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Military Housing

Military Family Housing and Unaccompanied Personnel Housing are built by the Government of Japan (GOJ) under the SOFA agreement and managed by US Army Garrison-Japan. Therefore, all military personnel will be mandatorily assigned to either family housing (FH) or unaccompanied housing (UH). 

DoD civilians, with accompanied family member, will have the option to be assigned to military family housing or reside in off-post housing.  Unaccompanied civilians must reside in off-post housing. The Housing Office offers a full array of services to assist with locating and securing adequate off-base housing.  Please do not secure off base housing prior to arrival.  All off post housing has to be approved by the Housing Office to ensure its meets DOD suitability standards.

Military and civilian sponsors, with accompanied command sponsored family member (s) assigned/attached to US Army Garrison-Japan may be offered family housing at either of our two housing locations: Camp Zama Housing (CZ) and Sagamihara Family Housing Area (SFHA).

Furnishings and Weight Allowances

You may be authorized 50% (accompanied personnel) and 25% (unaccompanied personnel) for household goods shipment based on your rank or grade. Personnel should not ship bulky/oversize furniture (i.e., king size beds, German shrunk, large dining room furniture), as government and off-base housing is considerable small than US standards.  

Furnishing items that cannot fit in your assigned/selected housing will have to be stored at the occupant's expense. It is very important to contact your Transportation Office to determine your authorized weight allowance.

Due to the restricted weight allowances and the size of military family housing and off base housing, "Full Tour" support for bedroom, living room, dining room furniture items is provided by the Housing Office. However, availability is limited. Washer, dryer, & dishwasher are standard in military housing.  

ACS have a lending closet for basic kitchen items (i.e. dishes, glasses, pots, pans, utensils, iron, ironing board, etc.).  The Housing Office and ACS do not provide TVs, bed linens, towels.  An extension in the hotel or a delay in housing assignment will not be authorized.   

NOTE: The electrical voltage in Japan is 100V/50HZ.

Unaccompanied Personnel Housing (UPH)

UPH is assigned based on rank and can include barracks, senior enlisted quarters and bachelor officer’s quarters. Personnel in the rank of E6 and below, must report to their unit for assignment under the Army Barracks Management Program (ABMP). Personnel in the ranks of E7 and above will report to the Housing Office for assignment to available bachelor officer or bachelor enlisted quarters. Personnel on deferred travel, delayed dependent travel, or geographical bachelors are required to reside in UPH facilities. UPH for senior enlisted personnel and officers range in size from 340 to 460 square feet (studio to suite) with private bedroom, bath and kitchen.

Carefully consider what you decide to bring. Avoid bringing bulky furniture. The UH facilities are fully furnished with government furniture to include appliances. There are no large storage spaces available for excess household goods. Additional storage may be obtained at your own expense.

Washers and dryers are provided in communal laundry rooms. You may be authorized 25% of your JFTR/JTR for household goods shipment based on your rank or grade. Personnel who elect to ship their own furniture may do so. The government furniture will be removed upon request. The authorized storage spaces are LIMITED for small items such as small boxes, luggage etc.


NOTE: For all incoming personnel, it is imperative to have your sponsor visit the Housing Office to obtain more specific housing information for your particular need/requirements.

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