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Health Care/Special Needs

Military treatment facilities

The clinics and services available at military treatment facilities vary by location. Before you move, identify the military treatment facility that will serve you, visit its website to learn about the services available and get contact information.

Moving to a new TRICARE region

If you anticipate a move to another TRICARE region, learn the steps you should take to make sure your transition is as smooth as possible by visiting Moving. On arrival at the new duty location, you or your sponsor can contact the Beneficiary Counseling and Assistance Coordinator, or BCAC, at the military treatment facility if you have questions or need assistance to obtain authorizations for TRICARE Extended Care Health Option services, if applicable.

Beneficiary counseling and assistance coordinator

All TRICARE regional offices and most military treatment facilities are staffed with beneficiary counseling and assistance coordinators, or BCAC, who can provide help with understanding your health care benefit and guidance on getting the services needed. If you or your family member has more severe needs, contact your TRICARE case manager.

Case management

Case management involves a team of health care professionals who help you and your family find solutions to complex health problems. It is important to inform your case manager if you are moving as he or she will connect you with the case manager at your new location.

Extended Care Health Option

The Extended Care Health Option provides financial assistance to beneficiaries of active-duty service members who qualify based on specific mental or physical disabilities. The Extended Care Health Option offers an integrated set of services and supplies beyond the basic TRICARE program. Regional contractors in each of the TRICARE regions and overseas administer the program.

Transporting medical equipment

Contact your installation’s household goods/transportation office for information on special procedures for the transportation of medical equipment.

Federal and state health care programs

Medicaid provides health coverage for individuals and families with low incomes or have a disability. The department of social services or the department of medical assistance may administer the Medicaid program in your state. Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, is a cash assistance program intended to meet basic needs for disabled adults and children who have limited resources. Families must reapply after moving to a new state.

Many states offer services for children with special health care needs funded by the Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant, or Title V. State departments of health websites and local health departments can provide information on state health benefits. The Maternal and Child Health Bureau website has more information, including state points of contact.

Other important resources

TRICARE debt collection assistance officers, or DCAO, are assigned to regional offices and military treatment facilities worldwide and can help beneficiaries understand and get assistance with debt collection issues related to TRICARE.

Installation Specific Information

If you have a family member with special needs, then you must enroll with the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Representative at your installation's medical treatment facility.

Special Needs and EFM issues are the responsibility of the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Representative at the Family Advocacy located with Life Skills of 36th Medical Operations, 36th Medical Group, Andersen AFB.

Individuals with special needs have to be screened prior to PCSing to Guam. This is a mandatory Air Force program. Medical, educational, and dental records will be reviewed prior to approval of the PCS move.

Starting on January 2006, Andersen AFB will be a 36 months long tour for accompanied military sponsor and 24 months for a single or unaccompanied military member.

EFMP allows the assignment of airmen to valid manning requirements where suitable medical, educational, or other resources are available to treat the family member. It provides special assignment consideration to AF members who have a spouse, child, or dependent adult with medical conditions requiring prolonged hospitalization or out-patient treatment.

The initial reassignment or deferment is to establish a treatment program. If subsequently selected for a CONUS assignment, the local EFMP officer verifies availability of adequate facilities to meet the family member's needs. If unavailable, the member requests assignment be changed to a location where appropriate care is available for the dependent.

If subsequently selected for a long-tour overseas location, regardless of volunteer status, and dependent travel is delayed due to a lack of special educational services (SES) or medically related services (MRS), AFPC can provide a diversion to a MAJCOM/SG pinpointed location. If a pinpointed assignment cannot be provided, then the assignment may be canceled.

If subsequently selected for long-tour overseas location as a non-volunteer where adequate general medical services (GMS) do not exist, the member may apply for short tour to avoid disrupting EFMP and minimize family separation. If no short-tour requirements exist, member must serve the all-others tour length. Member can request an assignment back to the same location upon return from overseas to continue an a volunteer to exchange assignments. Once approved, the participating individuals pay for all expenses involved and travel time is charged as leave.

Refer to the "Getting Started on Your Move" within the home page of Andersen AFB (initial page).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Special Needs Identification & Assignment Coordination Program (SNIACP) services are a constantly moving target on Guam. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that military members with SNIACP concerns never rely on advice or information gathered outside SNIACP channels.

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