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Child Care

Child Development Center (CDC)


CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTERS (CDCs): Our Child Development Centers are located on both the island of Oahu and the island of Kauai. On Oahu there are eight (7) CDC's, two (2) School Age Care (SAC) locations, one (1) 24/7 Group Child Care Home and approximately 6 individual certified CYP certified Child Development Homes. On Kauai there is one (1) CDC and one (1) School Age Care program located on PMRF. The CDC's care for children ages six weeks to Pre-Kindergarten and the School Age Care facilities care for children five years (school age) to 12. These centers are designed to be a home away from home for children of working parents while providing a safe, healthy learning environment where children ages infant (six weeks) to five years can discover, explore and learn about the world around them. Our Creative Curriculum is used to promote each child's physical, cognitive, social, emotional and language development. All facilities provide full day child care, and if available hourly care. School Age Care facilities offer before and after school options during the school year and full day programs during school breaks and summer. Hourly care is available at all facilities on a space available basis. Eligibility requirements are for Wounded Warriors, Active Duty, Activated Guard and Reserve, Federal DoD Employees and this is captured upon registration on Military Childcare, Military which is the official DoD website to register for all types of child care anywhere in the world.

Our Centers are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and meet the highest quality of early childhood program standards and criteria. Our staff is certified in Red Cross CPR and First Aid, as well as trained in Developmentally Appropriate Practices and activities for children between 6 weeks and 18 years of age. Staff members are trained in accordance with the highest DoD standardized module training program. Our philosophy is that children learn through play. Our primary goal is to provide a safe, healthy, caring and learning environment that encourages positive growth of the child.

Preschool Program

The Navy Preschool Program: This Program, integrated within the CDC Program, is designed to prepare your child for the coming school years. Individual observations are documented and activities are planned to guide each preschool age child’s development. Curriculum and daily structure will equip your child with the basic academics and skills to enhance school readiness. These skills include self-control and regulation, following directions, group socialization, and working on individual and group projects. Experiences are provided daily that develop and provide opportunities to practice skills in math, language, writing, motor development and socialization.

To attend public school kindergarten in the state of Hawaii, children must turn/be five years of age on or before 30 July of the year they start school. All military connected children who turn five years of age after July 31 are eligible to enrolled in the CDC Navy Preschool Programs. If the child transitions in the middle of the school year and has already begun Kindergarten at their prior installation, they are eligible to enroll in Hawaii Public Kindergarten upon arrival. Please contact the CYP Navy School Liaison upon your arrival for all school related concerns and questions.

24/7 Group Child Care Home

This Program provides parents 24/7 child care, if they support shift work or weekend schedules. Parents must provide proof of scheduling prior to enrollment. The Program is set in an actual house, and provides a home-like environment, giving children a comfortable care enviroment for all ages eligible for CYP Programs.

School Age Care (SAC)

School-Age Care: Our School-Age facilities provide care for school-age children before and after school as well as non-federal holidays and provide daily camps during all public school breaks. They also provide drop-in care on a space-available basis.

Within our program children have 10 different interest areas to choose from. Each interest area has a counselor-guided weekly activity plan that the children can choose to participate in. During summers and school breaks, full-day interactive camps include a variety of field trips, outings, long term projects and guest presentations.

Child Development Homes (CDH)

Child Development Homes: Our Child Development Homes program provides high quality childcare through a network of certified home providers living in any Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam housing area. Home providers offer care and developmentally appropriate activities for children ages six weeks to 12 years in a home atmosphere. Hours are flexible to meet parents' needs. Programs include full time, part time, drop-in, evening, overnight and weekend care. CDH programs are limited to a maximum of six (6) children.

Youth Sports & Fitness Program (YSF)

The YSF program offers skill building, team sports and leagues for all ages of children, based on developmentally appropriate practices. Children ages 3-5 are included in the Smart Start program building skills and having fun with a variety of sports and fitness activities. Elementary age children are included in multiple opportunities to register and participate in team sports throughout the year. Middle and High School youth may participate in League sports play in baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, and flag football. Both single sex and co-ed teams are offered, depending on the sport and the local demand.

During the summer, Sports Clinics provide opportunities for all youth ages 5-18 to participate in a variety of interesting, challenging and fun programs.

Instructional Classes such as guitar, piano, music reading/composition, ballet, dance, Tai Kwon Do and gymnastics are also available through Youth Sports and Fitness.

Registration Process (Waiting List)

To register for any of the Child Development Centers', School Age Care or Child Development Homes waitlist for full day/part day care go to Military Child Care to set up a request and family account. For more information and to learn about all CNRH CYP Programs visit the website or call 808-473-0725 and speak to the CYP Program Office.

Hours of operation for most CDC's and School Age Care - Monday - Friday 5:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Hours of operation for the 24/7 Group Home, Kid's Cove - Seven Days a Week - 24/7 Hours for Child Development Homes - Caregivers provide hours to clients once enrolled


Give Parents a Break: Military families are subject to unique stressors associated with military life, including deployments, remote tours of duty, and extended working hours. The Navy Child & Youth Programs (CYP) "Give Parents a Break (GPAB)" program is in place to support both Air Force and Navy family members support in order to allow parents a time to meet personal needs. The GPAB program is designed to standardize referral for this respite care at all installations operating CYP programs. Spaces support referrals from agencies across the installation such as MFSC, Ombudsman, First Sergeants/CMC’s, chaplain’s, medical professionals. For more information, call the CYP Program office at 808-473-0725.

CNRH CDC/SAC locations and phone numbers

Center Drive CDC 808-471-1978 B930 Center Dr JBPHH HI 96860
Ford Island CDC 808-472-0262 B570 O'Kane Blvd FI JBPHH HI 96860
Main CDC 808-449-9980 B1597 Liliwai St JBPHH HI 96860
Pier Side CDC 808-473-3037 B1655 Bole St JBPHH HI 96860
Peltier/NOAA CDC 808-471-9336 B1928 520 Peltier Ave Honolulu HI 96817
Wahiawa 808-653-5305 NCTAMS 2363 Center St Wahiawa HI 96786
West CDC 808-449-5230 170 Kuntz Ave JBPHH 96860
Kids' Cove 24/7 808-421-0989 320 Center Dr Honolulu HI 96818
SAC Catlin 808-421-1556 4655 Catlin Dr Honolulu HI 96818
SAC Hickam 808-448-4396 70 Alula Pl JBPHH 96860
CDH Program 808-471-8445 B1925530 Peltier Ave Honolulu, HI 96818
Youth Programs 808-473-0789 B161 915 North St JPBHH 96860
PMRF CDC/SAC/YTH 808-335-4453 1283 Tartar Dr PMRF Kekaha HI 96752

Armed Services YMCA (ASYMCA) Play morning

The Armed Services YMCA play morning provides learning readiness activities for children ages 0-5. Parents and children have fun learning together through free play, crafts and circle time. Play morning is hosted at the YMCA complex and is available for a very small fee. For more information please call ASYMCA Honolulu at (808) 473-3398 or visit us online. For children with special needs, please contact the Exceptional Family Member Program at the Military and Family Support Center at 808-474-1999, DSN 315-474-1999.

Armed Services YMCA

The Armed Services YMCA (ASYMCA) of Honolulu provides innovative and quality social, educational and recreational programs to meet the needs of military service members and their families in the state of Hawaii.

The ASYMCA is committed to strengthening military families, supporting healthy lifestyles, reducing isolation and linking service members and their families to the community. We are honored to provide low cost specialized programs and support services to military members and their families with a particular focus on junior enlisted. For more information about programs please call (808) 473-3398.

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