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Installation Overview

ALCOM & 11th Air Force Headquarters


Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER) is located in Southcentral, Alaska, amid picturesque, majestic, snow-capped mountains, lakes, rivers and glaciers. The area abounds with wildlife. Many northern tier states such as Montana, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan have shorter but much colder winters than south central Alaska. JBER is 2,090 miles north of Seattle, Washington, and 300 miles south of Fairbanks, Alaska. The Anchorage community has a military presence of over 42,000 people and accounts for more than 10 percent of the population and is very military friendly! Come prepared to be awed by this beautiful base, and state. There's nowhere else like Alaska!

JBER and the adjacent area, is considered a high cost area. The national average is 100 and Anchorage is at 117. The base operator's phone number is 907-384-1110 or DSN 317-384-1110.


The military's long and important history in the Great Land began at the very moment Alaska became American soil, Oct. 18, 1867. Elements of the Army's 9th Infantry were on hand as the Russian Golden Eagle was lowered and the Stars and Stripes was raised in Sitka, which became headquarters for the U.S. Military District, Alaska. The military has had a presence, even if very small at times, ever since. Fort Richardson, named for Wilds P. Richardson, was built in 1940-1941 near Anchorage. Construction of the base began on June 8, 1940. The first Army Air Corps personnel arrived on Aug. 12, 1940, led by Maj. Everett S. Davis. On Nov. 12, 1940, the War Department formally designated the installation Fort Richardson. The air facilities and flying field on the post were named Elmendorf Field in honor of Capt. Hugh M. Elmendorf. In 1947 the Army planned to move its operations to a new site named Fort Richardson, adjacent to the WWII installation. The Air Force assumed control of the original Fort Richardson and re-named it Elmendorf Air Force Base. The two installations combined in October 2010 and became Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. For a more thorough history, visit the JBER homepage.


The mission at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson is to support and defend U.S. interests in the Pacific and around the world by providing units capable of worldwide air power projection and to meet Pacific Command's theater staging and throughput requirements.

JBER also provides early entry battle command capability and acts as the Joint Force Land Component Commander for homeland defense and civil support in Alaska. It is prepared to deploy rapidly in the Pacific theater and elsewhere in support of contingency operations, Pacific Command objectives and U.S. national interests. 

Population Served

Active Duty Population



Joint Base-Elmendorf 8059
Joint Base-Richardson 8083

Combined Populations for Joint Base-Elmendorf and Joint Base-Richardson


Family Members (not service specific) 28,000
Civilians (not service specific) 3040
Retirees (not service specific) 6136


Base Transportation

There is limited on post transportation offered by the Armed Services YMCA. To schedule a ride, call 907-384-3733. Operating hours are 0700-2100, Monday through Friday, and the cost is $1.00. There are also taxi services available by calling an off post taxi company, 907-222-2222.

Soldiers arriving at Anchorage Airport can call the Welcome Center at 907-384-0425 for transportation to the Welcome Center.


You should always have a sponsor before arriving at your new duty station.

If you are on assignment with the U.S. Air Force and have not been contacted by your sponsor, please call Base INTRO at 907-552-8080for assistance. Upon arrival to the base, you must in-process no later than the next duty day at 0800. Base INTRO is located in the People Center, Bldg 8517 20th Street, Rm 118. They are open Monday Friday from 0730-1530 and walk in hours are from 0730-1100.

If you are on assignment with the U.S. Army, check your sponsor request on Army Career Tracker.

If you have not been contacted by your sponsor, please call 907-384-9341, DSN 317-384-9341. If you are not being met by your sponsor, report to the Welcome Center, Bldg. 600, In/Out Processing, Room 103. If arriving after 1600 hours or weekends, report to the Replacement Center, Bldg 649.The Welcome Center is open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday for in-processing. After 5 p.m., a Staff Duty is available to sign you in off leave only and to contact your unit for a sponsor. Soldiers arriving in Alaska from Oct. 1 to May 1 must arrive with their Gortex jacket, trousers and gloves due to possible extreme frigid temperatures.

Forwarding Mail

Air Force: Dorm residents will receive mail at the dorms. Your sponsor may open a dorm mail box for you by providing a copy of your PCS orders and/or pertinent information (name, rank, unit, and reporting date) to the dorm manager. After you arrive on base and are residing in the dorm you need to contact your dorm manager to get your box combination. The General Delivery Address may be used if advanced dorm/box assignment cannot be arranged, Name, 10437 Lindberg Dr. Unit 3000, JBER, AK 99506-3510. 552-2308

Non-dorm members can forward their mail to the following address:

Member's Name, General Delivery, 10437 Lindberg Dr. Unit 3000, JBER, AK 99506

The North Star Inn lodging facility will not accept mail for its guests.

Army: You may forward your mail to: "Your Name, General Delivery/HOLD MAIL)", 724 Quartermaster Road, JBER, AK 99505. They will hold your mail for 30 days. For more information, call the Mail & Distribution office at 907-384-0307.

Temporary Quarters

The North Star Inn provides all temporary lodging on JBER. Reservations for lodging should be made as far in advance as possible to insure temporary lodging facilities are available upon arrival, 907-552-2454 or DSN 317-552-2454 or If the accompanied member and their family do not have a confirmed reservation, they may be issued a non-availability slip to go off base and obtain a hotel/motel in Anchorage. During the summer month's hotel/motels are limited. The lodging office has a referral list of hotels/motels that are within the Temporary Lodging Allowance costs. They can also provide listings of off base hotels/motels that accept pets.

Pets: We have a very limited number of pet rooms. No more than 2 pets are allowed and only cats and dogs. Pets must have a health certificate not older than 30 days, be secured in an owner-provided kennel while unattended in guestrooms and during housekeeping or maintenance service, and be leashed at all times when outside the guestroom. Pet fees apply ($10 per night per room, not per pet). Pet owners are responsible to adhere to all policies issued at check in. If Lodging is booked, ask for a list of off post Kennel facilities and/or local pet friendly hotels.

Relocation Assistance

Moving to Alaska presents many challenges. When you in-process, you will be assigned a day to attend your Newcomers briefing. Spouses are highly encouraged to attend this one day orientation. Additionally, there is a Loan Closet on the JBER-R side located at Building 600 room A11. They offer many household items, but do not have bed linens, towels or sheets. These must be packed in your hold baggage. The phone number for the Loan Closet is 384-7485. For other relocation assistance please contact the Army Community Service at 907-384-1517 or Military and Family Readiness Center at 907-552-4943.

Critical Installation Information

Alaska Time Zone is 4 hours behind Eastern Time Zone, 3 hours behind Central Time Zone and one hour behind Pacific Time Zone.

Winters in Alaska can be harsh. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND DRIVING YOUR POV TO ALASKA DURING OCTOBER-MARCH due to the severe weather conditions. If you choose to drive during these months take extra safety precautions for winter weather in Interior Alaska. Proper winter clothing is essential, i.e., coats, hats, gloves and boots. Visit "Surviving the Cold in Alaska" website for further guidance. Summer evenings may be as chilly as 50 degrees. Families should bring light jackets or wear layered clothing when reporting during summer months.

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