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New Parent Support Program

Navy New Parent Support Home Visitation Program

The New Parent Support Home Visitation Program is an early intervention service for families who are expecting or have one or more children under the age of 4. The program is designed to meet the needs of expectant active-duty military service members, their spouses and other dependents. It offers comprehensive early intervention services that include maternal and infant health education, parent and child bonding techniques, positive parenting practices, child development and child safety education. The New Parent Support Home Visitation Program enhances a military family's quality of life by empowering them to meet the challenges of parenthood while maintaining a military lifestyle.

Program highlights

  • Home visitation delivers parent education and coaching in the intimate setting of the participants' home.
  • The Nurturing Parenting Program uses evidence-based curriculum to promote child safety, nurturing attitudes and healthy parenting beliefs and practices.
  • Child development education helps parents establish healthy parenting practices through the understanding of child developmental stages and milestones.
  • Father Outreach Initiative supports military fathers in enhancing their knowledge of healthy parenting practices and strengthens father and child bonding during the deployment cycle.
  • Infant massage teaches parents to understand their babies' cues and learn new strategies to relieve their babies' discomfort while strengthening parent and child bonding.

Parenting can be fun! Childhood is a special time of watching a young life grow, exploring and finding excitement in many things. In this program, parents will experience fun, closeness and enjoyment in growing together. A home visitor assesses each family, so sessions can be tailor-made to fit individual interests and needs. Parents and their children receive a sequence of lessons and activities in home-based sessions. The home visitor works with each family, promoting positive parent-child relationships, improving parental knowledge and skills and fostering healthy child development. The program partners with other key community services, such as community health agencies, hospitals, social workers and educators to provide a rich and comprehensive resource base for families.

Home visitors
The Navy New Parent Support Program home visitor team includes educators with experience in maternal and infant child health, child development, OB-GYN, pediatrics or other public health professions. Home visitors have a bachelor's or equivalent degree in education, nursing, social work, marriage and family therapist or child and family-related studies, and many have additional training. All home visitors, in accordance with DODINST 1402.5 and PERS letter 1754 Ser 660/173, who have regular contact alone with children under 18, undergo a criminal background check.

All home visitors have been trained to deliver the Nurturing Parenting Program©. This program has been empirically proven to help new parents learn positive and fun strategies that make families successful. The author and creator of this program, Stephen Bavolek, Ph.D., has consulted with the Navy New Parent Support Home Visitation Program to develop materials and information relevant to today's military family. Dr. Bavolek personally teaches the Nurturing Parenting Program© philosophy and program to Navy home visitors so they can best serve military families.

Service members and their family members who are eligible to receive treatment in a military treatment facility are eligible for Navy New Parent Support Home Visitation Program services. Families with a deployed, active-duty member have priority. Every service member or family member who is expecting a child or is the parent of children between birth to age 3 can be screened and assessed for home visitation services. Families who are not eligible for home visitation services are able to participate in program-sponsored group activities at the Fleet and Family Support Center.

Getting started
Contact your local Fleet and Family Support Center to find out more about home visitation and related resources in your area. If a home visitor is available, he or she will screen your family and determine what resources would be the best fit. If a home visitor is not available, the Fleet and Family Support Center can offer information and referral resources in your community. For more information, visit the Navy New Parent Support Program Overview.

Installation Specific Information

The New Parent Support Home Visitation Program (NPSHVP) is located at 525 Farragut Ave., Suite 300, Bldg. 26, phone number 847-688-3603 ext. 116,175,176 or 177. It is designed to assist and support command readiness for service members by providing education and support to expectant and new parents and to empower them to meet the challenges of parenthood and their military lifestyle.

Services include home visits utilizing the Nurturing Parenting Curriculum, information and referral to appropriate community resources and Ages and Stages Developmental screenings and support to families of deployed service members.

Families may self-refer to NPSHVP by calling the above number or by coming to the Fleet and Family Support Center. Other referrals come from the Naval Health Clinic Great Lakes (NHCGL) Women's Health Clinic, and Pediatric Clinics, commands, and other sources. Families with new babies, children 0-3 years of age and pregnant women may volunteer for screening and assessment for parenting risks or stressors and are offered home visits and parenting education.

The specific NPSHVP goals for participant families include the following:

  1. Promote healthy family functioning and positive parent-child interactions.
  2. Enhance parent's skills in coping with the challenges of parenting and military life.
  3. Increase parents' awareness of positive parenting.
  4. Increase parents' knowledge of child development.
  5. Promote healthy childhood growth and development.
  6. Increase parents' coping skills regarding the addition of a new child to the family.
  7. Improve prenatal care through referral services and health-related education.
  8. Increase parents' awareness of and access to military and civilian community resources.
  9. Reduce the incidence of child abuse and neglect through home-based supportive education.

Navy Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS)

The Navy Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) located at 525A Farragut Ave., Suite 300, Bldg. 26, Great Lakes, phone number 847-688-6830, sponsors the Budget for Baby Classes and gives Baby's their first sea bag. A visiting nurse makes new baby visits to weigh the baby and assist with breastfeeding and health issues. NMCRS maintains an on base Thrift Store.

James A. Lowell Federal Health Care Center (FHCC)

The James A. Lowell Federal Health Care Center (FHCC)  has a clinic for pediatric services located at 3001 A Sixth St. building 200H, Great Lakes, phone number 847-688-3583, and provides well baby exams, sick care, breastfeeding classes and Warmline, lactation consultant, immunizations, and case management services. 

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