navy/Marine Corps Relief Society, to help people in emergency situations.

Always have some savings set aside for emergencies!

Victim Advocate

For immediate emergency assistance, call:

  • Security On Base Phone: 911
  • Security Off Base Phone: 119

For the Sexual Assault Prevention Response Advocate (SAPR), contact FAP at 011-81-046-816-7878 or DSN 315-243-7878.

Associated Links

American Red Cross
Provides assistance in times of emergency.

Provides support to troops and families in times of emergency.

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society
Provides access to resources needed in times of emergency.

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