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Temporary Housing

Temporary Lodging

Navy Specific Information


Navy Visitors Quarters (VQ) facilities are for authorized military, DoD civilians and contractors on official travel orders. Active duty military on leave and their dependents and retirees may stay on a space available basis.

Making Reservations

For Navy-funded travel, the official Navy's travel policy requires personnel to obtain all travel arrangements through their local servicing Commercial Travel Office (CTO) whenever possible. If a traveler only requires VQ reservations (no commercial air needed), please call SATO's Navy Central Housing Reservations Desk at 1-800-576-9327.

Reservists not supported by a local Commercial Travel Office should call the SATO desk in New Orleans at 1-800-576-9327 during normal business hours.

For other travelers, such as contractors on Invitational Travel Orders (ITO), Non-appropriated Fund personnel and official travelers from other services, please call our reservations office, Navy Gateways at 808-428-2603 or 808-428-2604.

TLA rates are based upon the member's status, single/married, and number/age of family members.

Travel Space Available

Military travelers not on official TDY orders and retirees may be lodged on a space available basis. Reservation requests for Space "A" travelers is being accepted on a limited basis and will be placed on a waiting list. At five working days in advance of guest arrival, occupancy will be projected to ensure that sufficient space is available. If so, reservations will then be offered for a length of stay not to exceed seven days. The reservation may be extended for one additional week if subsequent occupancy projections allow.

American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Rooms

Many of our VQ facilities offer rooms that meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Please ensure special needs are identified when making reservations.

Navy Lodge reservations are accepted for all eligible personnel on an as-received basis. Official guests and visitors of the command may stay at Navy Lodges. Reservations are to be made by and guaranteed by the sponsor. Family members, staying at Navy Lodges without the military member, are required to show their identification at check-in. Guests of military personnel may stay at Navy Lodges provided the military member is present at check-in. Once a reservation is made it will be firm and you cannot be bumped. Reservations and room assignments are made without regard to rank or rate, or time of reservations. The Navy Lodge will take pets on a very limited basis.  When making your reservations make sure you specify you will have a pet.  Personnel on PCS orders will have priority. Please make reservations at 1-800-NAVY-INN or online

Geographic Bachelors (GB)

GB barracks spaces are not readily available at JBPHH.  Consideration of GB requests is reviewed on a case-by-case basis as Priority 3, space available only.  Service member anticipating becoming a GB are encouraged to contact UH GB coordinator at 808-473-1203 for further guidance. Personnel requesting GB status must submit a request in advance and meet all of the following criteria:

a. Must be assigned as permanent party, i.e., Navy and Air Force personnel assigned to a shore command attached to JBPHH, a submarine or surface ship in their homeport, sea duty component of a deployable unit (e.g., air squadrons / detachments, Seabee battalions, etc.)

b. Receives BAH “with dependents” rate to include service member paying child support or solely have a dependent child or parent. Must provide proof of custody.

c. Have PCS orders that allow for the transfer of dependents at government expense.

d. Dependents live outside the host command’s geographic area or are not currently on island.


As a premier vacation destination, Hawaii has many hotels in addition to the VQs and the Navy Lodge. However, it is advisable that you make your lodging reservations well in advance. Lodging is usually plentiful except during the high tourist seasons (December-March and May-August). If staying in a civilian hotel specify that you will be using TLA when making your reservations, this rate is different from the "government" rate. Few hotels allow pets. If you plan on bringing your pet, please ensure the hotel will take pets before arrival. Accommodations must be TLA Approved order to be reimbursed. NOTE: It is strongly recommended you check with NGIS and the Navy Lodge for availability first - TLA reimbursement for a more expensive commercial facility will be capped to the cost of those facilities if they were available at time of stay and you did not get a written Certificate or Statement of Non-availability at time of booking.
The Navy Lodge on Ford Island is also available and will take pets on a limited basis. When making your reservations make sure you specify you will have a pet.  Personnel on PCS orders will have priority. Please make reservations at 1-800-NAVY-INN or visit their website. MWR offers pet boarding close to base. Contact them at 808-368-3456 for more information or to make reservations.

Pet Policy

Currently there are 17 hotels in Hawaii that will accept pets, the majority have size limits of 20 pounds, maximum listed is 70 and most limit to one animal. Each hotel has their own rules/policies/requirements, accordingly, individuals will need to contact each hotel for their information.

Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA)

Navy Specific Information

The purpose of the Temporary Lodging Allowance is to partially reimburse a service member for the high cost of hotels and restaurants upon arrival at a permanent duty station pending moving into your new home. TLA is an OCONUS specific reimbursement program whereas the CONUS program is called Temporary Lodging Expense (TLE). TLE duration is a simple no more than 10 days between duty stations; this regardless how long it takes to locate and move into a new home. TLA can be authorized up to 60 days and for this reason, along with high cost areas typical for OCONUS TLA, is a large expense to the Armed Services. The Joint Federal Travel Regulations (JFTR) 9150-9157 provides the detailed information and specifically states that all levels are to: "(1) preclude the need for TLA, (2) Shorten the authorized period, and (3) Reduce the amount payable" Here in Hawaii TLA is terminated the sooner of: day prior to moving into a home, when a member is found deficient in home finding efforts, local Installation Commander written guidance and limitations or 60 days. TLA is authorized in 10 day/Navy -15 day/Air Force increments and is a reimbursable expense processed through PSD/Finance. This means you must be prepared to pay your lodging bill every 10 days/Navy -15 days/Air Force before placing a claim with PSD/Finance; you need to come prepared to have a means to pay your bill. TLA reimbursement is based on a combination of factors such as number of dependents, ages of the children, if lodging has minimum cooking amenities and if NGIS or Navy Lodge was available if staying in a commercial facility. Please contact PSD/Finance for current & accurate authorizations and values. Most hotels in Hawaii are familiar with TLA; you must specify you will be on TLA when you make your reservation.


Navy Specific Information

The MWR Travel Connections office is available to assist you with inbound and outbound TLA arrangements. You may contact them at 808-422-0139, Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. The office is closed on Sunday.

If you choose a hotel with adequate kitchen facilities, your Meals, Incidentals & Expenses dollar amount will be reduced by 50%. Be sure to ask before confirming any reservations.

Temporary Lodging Facility

Air Force Specific Information

The Navy Lodge located on Ford Island and the NGIS Royal Alakai (billeting) located on Hickam Field, Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam, are  lodging facilities appropriate for families; please call 1-800-628-9466, 808-440-2290 for the Navy Lodge and 808-448-5962/5961/5963/5974/5975 or 315-448-5962/5961/5963/5974/5975 for NGIS to make a reservation or E-Mail Address: Your reservation is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation number. If on-base billeting is unavailable, secure a non-availability letter from the Navy Lodge prior to making a reservation at a commercial hotel.


The NGIS Royal Alakai offers TV's, microwaves, coffee service, room service, a conference room, data ports, business suites, family suites, cable and a convenient location.


NGIS Royal Alakai customers consist of active duty TDY and PCS personnel, hospital patients, Air Guard, reservists and retired personnel on leisure travel and their respective family members.

Temporary Lodging Allowance

Upon arrival (within 72 business hours), ALL active duty personnel (except dorm residents) must report in person to the Housing Management Office (HMO) (DSN 315-488-6887/0856 or COM: 808-448-0856/6887) to initiate your TLA even if there is no desire to reside on the installation. The HMO office will process your TLA documents in 15-day increments. You must pay for your meals and lodging in advance (you are authorized to use your Government Travel Card) and will be reimbursed on your 1st of the month or mid-month pay check. The HMO office will explain the entire process, documents required and when you can expect your payment during your initial TLA briefing. The office is located at 200 Kokomalei Street.

The purpose of the Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) is to partially reimburse some of the hotel and restaurant expenses while awaiting privatized housing on Hickam, Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam or locating permanent civilian housing off base. TLA is not automatically granted!! A TLA representative at the housing office will explain requirements to establish entitlements while you locate adequate housing. Family members must be command-sponsored in accordance with JFTR (Joint Travel Regulation) Chapter 9 to receive entitlements for TLA. Be sure to confirm the maximum amount allowed for TLA. See Temporary Lodging Facility above for further information.

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