CRTA. Sevilla - Moron
Km 4
Moron de la Frontera , Spain 41530
Phone (DSN) 314-722-8110/8111


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Installation Overview

 Front gate


Morón Air Base, Spain, is located in Andalusia, the country's southernmost region. It is approximately 8 miles northwest of the town of Morón de la Frontera and less than an hour away from Seville, a city of almost one million people famous for its flamenco shows, spring festivals and bullfights. The installation is located in a quiet and rural setting within several hours of many major historical and tourist locations in Spain. Families enjoy the mild weather and the proximity to beautiful beaches and picturesque white-washed hilltop towns. The local cost-of-living is within a comfortable mid-range. The base operator's phone number is DSN 314-722-8111 / Commercial 011-34 95-584 8111 (hours of operation: daily 8:00a.m. - 12:00a.m. CET).


Negotiations for bases in Spain were conducted between June 1951 and September 1953 under the direction of a Joint United States Military Group and concluded with the establishment of the Spanish-American air bases, including Morón Air Base. Moron's mission has varied over the years based on factors such as the threat, host nation political issues, international monetary concerns, weather and strategic requirements. The 1976 Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation granted the US the right to use and maintain facilities for military purposes at Morón and other Spanish bases to continue as a ready standby base for US deployments in support of NATO/bilateral exercises and crisis response. For more information, please visit our installation homepage.


Our mission is to provide expeditionary combat support  while assuring the finest quality of life for Team Morón and transiting forces.  Our objectives are to provide an expandable forward operating base to support transient/bed-down of aircraft operations; to provide the staging of aircraft and personnel in support of US and NATO plans, exercises and contingency operations; and to provide Base Operating Support to tenant units.

Population Served

Morón Air Base has a core foundation of 100+ permanent party Air Force members and Department of Defense civilians, plus another 450+ civilian contract employees.

Base Transportation

Since Morón Air Base is a small installation, there is no on-base shuttle. The rental car office is located at the base gas station. For prices and/or reservations, call DSN 722-8565/Commercial 011-34 95-584-8565. Individuals can request an automatic transmission if arranged a head of time; the price increases quite a bit for an automatic. Taxis will only pick up and drop off at the front gate. Vehicle Operations cannot pick up at the gate either unless on official orders. Military members can request a GOV taxi for "official business only" by calling Vehicle Dispatch at DSN 722-8063 / Commercial 011-34 95-584-8063 (hours of operation: 24/7). There is a shuttle to NS Rota every Wednesday morning. Please consult with Vehicle Ops if planning to use the Rota shuttle since service is contingent on mission-support requirements and there are specific rules of engagement to follow.


Sponsors send you a Welcome Aboard Package, help with making temporary lodging arrangements, answer questions, and provide useful information for your transition overseas. If you have not received a sponsor, please contact the 496 ABS/CSS via DSN 314-722-8255. Your sponsor is available to answer any questions you may have and take care of your needs upon arrival so please do not hesitate to inform him or her of any issues or concerns you may have.  The First Sergeant is also available to you any time of the day or night by phone, DSN 314-722-8085 / Commercial 011-34-95-584-8085. After you provide a copy of your orders to your sponsor, your sponsor will obtain your PSC box for you. Once you have orders and your SATO reservation, keep your sponsor advised of your arrival information to arrange airport pick-up, or you may contact Vehicle Dispatch (DSN 314-722-8063 / Commercial 011-34 95-584-8063).

Temporary Quarters

To make hotel arrangements on base, contact Hotel Frontera, DSN 314-722-8098 / Commercial 011-34 95-584-8098, for your reservations. The Lodging reservation desk is open 24 hours to assist incoming personnel. There are single rooms, TLF quarters, and rooms authorized for pets. If no on-base lodging is available, Hotel Frontera can assist you with off-base contract quarters.

Relocation Assistance

After moving into quarters and while waiting for the arrival of your household goods, you may utilize temporary loaner furniture from the Furniture Management Office. The FMO phone number is DSN 314-722-8156 / Commercial 011-34 95-584-8156 (hours of operation 8:00am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-5:00pm, Monday-Friday). Use of appliances, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, linen cabinets, microwaves, coat closets, step stools, transformers, and smoke detectors are authorized for your length of tour. You may also borrow basic items such as small appliances, cookware, and dishes from the Loan Closet through the CSS.

Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) ensures Service members, their eligible family members and overseas citizens have the tools and resources to register to vote and request an absentee ballot, regardless of their state of residence. The Voting Assistance Guide (VAG) is a reference guide for everything you need to know about absentee voting in all 50 States, territories and the District of Columbia.

Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) The Voting Assistance Guide is available at: Select your state to find your local election office’s contact information.

Voting forms are available at:

Critical Installation Information

We have a medical aid station on base that provides limited support to military members only.  The two Independent Duty Medical Technicians provide liaison support for the military member to facilitate appointments through the NS Rota Clinic or TRICARE International SOS providers. 

Please contact the School Liaison (SL) at DSN 314-722-8044 if you have high school-age dependents since there are several options that need to be considered prior to your arrival, including boarding school CONUS or OCONUS. The base DoDDS elementary/middle school cannot currently support students on IEP or with any special needs.

This base has very limited child and youth care services. If you are a single parent or dual military with small children, you may need to re-evaluate your volunteer status for this assignment and/or accompanied status. 

Our banking capability is provided by a 2-person Finance office, a Spanish banker (support fluctuates depending on the Spanish schedules and holidays), and an ATM machine is available for euro withdrawal only.  Check cashing is available at the NEX.

If you are bringing pets, contact your base veterinarian immediately to clarify requirements.  Certain breeds are designated "Dangerous Dogs" by Spanish Law and their owners are required to acquire licenses, a process that takes several weeks.

Passports and Visas

Ensure member and/or dependents have the required passports and/or visa prior to final out-processing. Member and/or dependents are not allowed to final out-process without the required passports/visas in hand for themselves (if applicable) and/or dependents. Members electing the accompanied tour will not be permitted to out-process without having the required passports/visas in hand for themselves (if applicable) and/or dependents.

These actions are necessary to prevent unforeseen hardships to the military members and their families. Therefore, as a last reiteration, it is essential, members do not out-process without having the appropriate passports/visas for themselves (if applicable) and/or dependents.

Defense Service Network (DSN) Dialing Instructions

The DSN is the provider of long-distance communications service for the Department of Defense (DoD). Every installation has a special DSN number and the numbers vary by world-wide location. In order to place a call using DSN, the caller must be using a military phone on an installation. Cell phones cannot dial DSN numbers. When dialing a DSN number from a United States installation to another United States installation, it is unnecessary to dial the DSN 312 area code. When dialing a DSN number to/from overseas locations, the DSN area code must be included. The operator can be reached at commercial (719) 567-1110. Please note that long distance charges may be incurred.

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