Central Processing Facility
Building 8660
Baumholder, Germany 55774

Phone From US dial 011-49-611-143-531-2408 (In and out processing) / From Germany dial 0611-143-531-2408 (In and out processing)
Phone (DSN) 314-531-2408 (In and out processing)

Mon – Fri 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Clearing papers 10:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Federal Holidays - closed


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Check-in Procedures

Documents to Hand Carry

Soldiers should hand carry important documents such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, PCS orders, household goods inventories, school records, medical records, shot records, drivers license, veterinary records and any other documents that your family may need to access immediately or would be difficult to replace if lost. Check the Documents to Hand Carry checklist above the calendar in Plan My Move.

Travel Planning

Temporary Lodging 

Incoming personnel or their sponsor can make their own reservations in advance to ensure availability. The Lagerhof Inn is located on post. If the lodge is full, a list of local area hotels is provided and a statement of non-availability is issued. The cost of off-post lodging varies. Allocate sufficient money to pay your hotel (approx. $50 per person/night). You will get reimbursed after inprocessing with Finance if you have command sponsorship.

Command Sponsorship

Command sponsorship is required for Family members to be placed on orders to accompany all Soldiers. Family members who are not command sponsored are not eligible to enroll in the Tricare Overseas Program, cannot access commissary or exchange services and may only remain in the host country for 90 days. Soldiers may not sign for family housing prior to receiving command sponsorship for family members. Families who travel to Germany prior to receiving command sponsorship will not be reimbursed for expenses and may be required to return at their own expense if command sponsorship is denied. An Exceptional Family Member Program screening is required for all Family members wishing to be command sponsored.

Arrival During Duty Hours 

At Frankfurt International Airport, soldiers and their families will proceed to baggage claim, collect their baggage and process through customs. When exiting customs, a Soldier and Family Reception Center representative will provide assistance and directions for proceeding to the USO in Terminal 2 at Frankfurt International Airport. Reception Center personnel will then escort soldiers and families to the bus staging area for transportation to the Soldier and Family Reception Center facility for further processing and pinpoint assignments.

Arrival Outside Duty Hours

Soldiers and Families should avoid arrival on weekends in order to ensure full processing by Soldier and Family Reception Center personnel. Orders will state that weekend arrival is not authorized.

Upon arrival at the Soldier and Family Reception Center, Soldiers will be processed for further assignments and issued pinpoint orders for Baumholder.

It is recommended that Soldiers and Families take the opportunity to eat prior to getting on the bus to USAG Rheinland-Pfalz, Baumholder as many facilities may be closed at the time of arrival to Baumholder. 

Reporting Procedures at USAG Rheinland-Pfalz, Baumholder

Upon arrival at Ramstein Airbase, you will be processed for further assignment and be issued pinpoint orders to Baumholder. The Sponsorship Bus (S Bus) will bring you to Baumholder.

The FGRC will notify the Baumholder Welcome Center of your arrival. Arrangements for lodging will be made for you by your sponsor. Accompanied Soldiers and unaccompanied E7s and above will be booked into the guesthouse or a local hotel. Unaccompanied E1s through E6s will be put up in the unit’s barracks. The Welcome Center will also notify the receiving unit of impending arrivals and ensure someone from the unit is present to pick up new arrivals.

Arrival day is referred to as Day “0”. The S bus brings all soldiers (married and single) and their Families to the post guesthouse, the Lagerhof Inn, for drop off. New arrivals will be greeted by members of the Welcome staff and will hand over new arrivals to respective unit representatives.

The following day is “Day 1.” Soldiers report, in uniform, to the unit to begin in-processing. Units are responsible for the Soldier’s transportation. The Soldier will be with the unit until 1330 at which time all new arrivals are to report to the In-processing Training Center (ITC) classroom for further in-processing.

Soldiers will need to provide a copy of the following items for their initial briefing on “Day 1.”

  • Complete set of orders
  • DD 93, Leave form
  • 201 file
  • DD 788 POV shipping document
  • TA-50 measurements (sizes)

Starting with ITC1, Soldiers will follow their schedule. All spouses are welcome and are strongly encouraged to attend the ITC2 in-processing appointments with their spouse. The Army Community Service (ACS) Relocation program conducts a Welcome briefing during the morning portion of ITC2 and provides a post and local community bus tour for spouses. Spouses then attend an afternoon program geared toward a lifetime of wellness. The next two weeks the Soldier will be scheduled to attend four different modules of In-processing Training Center classes.

What to do if you get Married Enroute

Soldiers should hand carry important documents such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, PCS orders, household goods inventories, school records, medical records, veterinary records and any other documents that your family may need to access immediately or would be difficult to replace if lost.

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