Navy Housing Services Center (HSC) - Navy
Navy Aloha Center
4825 Bougainville Drive
Bldg 2652, Navy Aloha Center
Honolulu, HI 96818-3174

Phone 808-474-1820 / 808-474-1821
Phone (DSN) 315-474-1820/1821
Fax 808-474-1822
Fax (DSN) 315-474-1822

Mon – Fri: 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Sat/Sun and Holidays - Closed

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Government Housing

Military Housing

Navy Specific Information

Throughout Oahu what was Military or Government housing is now Privatized Housing.


Family Housing Units by Rank:

  • O7-O10 -- 17 units
  • O6 -- 80 units
  • O4-O5 - 253 units
  • O1-O3 - 310 units
  • E7-E9 - 663 units
  • E1-E6 -- 3189 units
  • Total -- 4,512 units

For more information, please contact the Navy Housing Services Center (HSC) at the Navy Aloha Center at 808-474-1820/1821 or DSN 315-474-1820/1821.


All active duty assigned to Oahu/Kauai are eligible to apply for Navy PPV Housing.

Priority for placement on waiting list and offer is as follows:

Priority 1: K&E, including Command/Billet Quarters IAW current CNRH K&E Instruction & newly arriving EFMP Category IV or V who otherwise would be Priority 2.

Priority 2: Service Members assigned or attached for duty at Navy Commands located on Navy Region Hawaii installations on Oahu and Kauai. If assigned to JBPHH, those serviced by PSD. This includes Priority 2 residents already living in FCRM homes desiring relocation to another FCRM home due to an increase in family size or change in rank category.

Priority 3: Service Members serviced by the 647th FSS; and members of other Services assigned to joint or tenant units on Navy property. This category includes Priority 3 residents already living in FCRM homes desiring relocation to another FCRM home due to an increase in family size or change in rank category.

Priority 4: Members assigned to other Service Installations on Oahu and Kauai, to include Navy personnel assigned to Marine Corps Base Kaneohe.

Priority 5: Active Guard and Reserve Personnel on active duty under Title 32 U.S.C.

Priority 6: Unaccompanied Service members assigned or attached for duty at Navy Commands located on Navy Region Hawaii Installations on Oahu and Kauai; to include all members assigned or attached for duty to JBPHH.

Priority 7: Unaccompanied Service members assigned to other Service Installations on Oahu and Kauai; to include Navy assigned Marine Corps Base Kaneohe.

The HSC hours of operation are Monday - Friday from 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

PPV quality standards and amenities are comparable to what the private sector builds, renovates or operates for civilians with the same overall income ranges in the community. PPV is different from traditional military construction in that PPV homes are built quicker and are generally more spacious. Service member receive basic allowance for housing (BAH) and pay rent directly to the PPV Partner who is the Landlord.

Application Procedures

The Housing Early Application Tool (HEAT), HEAT (Housing Early Application Tool) is available on the CNIC website and is an on-line tool to help facilitate submitting a request for housing information; follow instructions to start initial process.

The Navy Housing Services Center (HSC), at the Navy Aloha Center, is located at 4825 Bougainville, Bldg.2652, Honolulu, HI 96818. They can be reached at 808-474-1820/1821.

The Navy Housing Services Center (HSC), Navy Aloha Center, has made it possible for you to schedule an appointment up to 30 days in advance of arrival; please call: 808-474-1820/1821 (for DSN access, dial 315 and then the last 7 digits). If the receptionist is busy helping others, you will have the option of leaving a voice mail message. Please speak clearly and leave your name and phone number in order for us to return your call.

You are encouraged to complete a Housing Application DD Form 1746 prior to your arrival and include a copy of your Permanent Change of Station orders and your Page 2, "Record of Emergency Data/ Dependency Application". Due to Security restrictions, applications cannot be saved as attachment and submitted via email; a secure method of sending is via AMRDEC SAFE ACCESS. Priority 1 & 2 applicants, your eligibility date for government housing is based on the date you detach from your last permanent duty station, Priority 3-7 is date of HSC housing appointment.


Since the Navy housing has now been privatized; after checking in at the Housing Services Center office, you will be referred to the Public Private Venture (PPV) contractor, Hunt Companies, Inc . Navy Housing Services Center (HSC) manages the waitlist and Ohana Military Communities housing manages the property. You will sign a lease with Ohana Military Communities .

EFMP Priority -- If you are enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) inform the housing officials, as your assignment may be handled with priority.

TLA --You must check into housing within 72 hours of your arrival in order to initiate Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) entitlements; this is even if you have found a place to rent, plan to stay with friends, already own or are purchasing a home. Seventy-two (72) hours are work days, excluding weekends and holidays.

Housing Amenities -- Privatized housing is equipped with dishwasher (built in or portable), refrigerator and stove. Majority of homes have air conditioning. Details of amenities for each housing area are available at Ohana Military Communities website.

Single Service Member Housing

Navy Specific Information


There are 3,600 units available for Single Service members, E1-E4.

JBPHH Unaccompanied Housing manages and operates Permanent Party Barracks and Dorms on Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam and Wahiawa Annex. The Navy Hawaii UH is one of the Navy's largest operations for unaccompanied.

Eligibility and Application Procedures

Unaccompanied Housing is no longer processing Single TLA for Paid E5 and above.  All TLA services are provided by the Housing Services Center located at 4825 Bougainville Drive, Honolulu, HI 96818.   Married service members and Single (Navy) Paid E5 and above must check-in to the Housing Services Center within 72 hours of arriving on Island.   Call 808-474-1820/1821 in advance to schedule an appointment.

Paid E5 and above will continue to check-in with Unaccompanied Housing at Gabrunas Hall (Bldg. 1323) within 72 hours of arriving on island to process their BAH. Unaccompanied Navy E1-E4 sea duty and shore/rotational duty and Air Force E1-E4 less than three YOS, will reside in Unaccompanied Housing barracks.

E4 and junior service members currently receiving single BAH prior to reporting to Hawaii are encouraged to contact JBPHH UH before execution of their transfer orders at 808-473-1203. Member will not be authorized to continue to receive single BAH and will be provided a barracks room upon arrival.   It is recommended service member place their household goods in Non-temporary storage at their current duty station. Storage will be charged to member’s PCS orders line of accounting.

Geographic Bachelors (GB)

GB barracks spaces are not readily available at JBPHH.  Consideration of GB requests is reviewed on a case-by-case basis as Priority 3, space available only.  Service member anticipating becoming a GB are encouraged to contact UH GB coordinator at 808-473-1203 for further guidance. Personnel requesting GB status must submit a request in advance and meet all of the following criteria:

a. Must be assigned as permanent party, i.e., Navy and Air Force personnel assigned to a shore command attached to JBPHH, a submarine or surface ship in their homeport, sea duty component of a deployable unit (e.g., air squadrons / detachments, Seabee battalions, etc.)

b. Receives BAH “with dependents” rate to include service member paying child support or solely have a dependent child or parent. Must provide proof of custody.

c. Have PCS orders that allow for the transfer of dependents at government expense.

d. Dependents live outside the host command’s geographic area or are not currently on island.

Military Housing

Air Force Specific Information

Visit the Air Force Housing website to find your new home with the Air Force. This website serves as a one-stop shop for Airmen and families to obtain information about the housing options and support services available to them at Air Force bases world-wide.

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