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Installation Overview


Naval Station Rota, Spain is located 6 hours (1 hour by air) south of Madrid, and 1.5 hours from Seville. Andalucia, the country's southernmost self-governing region, which boasts 500 miles of beaches "playas", crystal blue seas and rolling countrysides rich in sunflowers, olive trees and flourishing vineyards is home to NAVSTA Rota. Known as the "Florida of Europe," Andalucia attracts vacationers from around the world who come not only for the beaches and mild weather, but for flamenco dancing, bullfights and festivals. Today the economy of Spain is the fifth larg¬est in Europe. Spain faced a financial crisis beginning in 2008, which continues today. The financial crisis has left several unemployed. Spain's currency, like most of Europe, is the Euro. Unemployment in Spain is typically near the top of EU member nations and is higher than the U.S.

Expect mild, breezy weather similar to southern California, with temperatures ranging from 75 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and 40 to 70 degrees in the winter. Vegetation is colorful, plentiful and year-round.

There is no official base operator in Rota. The command Quarterdeck is 011-34-956-82-2222, or DSN 314-727-2222. For questions about moving to Rota visit the Welcome Aboard Package, visit Rota's official website, Facebook page at  or call the Fleet and Family Support Center, 011-34-956-82-3232 or DSN 314-727-3232.


Rota was established in 1953, following the signing of an agreement for facilities use between the United States and Kingdom of Spain. The agreement required two years of surveys, negotiations and planning which led to ground breaking on the base in 1955.

Rota Naval Base was constructed under the technical supervision of the Navy's Bureau of Yards and Docks. Some 10,000 concrete tetrapods, resembling large jacks, were carefully placed to provide a seawall to protect a large artificial harbor.

Known as Known as the "Gateway to the Mediterranean," Naval Station Rota is strategically located near the Strait of Gibraltar and is halfway between the United States and Southwest Asia. The 6,100-acre Spanish-owned installation provides vital support to units transiting in or through the theater.

NAVSTA Rota, known as Basé Naval de Rota in Spanish, is owned by the Spanish and commanded by a Spanish admiral. U.S. personnel are guests and should behave as such. That said, the U.S. and Spanish navies work well together and share many facilities under the guidance of the Agreement on Defense Cooperation (ADC). For additional information visit NAVSTA Rota's homepage.


The Commander, Naval Activities (COMNAVACT) Spain is headquartered in Rota and serves as the area coordinator for all U.S. Naval Activities ashore in Spain and Portugal. COMNAVACT Spain also serves as the commanding officer of Naval Station Rota. The commander reports directly to Commander, Navy Region Europe, Africa and Southwest Asia, located in Naples, Italy.

The U.S. Navy is responsible for maintaining the station's infrastructure, including a 670-acre airfield, three active piers, 400 facilities and approximately 375 family housing units.

Naval Station Rota provides support for U.S. and NATO ships, supports the safe and efficient movement of U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force flights and passengers, and provides cargo, fuel and ammunition to units in the region.

NAVSTA Rota is the only base in the European theater capable of supporting Amphibious Ready Group (ARG) post-deployment wash-downs. The base port also offers secure, pier-side maintenance and backload facilities. Naval Station Rota also supports ARG turnovers and hosts Sailors and Marines from visiting afloat units.

Population Served

Naval Station Rota and its more than 35 tenant commands comprise approximately 3,000 Americans within a 25-mile area. Of those, nearly 1,300 are active duty representing all services; 1,700 are family members and 400 are U.S. civilian employees. There is a projected increase of approximately 1,200 Sailors and 1,600 dependents in the coming years due to four Aegis destroyers homeporting in Rota. Additionally, there are some 300 U.S. military retirees in the area.

Rota, a town of 28,000 nearest to the naval base, is one of many small, whitewashed villages ("pueblos blancos") on the Atlantic coast of Spain. In the summer, Rota's population swells to about 100,000 with vacationing Europeans.

Base Transportation

NAVSTA Rota has a no-fee shuttle bus services provide by Public Works Department. The bus does a round robin throughout the installation with stops at designated locations including family housing. All U.S. I.D. cardholders (military, dependent and contract personnel) may ride the bus. Check the on-base schedule to find out what time the bus begins and ends for the day.


Your sponsor will offer all necessary assistance to make your move as smooth as possible. Typically, sponsors send you a Welcome Aboard Package, help with making temporary lodging arrangements, answer questions, and provide useful information for your transition overseas. If you have not been assigned a sponsor or contacted by anyone from Rota, please call the Relocation Assistance Counselor at the Fleet and Family Support Center, 011-34-956-82-3232 or DSN 314-727-3232.

You are likely to arrive by airplane at one of two main airports, Naval Station Rota Air Terminal, or the nearby commercial airport at Jerez. If you arrive at the Naval Station Rota Air Terminal, your sponsor should meet you there after you in-process. If no one is there to meet you, call the Naval Station quarterdeck at 956-82-2222 or 2707. If you arrive at Jerez and your sponsor is not there, contact the Naval Station quarterdeck for assistance. The local number is 956-82-2222 or 956-82-2707. Before departure, fill out a change of address card at the post office and make arrangements with your creditors before you leave to make payments. Not receiving a bill is not an excuse for letting payments slip while you are enroute or settling in at Rota.

The majority of incoming personnel will take Patriot Express (CAT-B) flights for permanent change of station and temporarily additional duty personnel from the continental United States to the various bases around the world.

Once the service member completes his/her passenger reservation request through their local PSD office, the request is sent to the Navy Passenger Travel Office where the mode of travel will be determined.

Defense Transportation Regulation (DTR) 4500.9R states the Patriot Express should be utilized to the maximum extent possible. The regulation goes on to state the only exception will be non-availability of AMC scheduled airlift to meet a member's requirements, such as pet space limitations.

Temporary Quarters

Generally, families are required to obtain temporary accommodations upon arrival. Temporary accommodations are available at the Navy Lodge, Gateway Inns and Suites or approved commercial facilities.

Rota's Housing Service Center has a limited number of units reserved for temporary lodging for families. These units are ideal for families with pets. They are conveniently located on base, and occupancy is permitted beyond the 30 days. Your sponsor can make arrangements with the Housing Service Center to have the keys in hand when you arrive. Be advised that these homes are furnished but do not have items such as linens, towels or shower curtains.

Navy Gateway Inns and Suites

The facility consists of 355 available non-smoking rooms equipped with 24-hour front desk service, free lobby coffee service, free daily Stars and Stripes and local newspapers.

Eighty-six suites featuring a living area furnished with a sofa, coffee table, lounge chair, color television, free in-room coffee service, free laundry, refrigerator, microwave, desk, in-room safe, iron and ironing board; the bedroom features one queen bed, telephone, color television, dresser and private bath. The Navy Gateway Inns and Suites offers two handicapped rooms. These accommodations are subject to availability.

Also available are 166 single rooms featuring one twin bed, desk, lounge chair, dresser, color television, in-room safe, free Wi-Fi, free laundry, free in-room coffee service, refrigerator, microwave, iron and ironing board, dresser and private bath. Also available are 96 single rooms featuring one twin bed, desk, lounge chair, dresser, color television, in-room safe, free Wi-Fi, free laundry, free in-room coffee service, refrigerator, microwave, iron and ironing board, shared bath. Daily housekeeping service is provided for all rooms. For further information, you may call our 24-hour front desk at 727-1871. For official or space-a lodging reservations log on to DoD Lodging or call 1-877-NAVY-BED.

Navy Lodge

Managed by the Navy Exchange, the facility consists of 48 non-smoking rooms equipped with the following: two queen beds, telephone, air conditioning, color television, kitchenette, refrigerator, stove, microwave and private bath. The Navy Lodge offers two handicapped rooms. These accommodations are subject to availability. To make reservations, please call 1-800-NAVY-INN or DSN 727-6243. Limited pet friendly rooms are available. Please check for availability when making reservations.

Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA)

Personnel with accompanying command-sponsored family members may be eligible for 30 days of incoming TLA. Families are required to stay at the Navy Lodge. If space is not available, a statement of non-availability must be obtained from the Navy Lodge before making arrangements for accommodations in a community TLA facility. A list of approved community TLA facilities, along with the agreed upon TLA rate, is available at the Housing Service Center.

Unaccompanied personnel ranks E-5 and above, are required to stay at the Navy Gateway Inns and Suites. If space is not available, your second choice will be the Navy Lodge. The Navy Lodge will provide a statement of non-availability to stay in a hotel on the economy if they have no rooms available.

Relocation Assistance

The Relocation Assistance Counselor (RAP) will meet you at the Naval Station Rota Air Terminal to guide you through the in-process procedure, ensure you have a sponsor, check on transportation for you to lodging and greet you with a welcome package containing information about the installation. RAP services include a lending locker to use until your household goods arrive, information about child registration. Register for Intercultural Relations (ICR), the four-day course that gives newcomers a taste of what life will be like in this Spanish region.

Critical Installation Information

Certain breeds of dogs are considered "dangerous animals" under Spanish Law 50/99. This label applies to all dogs of the breed, regardless of past behavior or temperament. Dangerous dogs in Spain include the following breeds and cross breeds: Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher, Argentino Dogo, Fila Brisileiro, Tosa Ina and Akita Inu.

In addition, due to increased security measures on base, German Shepherds, Chow Chows, Boxers, any wolf hybrid and any dog with these breeds in their lineage (crosses) are also considered dangerous dogs. Any other dog that demonstrates an aggressive character, or has been involved in an attack against people or other animals and/or is designated as potentially dangerous by COMNAVACTSPAIN, his designee, or appropriate Spanish government officials, is also considered a "dangerous animal."

All members of the force or civilian component stationed in Spain who maintain a potentially dangerous animal, regardless of whether they live on or off base, must comply with Spanish registration procedures. You are strongly encouraged not to bring these breeds to Spain. A recent Spanish Royal Decree requires owners of dangerous dogs to acquire licenses, a process that takes several weeks. For more details, please contact the Staff Judge Advocate at DSN 314-727-2870.

Hiring procedures on Naval Station Rota fall under the guidelines in the Agreement on Defense Cooperation (ADC) between Spain and the United States. A strict adherence is maintained to the ratio of seven Spanish employees for every three U.S. employees. In real terms, this means that jobs for spouses are available, but are extremely limited. In general, opportunities for family member employment on the Naval Station are limited. Most available jobs are clerical or sales related. However, opportunities do arise according to the needs of the various commands. Off-base employment is not available for most Americans. Spanish labor laws and the Agreement on Defense Cooperation (ADC) make off-base employment infeasible.

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