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Deployment Support

Family Deployment Support 

If PCSing and arriving to a command or unit that is currently deployed, you will, upon arrival to Yokosuka, report to the Temporary Personnel Unit (TPU) as mentioned in the Check-In procedures section.

If you have family members and your unit is deployable, there are certain preparations you should make before you deploy. The Yokosuka Family Assistance Support Team (FAST) is here to help you and your spouse and/or family members with obtaining Letters of Dependency and other documents and information to help during deployment. It is important that you stop by the FAST office shortly after arrival so that a family file can be established. The FAST office is located in bldg. G59 and can be contacted at DSN 315-243-5840 or internationally at 011-81-46-816-5840. 

Fleet and Family Service Center (FFSC) offers programs and services to heighten the awareness of service members and their families to the roller coaster of emotions. Deployment readiness is a priority for commands, service members and their families. Major changes in one's life, such as deployment, can cause an individual to feel that events are out of his/her control. The more information one has and the more planning that is done before deployment occurs, the more in control one is likely to feel.

Deployment Readiness Briefs

The FFSC Deployment Specialist offers monthly deployment classes and when requested by a command, offers Deployment Readiness Briefs to single sailors, single parents, and married sailors to assist them in preparing for deployment. The FFSC doesn’t stop there; they continue to offer ongoing support to families while the service member is deployed. Contact your command for more information or call the FFSC to sign-up for one of the monthly classes.

Deployment services are educational and support programs that assist family members and deploying commands to successfully manage the separation/reunion cycles associated with military duty. In order to reduce personal and family emergencies, stress of separation, and to assist active duty service members and families in preparing for deployment, services are provided before, during, and after deployments. Deployment services are tailored to meet the needs of individual commands and include collaboration with command leadership, ombudsmen, and family readiness groups.

Individual Deployment Support Specialist (IDSS): Assists active-duty Sailors and families on Individual Augmentee (IA) orders. Provides IA family members with a way to find information or resources they may need while their Sailors are deployed.

The Return and Reunion Program (R&R)

The Return and Reunion Program (R&R) began in the spring of 1980 in response to the carrier Nimitz requesting assistance for sailors after an exceptionally long deployment. A team of educators, chaplains and clinical counselors from Norfolk, Virginia, boarded the ship at its last liberty port to prepare the crew for return to the States. In the late 1980's, the program was adopted in San Diego, CA as part of the WESTPAC experience, and earned its credibility in 1991 with service members returning from Desert Storm. The purpose of R&R training is to help service members returning from deployment, garner the skills necessary to ease their "returning home adjustment" after extended absences from family and friends. The Return and Reunion program is offered to commands who have been deployed from homeport for 90 or more days. Please contact the R&R Coordinator for more information.

Services for Spouses and Children of Deployed

FFSC offers briefs about children and deployment and puppet shows for children of a deploying sailor. These are available on request for commands or base groups. In addition to the Deployment Specialist, there are several organizations that offer services for spouses and children of deployed service members. For example, Military One Source offers programs such as dealing with deployment, preparing for deployment, reservist issues, and returning from deployment. FFSC offers a variety of DVD's for children of all ages. An Elmo DVD kit that is designed to help military families with children ages 3-5 cope with feelings, challenges, and concerns experienced during various phases of deployment: pre-deployment, deployment, and homecoming.  For children ages 6-11 we have Mr. Poe and friends DVD, to help children adjust to family reunion after deployment. Military Youth Coping with Separation DVD for ages 12-17 is a program designed to help military youth cope with the stress created by military family member separations.

FFSC offers a Japanese Spouse Support Group class, its purpose is to assist DOD's Japanese national spouses to understand and learn regulations, customs and lifestyles related to the U.S. Military.

Family Readiness Groups (FRG) formerly family support or spouse support groups are command sponsored organizations that consist of volunteers, such as spouses, of service members. The purpose of an FRG is to plan and conduct social, informational, and morale building activities to enhance family readiness and enable the Navy family to meet the challenges of the military lifestyle. FFSC offers monthly training for FRG leadership.

Navy Family Ombudsmen

Navy Family Ombudsmen are communications links, information and referral resources, and advocates for command family members. Appointed by the Commanding Officer, Command Ombudsmen are volunteers and spouses of service members within the command. As an official command representative, the Ombudsman is a point of contact for all family members connected to the command - including spouses, parents, and extended family members.

Please contact FFSC for information on Deployment Programs, Command Ombudsman and FRG contacts in Bldg. 3655 or you may contact them at DSN 315-243-3372, internationally at 011-81-46-3372 or online


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