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Emergency Assistance

Planning for Emergencies

Important Documents/Hand Carry

Even a well-planned move can encounter emergencies. Be sure not to pack important documents in your household goods. Be sure to keep all important papers on hand. Make sure you have important information such as the Staff Duty Officer, your Command Duty Office, and your sponsor's phone number. Your sponsor can be invaluable in case of an emergency while in transit.

American Red Cross

In case of an emergency, you can contact the local American Red Cross (ARC) which is a vital link to families around the world. ARC offers emergency services to the military community. Contact the nearest chapter with following information available: Soldier's full name, Social Security Number, name or location of installation assigned to, address and phone numbers of soldier. Provide the completed ARC Family contact card (Form 5651) to your families.

Army Emergency Relief (AER)

AER is another resource that can be used in case of an emergency. AER is a nonprofit organization. AER can provide financial assistance to meet unforeseen required travel and maintenance related expenses such as transportation, lodging or food, when applicable due to extraordinary costs involved with permanent change of station (PCS). Army Emergency Relief (AER) provides financial assistance to eligible soldiers and their dependents. The primary mission is to provide financial assistance to Army members, (active and retired), family members, widows and orphans in times of valid emergency needs. AER's Education Assistance Program is a secondary mission to help army families with the cost of undergraduate level education.

Assistance can be provided for the following circumstances:

  • non-receipt of pay or allowances
  • lack of basic necessities (like food)
  • payments for initial rent, to prevent eviction; mortgage payments, foreclosure or utilities
  • travel expenses for emergency leave; loss or theft of pay; funeral expenses
  • essential POV repairs or payments
  • medically authorized convalescent leave
  • extraordinary PCS costs
  • required down payments for medical services, equipment and supplies if the provider will not accept down payments.

Who is Eligible to Apply to AER

  • Active duty soldiers, single or married, and their dependents.
  • ARNG and USAR soldiers on continuous active duty for more than thirty (30) days and dependents.
  • Soldiers retired from active duty for longevity or physical disability and their dependents.
  • ARNG and USAR soldiers who retired at age sixty (60) and their dependents.
  • Surviving spouses and orphans of soldiers who died while on active duty or after they retired.

Financial Assistance/How to apply

AER can help with emergency financial needs for food, rent, utilities, emergency transportation and vehicle repair, funeral expenses, medical/dental expenses, and personal needs when pay is delayed or stolen. Assistance is given in the form of an interest-free loan, grant, or part loan and part grant. To receive AER assistance, first see your unit commander then contact the AER office for an appointment.

If an Army installation is not close by, you may contact any of the services' emergency organizations for help. They will in turn contact HQ AER and, upon approval, provide the needed assistance.

For more information, visit the Army Emergency Relief website

Passport/Visa Problems

If service member encounters problems such as passport and visa problems, they can contact ATAC.


Tower Barracks (Grafenwoehr) and Rose Barracks (Vilseck)

Military Police
DSN 114
CIV 09641-83-114 (Tower Barracks) Graf
CIV 09662-83-114 (Rose Barracks) Vilseck

Fire Department
DSN 117
CIV 09641-83-117 (Tower Barracks)
CIV 09662-83-117 (Rose Barracks)

DSN 116
CIV 09641-83-116 (Tower Barracks)
CIV 09662-83-116 (Rose Barracks)

American Red Cross (Also for AER Emergencies) 1-877-272-7337

Host Nation Police
DSN 110
CIV 09641-83-110 (Tower Barracks)
CIV 09662-83-110 (Rose Barracks)

Host Nation Fire Dept.
DSN 112
CIV 09641-83-112 (Tower Barracks)
CIV 09662-83-112 (Rose Barracks)

Host Nation Ambulance
CIV 09641-19222 (Tower Barracks)
CIV 09662-19222 (Rose Barracks)

24 Hour Chaplain
CIV 0162-2960 838

Military Family Life Counselor
CIV 0152-0294 0761

Nat. Suicide Prevention Hotline
CIV 001-800-273-8255
CIV 09641-83-118 (Tower Barracks)
CIV 09641-83-118 (Rose Barracks)

SHARP Hotline
DSN 475-4567
CIV 09641-83-4567

Domestic Violence Hotline
CIV 0162-2960 661

DSN 113
CIV 09641-83-113 (Tower Barracks)
CIV 09662-83-113 (Rose Barracks)

Associated Links

American Red Cross
Provides assistance in times of emergency.

Provides support to troops and families in times of emergency.

United States Army Recruiting Command Soldier and Family Assistance Programs
Public web site for all Army recruiting command needs.

Army Emergency Relief
Provides emergency assistance to soldiers and families.

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