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Installation Overview


Welcome to Fort Campbell, a community that offers "The Best Soldier and Family Experience". Fort Campbell is home of the Screaming Eagles, of the 101st Airborne - the Army's only Air Assault Division. Fort Campbell lies on the Kentucky - Tennessee border between the towns of Hopkinsville KY and Clarksville TN about 60 miles northwest of Nashville on I-24. Although nearly two-thirds of the 105,000 acres of post are actually in Tennessee, the post office is located in Kentucky, and the identification lies within that state.

Clarksville, TN and Hopkinsville, KY are patriotic communities. American flags flying from many poles, and yellow ribbons serve as a reminders of those away defending our freedoms. As Fort Campbell Soldiers deploy and return from missions around the world, families, loved ones and the community greet them warmly.

Clarksville is ranked as the 57th Best Place to Live by Money Magazine. The cost of living is lower than the average for all major U.S. cities. The installation base operator telephone is 270-798-2151, DSN 312-635-2151 and Installation Staff Duty 270-798-9793, DSN 312-635-9793. 


Fort Campbell was established in 1942 and was named after William B. Campbell, a Tennessee statesman and Brigadier General of the United States volunteers during the Civil War. On August 19, 1942 the first Commander, Maj. Gen. William C. Lee, promised his new recruits that the 101st has no history but it has a "Rendezvous with destiny." As a division, the 101st has never failed that prophecy. During World War II, the 101st Airborne Division led the way on D-Day in the night drop prior to the invasion. When surrounded at Bastogne and asked to surrender by the German forces, Brig. Gen. Anthony McAuliffe answered "Nuts", and the Screaming Eagles fought on until the siege was lifted. For their valiant efforts and heroic deeds during World War II, the 101st Airborne Division was awarded four campaign streamers and two Presidential Unit Citations. For more information, go to the Fort Campbell homepage.


The mission of the 101st is to train and maintain combat readiness needed to deploy rapidly anywhere in the world, to fight and win, and to sustain combat operations. The 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) is formed of 3 Brigades Combat Team (BCT) plus 101st Aviation Brigade, 159th Aviation Brigade, 101st Sustainment Brigade and several separate commands.

The six major tenants units at Fort Campbell include 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne), U.S Army Medical Activity, TN Valley District Corps of Engineer, Veterinary Command and U.S Army Dental Activity. Refer to Major Unit Listing for additional information.

Population Served

Fort Campbell supports the 5th largest military population in the Army and the 7th largest in the Department of Defense. Current Post Population for FY 2016: Military 25,543, Family Members 39,429, Total Army Retirees 68,069.

Base Transportation

The Clarksville Transit Bus (CTS) service stops at five major locations on Fort Campbell, every hour, 7 days a week. Buses will enter Gate 3 and make stops at the Education Center, Library, Post Exchange, Commissary and Blanchfield Army Community Hospital. Passengers are required to pay $1.25 fee good for the entire length of the ride and must have a valid military identification. For more information contact 931-553-2429.

Fort Campbell IHG Hotels provides shuttle Services for their guests. Shuttle Services are available Monday to Friday from 0900-2000. Van pick up at the front entrance of building 82 Turner Army Lodging. Shuttle Service is based on a first come first serve basis. On Post establishments only - No housing area. To schedule the shuttle services, please call or stop by the front office at 270-439-2229.

Shuttle Transportation from Nashville Airport to Fort Campbell

If you are flying into Nashville airport which is the only airport near to Ft Campbell. You will be responsible for your own transportation from Nashville airport to Fort Campbell. An airport shuttle will cost approximately $64.00 to take you from the airport to Fort Campbell. Keep your receipts for payment as you will be reimburse for the total cost.

Nashville International Airport Transportation Services offered transportation from Nashville airport to Fort Campbell. Visit their site at

Public Transportation





Greyhound Bus Terminal (Clarksville)


Greyhound Bus Terminal (Nashville)


Enterprise Rental Car (Oak Grove)


Crown Cab (Clarksville)


ABC & Veterans Taxi Cab (Clarksville)


Hertz Rental (Fort Campbell) 270-640-3507


Soldiers desiring additional information from the Brigade which they are being assigned to and/or wish to request a sponsor to assist them upon arrival at Fort Campbell can contact the Brigade Staff Duty. The phone listing for each Brigade is under the Major Unit Listings. Additional information on sponsorship can be accessed online.

If you don't have a pin-point assignment, a reactionary sponsor will be provided to you once you're assigned to a unit. For more information on sponsorship, please contact Strength Management at 270-798-4925. All incoming personnel must report to Kalsu Replacement Company located at 6916 Desert Storm Ave to sign in. Kalsu Replacement Company is open 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. Refer to "Check in Procedures" for reporting in procedures. Kalsu Replacement Company phone number is 270-798-2813/2817.

ACS Relocation Readiness Program is providing "Spouse to Spouse Sponsorship Program" to Spouses coming to Fort Campbell on PCS move. Full sponsorship will be provided to all incoming Spouses who are interested in the program. If you would like a sponsor, provide the following information, your name, email, phone contact, sponsors rank & gaining unit, and reporting date. Submit your information to this email: or contact us at 270-798-0513/6313.

Forwarding address while en-route: Go online to the USPS website and scroll down until you come to P.O Box. Click on zip code of the area, Fort Campbell zip code 42223. Use your credit card to pre-pay the box number. Within 24 hrs the Post Office at Ft Campbell will receive your request for a box number. You then need to contact the Fort Campbell Post Office to get your box number by calling 270-439-4114. When you arrive at Fort Campbell, take your receipt to the Post Office and they will give you the key for your box.

In addition, your other option is to go to your local U.S post office and obtain the form 1093. Complete the form, include money order for $22.00 (6 months) and send to the Ft. Campbell Post Office. Address to Postmaster, 91 Michigan Ave, Fort Campbell, KY 42223. Allow 5-7 days and contact the post office by phone, 270-439-4114, to get your box number.

Temporary Quarters

Fort Campbell temporary lodging is privatized under the IHG Army Hotels Turner Guest House. The (IHG) Turner Guest House located at 82 Texas Ave near Gate 4 provides accommodations for all incoming and outgoing personnel and Family Members. Rates of rooms vary between $62.75 plus 7% tax  and $69.75 plus 7% tax  per night and are based on the size of the room and whether it has a kitchen or not. Please refer to "Housing - Temporary" for detailed information.

Pet rooms are limited. The (IHG) Turner Guest House provides a list of local kennel facilities for your convenience.

Shuttle Services

Fort Campbell IHG Hotels provides shuttle Services for their guests. Shuttle Services are available Monday to Friday from 0900-2000. Van pick up at the front entrance of building 82 Turner Army Lodging. Shuttle Service is based on a first come first serve basis. On Post establishments only - No housing area. To schedule the shuttle services, please call or stop by the front office at 270-439-2229.

To make a reservation contact IHG at 270-439-2229 open 24/7.

Temporary lodging for off post can be accessed on the Clarksville Visitors Website and the Hopkinsville Visitors Website.

Bring enough money to pay for your temporary lodging. You are responsible to pay for your temporary lodging first and when you in-process at Replacement Company. Finance will reimburse you. Although you can stay at the temporary lodging for 30 days, Finance will only reimburse 10 days.

Relocation Assistance

The “Soldier & Family Newcomers’ Orientation” is an interactive Family Orientation to welcome and inform newly arrived Soldiers and Family Members of resources available at Fort Campbell. The Soldier and Family Newcomers’ Orientation is a one stop shop for Newcomers information in one location so Newcomers don’t have to drive all over the post looking for information. The Newcomers Orientation is held every Thursday at the ACS Family Resource Center from 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. The Orientation is mandatory for all Soldiers arriving Fort Campbell and Family Members are strongly encouraged to attend. Representatives from other agencies to include Army Community Service (ACS) will be setting up an information booth with important information for “Newcomers.” Other agencies participating are; Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation, Chaplains, BOSS, Armed Services YMCA, American Red Cross, Family Readiness Support Assistance,  Army Education Center, Family Housing On/Off Post,  Education Center, School Liaison, Child and Youth School Services, local Community Chambers, Family Readiness Support Assistants, Medical and Dental.  A bus tour of the installation and lunch is included. Free Childcare is available. Due to limited childcare slots available, must complete form attached and provide to our office. For more information contact our office at 270-956-2676/798-0513/6316. Click here for brochure (PDF, 458 KB).

ACS Relocation Readiness Program is providing "Spouse to Spouse Sponsorship Program" to Spouses coming to Fort Campbell on PCS move. Full Sponsorship will be provided to all incoming Spouses.  If you would like a sponsor, provide the following information, your name, email, phone contact, sponsors rank & gaining unit, and reporting date. Submit your information to this email: or contact us at 270-798-0513/6313.

ACS Welcome Packets will be provided to all PCS Newcomers staying at the Intercontinental Hotel Groups (IHG) every Tuesday.

The Lending Closet offers basic kitchen essentials free of charge for 30-60 days. We don't have linens and furniture. However, we do have folding tables and chairs, dishes, pots and pans, crock-pots, toaster, iron, ironing boards, utensils and some baby items. Hours of Operation are Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., closed on weekends and Federal holidays. For further information contact the ACS Relocation Readiness Program 270-798-0513/6313.

The Relocation Assistance Program provides immigration and naturalization assistance with the following issues - immigrant visa, fiancée visa, renew green card and citizenship. Access the INS website for more information.

Critical Installation Information

Visitors to Fort Campbell please take note of the new procedures of obtaining a visitor's pass. For any questions on visitor passes, please contact 270-798-5047.

All unescorted, non-Department of Defense ID card holding visitors, contractors, sub-contractors, vendors, suppliers and service providers must successfully pass a criminal background check before they are issued a visitor's pass.

Escorted visitors with valid photo ID (state driver license, passport) traveling in the same vehicle as a DOD ID card holder (CAC, dependent ID card,... retiree ID card) are not required to obtain a pass. Escorted visitors without a valid ID will need to go through the Visitor Control Center at Gate 4 or Gate 7.

Unescorted visitors who are not traveling in the same vehicle as a DOD ID card holder (CAC, Dependent ID card, Retiree ID card) must obtain a visitor's pass from a Visitor Control Center for the duration of their visit.

Contractors, sub-contractors, vendors, suppliers and service providers must obtain a one-day pass or may voluntarily choose to participate in the RAPIDGate program.

Visitor Control Center Hours of Operation:

Gate 4: Seven days per week, 5 a.m. until 9 p.m.

Gate 7: Seven days per week, 24 hours per day

For more information contact the Visitor Control Center at 270-798-5049.

Fort Campbell regulations prohibit the use of cell phone while operating a motor vehicle on the installation. This also applies to DVD players. The driver can't watch them while driving. However, a passenger in a motor vehicle may still use these devices without restriction.

Fort Campbell recently changed its policy for vehicle registrations for on post. For those having a military ID card or a Common Access Card (CAC) you don't need to register your vehicle at the vehicle registration building. For visitors, and non military ID card/CAC card, you must have a DD Form 2220 (Post Decal) or a temporary visitors pass before gaining access to Fort Campbell.


All personnel assigned to living on or employed at Fort Campbell must register their motorcycles within 10 days of signing into Fort Campbell. Required documentation includes:

  1. A valid state driver's license with a motorcycle endorsement. 
  2. Proof of current and valid insurance for the motorcycle being operated. Minimum coverage is $25,000 personal injury coverage per person, $50,000 personal injury coverage per accident, and $10,000 property damage. This insurance must be maintained at all times while the motorcycle is being operated on Fort Campbell.
  3. Provide a current certificate of state registration or lease agreement, a power of attorney or a notarized statement from the owner that the motorcycle operator is authorized to operate the vehicle and the inclusive dates of such operation. Motorcycles owned by individuals that have had their installation driving privileges suspended or revoked cannot be re-registered during the period of suspension/revocation.
  4. Individuals applying to register motorcycles must provide a certification of completion of an approved Motorcycle Riders Safety Course.
  5. Any changes in the registrant's name, address/unit, insurance coverage or motorcycle description will be reported to the Vehicle Registration Office.

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