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Installation Overview


Darby Military Community, U.S.A.G. Vicenza is a small, remote installation located in the Tuscan region of central Italy situated between the cities of Livorno and Pisa. Camp Darby is a 10 minute drive from Pisa, home of the famous Leaning Tower. Camp Darby is 60 miles (a one hour train or car ride) from the city of Florence, home to the world-famous Uffizi Gallery and Michelangelo's masterpiece, the statue of David. The base operator's phone number is 011-39-050-54-1110 or DSN 314-633-1110.

If you have questions or desire information on grave sites and memorials within Europe, visit the American Battle Monuments Commission. For general information on U.S. Army Europe visit the Headquarters U.S. Army Europe's website.


In June 1951, the United States and Italy concluded negotiations to establish a line of communication and supply through Italy, in support of U.S. troops stationed in Austria. The military complex was formally dedicated to become a permanent U.S. Army facility on November 15, 1952. It was named Camp Darby in memory of Brigadier General William O. Darby, Assistant Division Commander of the 10th Mountain Division, who was killed in action on April 30, 1945 near Trento, Italy. Since its establishment, Camp Darby has served successively as the 7656th Logistical Command, the 7617th U.S. Forces Austria Support Command, USA Logistical Command, 8th Support Group, Area Support Team - Livorno and currently, the United States Army Garrison Livorno.For more information, go to the USAG-Livorno web site.


Camp Darby's primary mission is to logistically support combat deployments that include war reserve storage and maintenance, maintenance of weapons and vehicles and their movement for rapid reaction and crises response operations spanning the globe.

Population Served

Camp Darby is an Army installation with the Army, Air Force and Navy military populations assigned, civil service, Nonappropriated Fund (NAF), Contractors, Retirees and Family members. Since Camp Darby has the only American Beach in Europe, during the months from May to September the installation is visited by over 40,000 visitors from the European military communities.

Base Transportation

The Directorate of Logistics (DOL) Transportation Motor Pool (TMP) no longer provides transportation support services to the community for daily transport.

PCS to the Darby Military Community, USAG Vicenza.
When making PCS travel arraignments to the Darby Military Community please note: the closest Airport is Pisa (PSA).


Service members should contact their unit Commander's Support Staff for a Sponsor. See Major Unit Listings for telephone numbers.

DOD Civilians should contact the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) that made the position offer for a Sponsor. Sponsorship is mandatory for all personnel below the grade of Colonel or civilian equivalents .

If you do not receive a sponsor or your sponsor is not responsive, contact Army Community Service or Military Family Readiness Center at 011-39-050-54-7084 or DSN 314-633-7084 for assistance.

Sponsors provide you and your Family with installation and local community information, pre-arrival arrangements, assist you with obtaining your new mailing address, temporary lodging accommodations, answer your questions, meet you upon arrival, and ensure your move to Camp Darby goes smoothly.

Please be sure to in-process at ACS bldg 504 as soon as you arrive in the Darby Military Community. ACS is located in bldg 504. Please make sure that you keep your sponsor informed of any changes to ensure realistic expectations.

Temporary Quarters

Casa Toscana is the on-base temporary quarters facility and provides lodging accommodations to authorized service members and DOD civilians. Reservations are accepted up to 60 days in advance. There are a limited number of pet rooms at Casa Toscana. You are encouarged to secure lodging as early as possible. A kennel is located on the installation to house pets.

Relocation Assistance

Army Community Service has many resources and services to help you make a successful transition to USAG Vincenza, Darby Military Community. The facilitates a 4-day monthly Newcomers Orientation Program for sponsor and spouse (free child care is provided). The Relocation services include: the lending closet, relocation counseling, a functional Italian lesson , welcome packets, sponsor training and assistance, waiting Families services, etc. A worldwide access telephone is available to make 1-800 telephone calls back to the United States to activate credit cards and make morale calls, etc. Individual assistance with Family member employment and educational opportunities is available. There is also a resource center containing computers with Internet access for your convenience. Individual financial planning is offered for unexpected expenses associated with relocation, for budget building, savings and credit. The Army Emergency Relief and Air Force Aid Society are both available to assist with financial emergencies that may occur. More detailed information on Army Community Service can be obtained by calling 011-39-050-54-7084, DSN 314-633-7084.
Critical Installation Information

Important information for parents with children in grades 9 - 12 -- All incoming personnel should be aware that students in grades 9-12 have the following educational options:

Please be aware that ISF is located approximately one hour drive from Camp Darby. Parents are responsible for contacting the school and completing an application for admission. Admission is by selection at ISF. Contact the School Liaison Officer at DSN 314-633-7459 or commercial from the US 011-39-050-54-7459.

Sponsors should review program guidance for the NoN DoD Schools program online. Registration information is available under "First Steps for Parents" Registration must be completed before committing government funds. Parents are encouraged to contact the Non DoD Schools Program for further information regarding educational options.

Passport and Visa Requirement -- It is absolutely essential that you obtain a visa for each of your Family members prior to leaving your current assignment. It is a mandatory requirement and failure to complete this action will subject your Family to risk of deportation.

POV Insurance -- Important Information, Please Note!-- When you are considering shipping a vehicle to Italy, it is important that you contact an insurance carrier to request an estimate of how much insurance will cost. On average, insurance can cost up to 20% more compared to the same coverage available stateside. The options that are available for insurance coverage in Italy are GEICO and USAA. GEICO and USAA Representatives are able to give you a free quote prior to the shipment of your vehicle. Please call GEICO at 1-800-248-4998 or USAA at 1-800-531-8111.

POV and Motorcycle License -- In order to operate a private owned vehicle/motorcycle or a non-tactical government vehicle in Italy, you must obtain a SETAF drivers license. In order for you to obtain a SETAF drivers license, you must be 18 and must possess a valid stateside license or a valid license from another country. Your stateside or other valid drivers license must be stamped with the appropriate "motorcycle qualification" in order to initiate a SETAF motorcycle qualification and license.

Weapons -- It is prohibited to ship or transport weapons to Italy.

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