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Check-in Procedures

Travel Planning

Make reservations for Temporary Lodging prior to your arrival. The Kristall Inn (Vilseck) and Army Lodging (Grafenwoehr) Inn accept reservations 180 days in advance. Ask for pet-friendly accommodations if required. Also, review the Temporary Housing section for details.

Ensure all Family Members are command sponsored before relocating. Family Members taken on a non-command sponsored tour will be faced with financial hardship due to no logistical support.

Reporting Procedures

Soldiers and their Family Members flying Patriot Express into Germany will arrive at the Ramstein Gateway Reception Center.

All Soldiers must be in-processed at the Reception Center, no exceptions are authorized. Soldiers on In-Country Leave must report to Ramstein to in-process as well. Soldiers and their Family Member will be transported by Sponsorship Bus (S-Bus) to their new Garrison begin a great European tour.

If a sponsor was not requested in advance, a reactionary sponsor will be assigned and meet the newcomers when they arrive.

Instructions about reporting to USAREUR are printed on orders per AE Reg 612-1- "Reporting to USAREUR on weekends and Federal Holidays is strictly prohibited".

Soldiers in the Rank of Major, CW4, 1SG, and below will ride the S-Bus to their new communities. The Central Processing Facility (CPF) will meet the S-Bus upon arrival to the installation. After receiving a Welcome Packet and a short in-brief at the CPF, newcomers and their Family Members will be release to unit sponsor for transportation and lodging for the evening.

Inprocessing Procedures

Soldiers will go through a Day 1 & 2 in-processing. During Day 1 Soldiers will fill-out paperwork to provide input for the in-processing computer system (UCAS), Consolidated Mail Room (CMR) (Soldiers are issued Community Mail Room (CMR) boxes during Day 1 in-processing), TRICARE, Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP), in process Finance (complete travel voucher), housing brief, receive their In-processing Checklist and their In-processing Training Center (ITC) training schedule per AE Regulation 612-1. 

During Day 2 each Soldier will in-process Personnel, Transportation, Housing, and Medical/Dental Clinics. Soldiers are afforded opportunities to in-process Schools and Child Youth Services and other personalized work-centers during Day 2. All Soldiers will attend In-processing Training Center (ITC) where they are provided information on services available in the Garrison. (CSMs, LTCs and above are exempt from the ITC). Spouses (no children) are welcome to attend the ITC briefs conducted on Wednesdays. Additionally, Soldiers assigned to non-deploying unit must attend an eight-hour cultural adaptation class (Culture College). Deployed units will be afforded the opportunity to attend the class after returning from deployment. Driver's orientation and testing are conducted every Monday morning for in-processing Soldiers.

Army Community Service (ACS) offers a variety of Newcomer Orientations for Spouses and Civilians. These orientations offer cultural adaptation information, guided community tours of the local area, basic German language skills and introduction to local customs, foods, public transportation and much more. Contact ACS to sign up. Space is limited.

NOTE: Child care is provided as funding is available. Parents are responsible for registering their children with Child, Youth, School services (CYSS) and make reservations.

School Registration

In order to register your child for school, you must have current orders (family travel orders and sponsor's orders), the student's birth certificate, student's social security card, Sponsor or Spouse ID card, current shot records, two local emergency contact information (other than parent) and one states side permanent contact. Your child cannot start school without the documents listed.

Documents to Hand Carry

Orders and all Amendments, Finance Packet, DA 31, DD Form 1610 (TDY Orders), Plane Tickets, Medical and Dental Records, POV Shipment Document (DD1299/GBL0, Quarters Termination Memo, Voided Bank Check, LES, Direct Deposit Form, DD Form 1059, Receipts (Taxi, Gas, Hotels, Baggage Handlers, etc.). Bring Family Member's Social Security Numbers (SSN), Copy of DD Form 93 and SGLI, Military Personnel File (MPF) ensure Service Contract in MPF.

What to do if you get Married Enroute

If you get married before you PCS, you must inform your commander and follow the procedures exactly as you are given them, the military will not pay for travel and housing of your spouse if you do not follow proper procedures.

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