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Military Housing

Army Family Housing and Unaccompanied Personnel Housing are built by the Government of Japan (GOJ)under the Facilities Improvement Program (FIP). Sponsors and their families assigned to Camp Zama installations may be offered housing either three housing areas: Sagamihara Family Housing Area (SFHA), or Camp Zama Housing Area(CZ), Ondo Housing area is available for personnel assigned to Pier 6, Kure.

On-post family housing is normally available for all authorized personnel assigned to the installation. However, the waiting period fluctuates depending on housing availability and family size. Government quarters are authorized for military personnel in grades E-1 and above, eligible DoD civilian personnel with authorized Living Quarters Allowance (LQA),  Personnel who were authorized command sponsorship but were granted deferred travel or choose not to bring their approved concurrent travel family members, will reside in Unaccompanied Personnel Housing (UPH). Since there is adequate available on-post housing, all requests for off-post housing must be approved. Military personnel will be mandatorily assigned to on post housing. DoD civilians requesting to reside off-post, must submit an Exception to Policy (ETP) through their command and LQA approval through their Resource management Office.

Reporting Requirements 

In-processing will include preparation of a housing application form. Military personnel will not be placed on the waiting list upon arrival to the Housing Office. Military personnel must provide a copy of their DA Form 31 (Request and Authority for Leave) to determine their eligibility date for placement on the housing waiting list. Eligible DoD civilians eligibility date will be date of walk in and preparation of housing application. Civilians must have their authorized dependent travel concurrently, arrive within 30 days to Camp Zama to add their name to the waiting list and receive the walk in date for eligibility. Military personnel and civilians must report to the housing office within 2 working days of arrival to the installation.


There are two housing areas. Sponsors may be offered available housing unit(s), regardless of the area or position on the waiting list. Bedroom eligibility is based on family composition, and/or grade of sponsor. Sponsors will be offered available housing in any of the two housing areas. No consideration will be made for any specific housing area.

EFMP Housing -- Sponsors that are enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) medical condition should directly contact the Chief, Family, Housing Management or Chief, Unaccompanied Personnel Housing Management. branch for housing accomodation.

Types of Housing 

Assignments to government housing will include the high-rise, townhouses, or single dwelling units. Some The majority of
the housing inventory is wooden dwelling units built in 1951-1957. Units may be operated by MilitaryINSTALLATIONS - U.S. Department of Defense 18 Feb 2013 central system or dual split type unit air conditioners (AC/heating). The housing units built after 1994 (concrete structures) have central heating and airconditioning
systems. There are storage sheds adjacent or attached to each of the housing units for additional storage. However
there are no cellars or basements.

Furnishings and Weight Allowances

We provide "Full Tour" furnishings and appliances support. All furniture and appliances normally required for family quarters (to include baby cribs) are available for issue with the exception of TV and components, kitchen items, towels, computers etc. No King size bed or German shrunk are authorized to be shipped and no over-size furniture since space is limited. Also please do NOT bring appliances; they may not be compatible with voltage/cycle in Japan, and they are available for issue from our warehouse. All family quarters have a small storage space available. Additional storage may be obtained from the Camp Zama Community Recreation Division, Outdoor Recreation Facility at a cost to you.
You may be authorized 25% (accompanied personnel) and 25% (unaccompanied personnel) of your JFTR/JTR for household goods shipment based on your rank or grade. Therefore incoming personnel are discouraged from bringing excess personal belongings (excessive personal items such as bulky furniture, etc. will have to be stored at the occupant's expense). It is very important to visit your Transportation Office for your authorized weight allowance. It is imperative to have your sponsor visit the housing office to obtain housing information. Camp Zama is a weight restricted area.

Army Community Service (ACS) does not loan linens. You need to bring or mail a small quantity of linens goods in the event housing is available prior to receiving your hold-baggage shipment. Early shipment of hold-baggage is highly recommended to avoid any discomfort to you and your family.

Unaccompanied Personnel Housing (UPH)

UPH is very limited in space! Consider carefully what you decide to bring. The UPH facilities are fully furnished with government furniture to include refrigerators and stoves. There are no large storage spaces available for excess household goods. Additional storage may be obtained at your own expense from the Zama Outdoor Recreation Facility.

UPH is located on Camp Zama military and authorized DoD civilian personnel. UPH is also available at Akasaka Press Center (Hardy Barracks) Pier 6, Kure, and Torii Station, Okinawa for personnel assigned in those locations. Military personnel only (E6 and below) will be mandatorily assign to barracks.
There are various types of bachelor housing located on Camp Zama for officers, senior enlisted and eligible DoD civilians.
All officers and civilians with grades equivalent to GS-10 and above are authorized a Bachelor Officer Quarters (BOQ)
suite with private bath and kitchen. These quarters range in size from 340 to 460 square feet (studio to suite). All units are equipped with central heating and air conditioning. Senior enlisted personnel (grades of E-7 to E-9) and officer and civilian personnel in grades equivalent to GS-09 and below are authorized studio (smaller unit) with private bath and kitchen. The quarters are approximately 340 square feet in size (this space is limited, consider carefully what you bring). All quarters have central heating and air conditioning. Based on your grade you are either authorized a studio (340 square feet) or a suite (448 to 460 square feet).

The furniture inventory is comprised of Danish style, modern quartermaster furniture and modern appliances. Washers and dryers are provided in communal laundry rooms. You may be authorized 25% of your JFTR/JTR for household goods shipment based on your rank or grade. Personnel who elect to ship their own furniture may do so. The government furniture will be removed upon request. The storage spaces are LIMITED for small items such as small boxes, luggage etc. Avoid bringing bulky furniture,since anything that will not fit these small quarter will have to be stored at the occupant's expense. It is very important to see your transportation office for your authorized weight allowance. It's imperative to have your sponsor visit the housing office to obtain housing information. You may request to reside off-post by submitting an Exception to Policy (ETP) through your command, and if LQA approved through your Resource management Office.

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