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Motor Vehicles

Registration and licensing requirements

State laws vary when it comes to motor vehicle insurance requirements, licensing and registration. The term vehicle generally includes automobiles, motorcycles, vans, trailers and boats regularly parked or garaged overnight. Service members and their families will want to understand their state’s laws on registration and licensing before moving to a new state. Visit the Motor Vehicle Services page for links to state-specific websites.

Motor vehicle laws

State and local laws regulate the operation of motor vehicles, and these laws can vary by location. Many states regulate the following:

  • Seatbelt use
  • Child safety seats
  • Motorcycle operation
  • The use of cellphones and other digital devices while driving

Learn more about motor vehicle laws in your state at the State Laws page.

Installation Specific Information

Obtaining a SETAF Driver's License

Members of the U.S. Forces (Army, Navy, and Air Force) and the civilian component (including family members) who are assigned, attached or employed with the USASETAF Area of Responsibility are required to obtain a USASETAF Driver's License after arrival in Italy in order to operate any motor vehicles. Sponsors and family members 18 years (the legal driving age in Italy) or older must have a valid stateside or country driver's license in their possession in order to apply for a SETAF Driver's License, and it recommended that you renew your license prior to your PCS here. The application procedure requires you to:

  • complete application forms
  • attend a two-hour Drivers Orientation Course
  • pass a written test of 50 questions and 50 road signs   

Click to view the USAG Italy Driver Study Guide.

Motorcycles -- Individuals wishing to operate a motorcycle, moped or scooter during their tour must have a motorcycle endorsement or classification on their stateside or country license, possess a valid SETAF Driver's License and attend a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) course in Italy,provided by the USAG Italy Driver Testing Station. Age requirement:

  • Moped/Motorcycle up to 350cc: must be 18 years of age or older.
  • 351cc and above: must be 21 years of age or older.

International Driver's License -- Because national requirements with respect to liability insurance, customs documents and drivers licenses vary and are subject to frequent change in several European countries, it is suggested that personnel who plan to travel outside Italy obtain an international driver's license or European Union Driver's License (Italia)  and insurance green card. POV owners can obtain the green card from their insurance company. Application for an international driver's license may be made by visiting any AAA Automobile Club Office or by accessing their website.

For those who wish to have an Italian European Union (EU) License, you can visit the Vehicle Registration Office and start the process. You will need 2 passport size photos, your government ID Card, your USASETAF Driver's License, passport, and about 150 Euros.

Miles vs. Kilometers

Your speedometer may register miles per hour only while speed limits in Europe are posted in kilometers (Km) per hour. One kilometer is approximately 5/8 of a mile.  (A quick conversion formula from kilometers (kph) to miles per hour (mph) is to multiply the number of kilometers by 6 and drop the last digit of the result. To convert mph to kph, divide miles by 6 and add a zero to the results.)


Accident rates are high in Italy. Europeans have different driving laws that are important to know when driving in Italy. Safety should never be taken for granted. Always wear your seatbelt. Child safety seats are required for children under 4 years of age or 45 pounds in weight. In Italy, as in most European countries, mere negligence resulting in personal injuries or death constitutes a criminal offense, subject to prosecution under Italian Law, and punishable by fine or imprisonment. Punishments are especially severe for such offenses as improper passing, drunk driving, speeding and reckless driving.

Accidents involving injuries must be reported to police authorities immediately. Non-injury, property damage accidents must be reported within 72 hours. According to Italian Traffic Code, every driver involved in an accident that may have caused injuries or who comes upon an accident where injuries have resulted has two obligations:

  • the obligation to stop
  • the obligation to render aid to the victim, including transportation to the nearest hospital, so long as this is reasonably possible. 

Implied Consent

Any person subject to USASETAF Regulation 190-2 or holding a USASETAF driver's license issued pursuant to this regulation are understood to have given their consent to chemical test for alcohol or other drugs on their breath or in their blood or urine if lawfully stopped, apprehended, or cited for any offense allegedly committed while driving or otherwise in physical control of a motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicants.  

Any persons who refuse to consent will receive an automatic, indefinite revocation of driving privileges. Consumption of alcoholic beverages by the driver following an accident is prohibited, until initial investigation is complete and all parties have been released by authorities.

Italian Law

Italy has its own civil and penal codes. Disrespect or contempt toward an Italian police official is considered a serious offense. Italian authorities have primary jurisdiction over crimes committed off post by U.S. Forces personnel. Although the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) has specific provisions governing the exercise of criminal jurisdiction, family members and civilians should realize that while in Italy they are subject to the laws of Italy. Since family members and civilians are not subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, they can only be tried in an Italian court for most offenses.

Installation Access

Access to Caserma Ederle is restricted to valid Department of Defense (DoD) and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Identification card holders.

Registering Vehicles

Vehicles of all US/NATO personnel assigned to Italy must be registered with Armed Forces Italy (AFI) license plates. A total of three vehicles are authorized during a tour (5 years). Exceptions can be requested on a case by case. To register your POV, you must have:

  • Form AESE-190-3C (POV Registration Application)
  • proof of insurance
  • SETAF Drivers License
  • License ID Card
  • Shipping Document
  • Proof of ownership
  • Copy of orders
  • Logistical support letter
  • Funds to cover the registration fee (20 dollars and 5 euros) and applicable road tax for a second vehicle to include motorcycles.

Automobile Insurance -- Automobile insurance is mandatory. The rates for insurance vary depending upon the individual. Third party liability insurance is mandatory for all privately owned vehicles (POV). No POV will be registered or operated, to include rented or borrowed vehicles, unless it is properly covered by insurance.


Gasoline is rationed only for the primary vehicle. There is no additional fuel authorization for second or third vehicles. A valid registration and safety inspection allows personnel to purchase coupons for gasoline at a tax-free rate at the PX.

The cost of gas fluctuates, and prices are subject to change. Tax-free fuel is rationed, based on the engine size of your vehicle. A vehicle with an engine size of 1.3 to 2.8 liters is authorized 300 liters (79.25 gallons) of fuel per month. A vehicle with an engine size of over 2.8 liters is authorized 400 liters (105.6 gallons) per month. 

These prices are less than you would pay if you purchased gasoline without fuel coupons! Unleaded gasoline costs on average 1.12 Euro per liter on the local economy in the Vicenza area, which is about $5.59 per gallon at current exchange rates.


Italian law requires that bicycles be equipped with the following: a bell, two independent braking systems, yellow reflectors fitted on the pedals, a white or yellow front light, a red tail light and reflector, and a seat if small children are carried. Bicycle riders have the same rights and responsibilities as other users of the road.

Personnel transferred from other European commands

Personnel transferring from other European Commands to Italy who have a valid drivers license issued by another U.S. Military Command in Europe will surrender their license to the Driver's Testing Station with seven (7) days of arrival, they will attend the Driver's Orientation Course in lieu of taking the written test and then be issued a USASETAF Driver's license.

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