Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam
Naval Base Pearl Harbor
850 Ticonderoga Street
Building 150
JBPHH, HI 96860-5102

Phone 808-473-1222 / 808-449-7110 Military Telephone Operator
Phone (DSN) 315-473-1222
Fax 808-474-4232
Fax (DSN) 315-474-4232

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Fast Facts

Location: Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam is located 8 miles west of Honolulu, on the Island of Oahu, county of Honolulu, one of eight islands that make up the State of Hawaii. Oahu hosts all branches of the military and the Coast Guard.

Cost of Living: Higher than the U.S. National Average and 144.3% of the national average.

Base Operator: 808-449-7110 or DSN 315-449-7110

Population: Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam provides services comparable to a large city to a population of active duty from all services, guard, reserve, family members and retirees.

Area Population: 905,807 in the Honolulu Metro Area

Navy Specific Information:

  • Navy Active Duty 13,762
  • Navy Active Duty Family Members 15,957
  • Navy Selected Reserve 658
  • Navy Selected Reserve Family Members 544
  • Navy Retirees 4,989
  • Navy Retirees Family Members 7,769
  • Navy Civilians 14,468

Air Force Specific Information:

  • AF Active Duty 5,423
  • AF Active Duty Family Members 6,538
  • AF Selected Reserve 262
  • AF Selected Reserve Family Members 377
  • AF Retirees 4,826
  • AF Civilians 1,100

Child Care: The Child Development Centers provide care for children six weeks to twelve years in six centers on JBPHH Pearl Harbor base or in housing areas. Hickam has three Child Development Centers (CDC) and all have wait lists. Twenty-four hour care is available for shift workers on Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam.  Children with special needs will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. There is also a youth program for before and after school servicing schools in the immediate Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam area.

Schools: There are no DoD schools in Hawaii. Hawaii is the only state where public education is administered on a state-wide basis through the Hawaii Department of Education. Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam is located in the Central District, as is most of the Navy housing. Exceptions to this are our satellite sites, the Pearl City Peninsula and Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station Pacific (NCTAMS PAC); both are located in the Leeward District. There are schools within walking distance of most military neighborhoods. There are five main schools that service Hickam, Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam dependents. The three elementary schools that serve the base housing population are Mokulele Elementary, Hickam Elementary, and Nimitz Elementary. Aliamanu Middle is located about five minutes off base and is the feeder school for Radford High School (also located about five minutes from Hickam, JBPHH).

Youth Services: The Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Department at Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam is an active, ongoing program that keeps the military children busy and involved. MWR's youth programs offer everything from a variety of sports to Fitness programs. Pre-teens to teens can take advantage of programs appropriate for their ages by visiting the Great Life Hawaii website.

Military and Family Support Center: MFSC 808-474-1999 and DSN 315-474-1999. You may also visit our Facebook page.


Navy Specific Information

As in many areas, the demand for government quarters exceeds the number of available housing units. There are 4,584 family housing units on JBPHH, Pearl Harbor. All family housing units have been privatized and are managed and maintained by Forest City Residential Management. Expect a wait, especially if you are interested in a particular neighborhood. Although there has been recent construction of new quarters around Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam, many military families find it necessary to live out on the local economy upon initial arrival. If you are enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program inform the housing officials, as your assignment may be handled with priority. Call the Housing Services Center (HSC), at 808-474-1820, for availability.

Air Force Specific Information:

Currently, there are 2,659 family housing units on Hickam, Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam. All family housing units have been privatized and are managed and maintained by Hickam Communities. Prior to your arrival, please see the Hickam Communities website for information; family housing units; how to apply for family housing and some floor plans for the housing units. Unaccompanied E-1 - E-4 Air Force personnel will be assigned to a base dormitory. Please notify your sponsor to help you set up a room prior to your arrival to Hickam, JBPHH. You should be assigned a dorm room the day you arrive on Oahu. There are five dormitory buildings, supporting 28 squadrons on Hickam.

Employment: Because of the higher cost of living in Hawaii, many military spouses choose to work. We recommend you start your job search prior to arriving by utilizing the Employment Counselor at your current FFSC location and you may also e-mail the FERP Manager at the JBPHH MFSC to request employment assistance. Unemployment rate for Hawaii is 4.4% and Honolulu is 4.2% in June 2014. The National Unemployment Rate is 6.1%. Unemployment compensation may be available for the spouse of a newly assigned military member or civilian employee. For more information please contact Hawaii's Department of Labor and Industrial Relations toll-free at 1-877-215-5793 or go online. Hawaii-Tel-A-Claim (1-877-215-5793) will no longer be available, effective 30SEP14. To file, register now and create a personal account. File online during these times only: Monday through Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., Hawaii Standard Time; Weekends and Holidays, 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., Hawaii Standard Time. Career Advancement Account program specifics are available for your review at the Military OneSource website.

Median Household Income $70,277.

Base Services:

Medical Services:

Navy Specific Information

Makalapa Naval Health Clinic, 808-473-2444. and Branch Dental Clinic 808-473-0495 x3204, 3205, and 3207. Makalapa Branch Medical Clinic is utilized for routine care for active duty and family members at Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam, Pearl Harbor. If you or your family member need specialized care, your primary care physician will refer you to Tripler Army Medical Center, 808-433-6661, for further evaluation/services.

Air Force Specific Information

Hickam is in TRICARE West region. There is no emergency room at the 15th Medical Group. The nearest emergency room to Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam would be Tripler Army Medical Center.

Special Messages from this Installation: Hawaii is rabies-free. Hawaii's quarantine law is designed to protect residents and pets from potentially serious health problems associated with the introduction and spread of rabies. This law states that dogs and cats meeting specific pre and post-arrival requirements may qualify for 5-day-or-less quarantine program, which has a provision for direct release at Honolulu International Airport after inspection. See "Checklist For 5-Day-Or-Less Program" for details. Hawaii has regulations for pet importation. These must be followed in order to be authorized a "direct release" from the airport if all pre-arrival requirements are completed AND all required paperwork/payments are submitted at least 10 days prior to arrival.

Some non-domestic animals are allowed into the State while others are not. If you wish to bring a pet other than a dog or cat, it is highly suggested you contact the Plant Quarantine Non-Domestic and Microorganism office for more information. You may call with questions at 808-832-0566 or 808-837-8413.

Air Force Specific Information

The speed limit in base housing is 15 MPH. If cited for speeding in base housing, driving privileges will be immediately suspended as follows: 1st offense - 30 days, 2nd Offense - 60 days, 3rd Offense - 1 year. The speed limit on all other roadways is 25 MPH unless otherwise posted. If cited on other roadways, every mile over the limit = 1 day loss of driving privileges on JBPHH. Security Forces jurisdiction coverage area starts at pedestrian overpass outside the main gate.

Defense Service Network (DSN) Dialing Instructions

The DSN is the provider of long-distance communications service for the Department of Defense (DoD). Every installation has a special DSN number and the numbers vary by world-wide location. In order to place a call using DSN, the caller must be using a military phone on an installation. Cell phones cannot dial DSN numbers. When dialing a DSN number from a United States installation to another United States installation, it is unnecessary to dial the DSN 312 area code. When dialing a DSN number to/from overseas locations, the DSN area code must be included. The operator can be reached at commercial (719) 567-1110. Please note that long distance charges may be incurred.

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