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Family Center

Programs and Services

Military and Family Support Centers are part of the network of agencies, programs, services and partnerships which supports the overall well-being of military families. Military and Family Support Centers provide information, education and support programs to help balance the demands of military life. The Military and Family Support Center should be one of your first stops once you arrive at a new installation to connect with key programs, services and support systems. Programs and services may vary across services and installations.

  • Deployment support provides information, education and support to assist you and your family during all phases of the deployment cycle.
  • Relocation assistance provides an array of services during the relocation process to meet your moving needs.
  • Personal financial management provides information, education and one-on-one financial counseling to assist you and your family in maintaining your financial readiness.
  • Employment assistance offers comprehensive information, tools and resources to support career exploration, training and licensing, and employment readiness.
  • Family life education provides information and education to assist you and your family in developing resilience skills that can help as you navigate your mobile military lives.
  • Information and referral can assist you in identifying and clarifying needs to determine appropriate forms of assistance and in locating services and programs available both on and off your installation.
  • The Transition Assistance Program prepares separating, retiring and demobilizing service members (and their families) with the information, skills and knowledge necessary for a successful transition from military to civilian life. The first step in your transition process is to complete the congressionally mandated pre-separation counseling session, which furnishes detailed information on the various benefits and services available.

Military and Family Support Centers may provide other programs, such as the Exceptional Family Member Program, Family Advocacy Program and the New Parent Support Program. These services vary by location. Find your specific center by visiting MilitaryINSTALLATIONS and searching by installation or postal code.

Installation Specific Information

Army Community Service assists Soldiers and Families in maintaining readiness by coordinating and delivering comprehensive, responsive services that promote self-reliance, resiliency, and stability. The USAG Bavaria Army Community Service Centers offer the following services:

Army Family Action Plan -- The AFAP program seeks your input for the most significant issues affecting the quality of life of Soldiers, their Families, retirees and Department of the Army (DA) Civilians. You identify the issue, who it affects and how you think it should change. Your issues will be brought to leadership who will work towards resolution. Some of AFAP success stories are: BOSS Program, full-day kindergarten, dental coverage.

Army Family Team Building -- AFTB will help you survive and thrive in the Army and will guide you in becoming a leader in your community, Family and personal life. There are three levels of courses, each designed to empower you through the journey of Army living.

Army Volunteer Corps -- You can make a huge difference in the community by volunteering! Our garrison offers many volunteer opportunities that will increase your knowledge of resources, provide you additional resume experience, and assist you in networking! We ensure that our volunteers are appreciated and recognized with annual ceremonies.

Employment Readiness -- We know it is not easy to seek employment, but our program can assist you in resume writing, interview skills and step by step instructions on how to submit your resume online. Email us to be added to our Job Newsletter and be informed of all the available positions on the garrison.

Exceptional Family Member Program -- EFMP is a mandatory enrollment program that works with military and civilian agencies to provide comprehensive and community support, housing, and educational, medical, and personnel services to Families with special needs. EFMP diagnoses range from asthma, attention deficit disorder, developmental disorder, to allergic rhinitis and much more. Our EFMP ensures that adults and children have appropriate support, to include monthly activities such as free bowling, movie bash, roundtable conversations, benefits workshop and more. We also offer Respite Care Provider Training, allowing you to make an income by helping Families in need.

Family Advocacy Program -- Our FAP’s mission is to support the foundations of Family well-being in order to strengthen Soldiers and Families, promote child safety, and prevent spouse and child abuse and neglect. FAP takes a step further in preventing and ensuring a healthy living by offering Stress Management classes, Couples’ communication and Parent and Child communication classes. We also offer training as Emergency Placement Care Providers so you can always help the children in our community who are in imminent danger.

Part of the FAP team is also the New Parent Support Program. This program is designed for parents of newborns to age three. Playgroups, Networks, Great Expectations, Hospital Tours and Home Visits are just many of the services offered.

Financial Readiness -- Our Financial program offers education, counseling and support services to assist Soldiers and their Families with their financial affairs, including living within their means and investing for the future. We also offer a variety of investment courses as well as Home Buying Seminars, and Money Management classes.

Part of our Financial Team is the Army Emergency Relief program. We assist Soldiers and Families when a financial emergency arises. We also offer scholarships for Family Members.

Information & Referral -- This is the place to come to if you have general questions about the USAG Bavaria, as well as the surrounding area. Our helpful and friendly staff will give you all the information you need to find your way around the area, and will refer you to the right offices for any help that you may need. We offer free fax and digital scan services and free coupons.

Mobilization & Deployment -- Our Mobilization & Deployment program educates Soldiers and Families on how to manage the deployment cycle, the available resources, and how to become Army Ready. We provide training for the Family Readiness Groups and Command Team, as well as conduct reintegration for when our troops return home. We prepare all Soldiers and Families with proactive education that enhances resiliency and well-being. 

Relocation Readiness -- Moving to a new location is never easy. Our Relocation Readiness can ease the transition for you. Our program is designed to assist with transfers and relocations throughout your tour cycle. We offer Newcomers Orientation to get you accustomed to the cultural differences, pre-moving assistance and planning. In addition, we have programs catered to our International Spouses, and Spouses of Deployed Soldiers.

To alleviate your stress during transition, we also offer the Lending Closet. You can borrow basic kitchen items, baby items and other household necessities, whether you are inbound or outbound.

Survivor Outreach Services -- Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences anyone can go through. Your SOS will ensure that you are connected with people who can help you move forward and find strength. We offer one-on-one benefits and financial counseling as well as improve the responsiveness and streamline the assistance process for you. You are not alone!

Associated Links

Military OneSource
Provides access to 24/7 counseling, information and referral for service families, and if relocating, search for Culture Grams that can provide useful information about your new duty location.

Army OneSource
Comprehensive information on all Army Community Services and QOL support.

United States Army Recruiting Command Soldier and Family Assistance Programs
Public web site for all Army recruiting command needs.

Army Installation Management Command
Link is helpful in order to gain information about local and Army-wide initiatives.

Army Reserves
Information on the Army Reserve as a career.

Department of Defense-sponsored website for kids impacted by the deployment of parents and caregivers.

USA4 Military Families
Seeks to engage and educate state policymakers, not-for-profit associations, concerned business interests, and other state leaders about the needs of military members and their families.

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