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Deployment Support

Family Deployment Support

Being part of the military family is an exciting way of life, but not without its ups and downs. Deployment is a fact of life, although knowing that doesn't mean coping is easy. Whether it is your first or 15th, deployments can be stressful.

Fortunately, there are many resources available to help military members, spouses, and families cope with the challenges and thrive during deployment. Army Community Service (ACS) is the clearinghouse for all your deployment needs. DSN: 314-476-2650 or Commercial 011-49-9662-83-2650 and ask for the Deployment Manager.

Deployment Family Readiness Groups

Family Readiness Groups are very active in USAG Bavaria. Their esprit de corps keeps the community alive and vitally functioning during the stressful times of deployment.

Upon your arrival and during in-processing you will get to fill out an assessment and you will get the opportunity identify your unit of assignment, an ACS Deployment Specialists has a list of FRG personnel for each unit that will be contacted to assist you in locating your FRG Leader, Family Liaison or Family Readiness Support Assistant to assist you during in-processing at USAG Bavaria.

Family Readiness Group Leadership Training

Superior FRG's require good training. FRG Leaders, Liaisons, and Advisors are offered the Leadership Course Training quarterly and Professional Development Training monthly. Volunteers working within the FRG as Points of Contact are offered training as well. Company Commanders and First Sergeant's receive training upon their appointment to those positions.

Deployment Support

Deployment Support is provided to FRGs at their request to assist their families. Community professionals are standing by to assist on a moment's notice. Guidance is offered during all phases of Deployment from Pre-deployment through Post Deployment. Pre-deployment briefs and processing are scheduled by the garrison and the unit and are conducted by units with support from garrison agencies. ACS is prepared to conduct individual pre-deployment briefings for individual Soldiers and Airmen processing for deployments. During the soldier's seven day reintegration the spouses are encouraged to attend the "Family Day" briefings where a cadre of professionals stand ready to discuss topics concerning Reunion, communication, parenting, combat stress and relationship changes. Programs designed for children of deployed Soldiers are provided through the many CYSS programs and the Chapel.

Reintegration Classes For FRGs

Reintegration classes for FRGs is offered, scheduled and provided throughout the ARFORGEN cycle. Classes are scheduled and conducted based on where units are in the ARFORGEN cycle. Units can request specific reintegration training for their units or attend one of the regularly scheduled community reintegration training or briefings.

Family Assistance Center

The Family Assistance Center (FAC) is activated during times of crises to assist family members by providing them accurate, up to date, information concerning the crisis and to provide them with required assistance. On Rose Barracks, the FAC is located in the Army Community Service Building 322 and on Tower Barracks at building 244, or in some cases the FAC may be activated at another location determined by the Garrison Command Team and the situation.

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