3850 5th SOK Street
Incirlik Air Base
Incirlik, Turkey 09824

Phone 011-90-322-316-6060
Phone (DSN) 314-676-6060
Fax 011-90-322-316-6492
Fax (DSN) 314-676-6492

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Installation Overview

39th ABW HQ Building 833

Incirlik Air Base, is located approximately seven miles from Adana, Turkey. To reach Incirlik commercially from the United States call 011-90-322-316-1110 (Base Operator). To reach Incirlik commercially from Europe call 00-90-322-316-1110 (Base Operator). To reach Incirlik by DSN call 314-676-1110 (Base Operator).


The U.S. Engineering Group began construction of the base located approximately 250 miles southeast of Ankara, Turkey, in the spring of 1951. February 21, 1955, the base was officially named Adana Air Base. In mid-1975, the Turkish government announced that all U.S. bases in Turkey would close and transfer control to the Turkish military in response to an arms embargo the U.S. Congress imposed on Turkey for using U.S.-supplied equipment during the invasion of Cyprus. Only Incirlik AB and Izmir Air Station remained open due to their NATO missions, but all other non-NATO activities at these locations ceased. Congress lifted the embargo in September 1978 and restored military assistance to Turkey. Normal operations resumed after the United States and Turkey signed a Defense and Economic Cooperation Agreement March 29, 1980. For more history visit Incirlik's homepage.


The Major Command is USAFE. Close to many of the world's potential trouble spots, Incirlik Air Base is an important base in NATO's Southern Region. The mission of the host 39th Air Base Wing is to help protect U.S. and NATO interests in the Southern Region by providing a responsive staging and operational air base ready to project integrated, forward-based air power.

Population Served

Incirlik is home to 1,465 military members. DoD and other civilians combine for a strength of 365 for a total population of 1,830.


Moving can be a very traumatic experience at worse extremely challenging at best. Settling into your new location and your new unit takes time. Military Installations and Plan My Move are desinged to assist you with information about your new location. Plan My Move and Military Installations has a Sponsorship Program which is very helpful in providing new unit information. If you want to learn how to be a sponsor, you can take a short training module found on MilitaryINSTALLATIONS. or if you are a Sponsor, you can use the eSponsorship Application & Training a secure website designed to train you on your sponsorship duties and provide sample materials for your use when communicating with the newcomer.

Your gaining unit should assign you a sponsor and send you an electronic sponsor package. Contact and use your sponsor before and during your arrival. He or she she probably experienced the same issues you will encounter and can give helpful information about your new base and processing proceudres.

If you don't hear from your sponsor within 60 days of your report date, contact your new unit. Every unit has a Unit Intro Monitor and they should be there to assist you.

Your sponsor can request a P.O. Box for you 30 days prior to arrival. They must have a copy of your orders.

Once your gaining organization has received confirmation of your PCS, military and DoD civilians will be assigned a sponsor. If you are experiencing any personnel issues or have not heard from your sponsor, contact the Airman and Family Readiness Center at DSN 314-676-6755 or 011-90-322-316-6755. Department of Defense civilians should contact their selecting official or personnel office for a sponsor. Contact the Civilian Personnel Office DSN 314-676-6416 or 011-90-322-316-6416 if you are not contacted by a sponsor.

Your sponsor should provide you with information about the local community, housing, employment, the base and any other information you request. Your sponsor should also provide you with information about your gaining organization including the name of your First Sergeant and Commander. Keep your sponsor informed during your PCS. If your arrival plans change, be sure to contact your sponsor. Your sponsor will be responsible for welcoming you to the base and your organization. Your sponsor will be responsible for welcoming you to the base and your organization, and also enusring you attend the Newcomer's Orientation.

Temporary Quarters

The 24-hour arrival point is the Billeting Office, Bldg 1081, DSN 314-676-9357. Prior to arriving, billeting reservations can be made by faxing Billeting at DSN 314-676-9353. Current operations and force protection considerations prompted a decision to direct mandatory use of government transit and permanent housing and billeting accommodations at Incirlik AB, Turkey. All active duty and DOD employees with an assignment to Incirlik AB are subject to this decision.

Relocation Assistance

The Loan Locker is located in the Airman and Family Readiness Center, Building 833. There are kitchen packs for both housing and dorms available for check out on a 30 day basis. There are also irons, ironing boards and coffee makers for loan until HHGS/UAB arrives.

All newly assigned personnel will attend Newcomers Orientation. This is a half day, one-stop in-processing that encompasses all pertinent base organizations. The Newcomer's Orientation is held every other Friday. Call the Airman & Family Readienss Center to make your reservation. All newcomers should be in place NLT 7:30 a.m.. The Airman and Family Readiness Center may be contacted at 011-90-322-316-6755 or DSN 314-676-6755.

Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP)

FVAP.gov ensures Service members, their eligible family members and overseas citizens have the tools and resources to register to vote and request an absentee ballot, regardless of their state of residence. The Voting Assistance Guide (VAG) is a reference guide for everything you need to know about absentee voting in all 50 States, territories and the District of Columbia.

Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) The Voting Assistance Guide is available at: www.fvap.gov/vao/vag. Select your state to find your local election office’s contact information.

Voting forms are available at: www.fvap.gov/eo/overview/materials/forms.

Critical Installation Information

Concurrent Travel

Family members are not authorized at Incirlik AB. As of 21 Sep 16, Incirlik AB Turkey is a 12 month unaccompanied tour.

Housing Allowances

For unaccompanied Airmen, Incirlik AB now has specific weight allowances. Verify with your Military Personnel Section the exact amounts authorized.

Tax Document

Beyanname - Extremely Important. A Beyanname is an official tax document issued by Turkish authorities. Turkish customs officials focus their attention on high dollar value items or products with continual black market demand. Beyanname, a written declaration between the military member and the Government of Turkey, provides customs control of personal effects imported into the country. Items listed on the Beyanname must be taken out of the country upon PCS or the member is subject to heavy fines.

Base Banking Facilities

There is no American bank on Incirlik AB. It is strongly recommended that members establish a checking account before departing their current duty station. Possessing only a debit or ATM card is not sufficient as these cards don't always work in foreign machines (especially with 5-digit PINs.) Members are advised to bring a supply of personal checks that may be cashed at the Base Exchange or Consolidated Club. One hundred ($100) dollar bills are no longer accepted as payment at facilities on base. $100 bills can be exchanged at the Finance Office for smaller denominations.


Active Duty Military Members Only: The clinic currently provides routine prenatal care for uncomplicated pregnancies.Deliveries for normal-risk pregnancies are now taking place at Storknest in Germany. If a woman will be greater than 28 weeks pregnant at the time of PCS, or if the pregnancy is considered a high-risk pregnancy for any reason, it is recommended that travel be delayed until after delivery. Women who are pregnant or planning to have a baby during assignment to Incirlik are encouraged to contact the Women's Healthcare Clinic at 011-90-322-316-8014 or DSN 314-676-6787 as soon as possible for further information. If a woman will be greater than 30 weeks pregnant at the time of PCS, our recommendation is to delay travel until after delivery.

Important Telephone Numbers

To reach Incirlik commercially from the United States call 011-90-322-316-1110 (Base Operator). To reach Incirlik commercially from Europe call 00-90-322-316-1110 (Base Operator). To reach Incirlik by DSN call 314-676-1110 (Base Operator). It is extremely important that you have all important numbers printed and in your possession, i.e., sponsor's telephone (work and home), Commander's Support Staff, First Sergeant, Airman & Family Readiness Center, etc. should an emergency occur during your PCS.

Dialing Instructions

From a U.S. Commercial Phone: 011 + 90 + 322 + 316 + four digit extension
From a DSN within Europe: 676 + four digit extension
From a DSN outside Europe: 314 + 676 + four digit extension
All phone numbers in this document are the number for the units or offices designated. Contacting your base operator may be the best option to reach the office you need. Just remember Incirlik is in the Eastern European Time Zone.

Passports and Visas

Ensure member and/or dependents have the required passports and/or visa prior to final out-processing. Members are not allowed to final out-process without the required passports/visas in hand for themselves (if applicable).

All foreigners must obtain their Turkish visas from Turkish missions abroad or from the e-visa application system, depending on eligibility.

Information regarding Turkish e-visas and the application process can be found online.

In order to travel to Europe during your assignment, service member must have a blue travel passport.  Please have one prior to arrival or be prepared to process and pay for one while on station.

General information on Turkish visas can be found online.

Contact information for the U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Turkey:

The U.S. Embassy in Ankara is located at 110 Ataturk Boulevard, tel: (90)(312) 455-5555, fax (90)(312) 468-6131.

The U.S. Consulate General in Istanbul is located at Uçsehitler Sokagi No. 2, 34460, Istinye, Sariyer, tel: (90) (212) 335-9000, fax (90) (212) 335-9102. Istanbul-specific information can also be accessed via the Consulate's website.

The U.S. Consulate in Adana is located at Girne Bulvari No. 212, Guzelevler Mahallesi, Yuregir, Adana, Turkey. tel: (90)(322) 346-6262, fax (90)(322) 346-7916.

The Consular Agency in Izmir can be reached at tel: (90) (232) 464-8755, fax (90) (232) 464-8916.

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